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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a block diagram of a stereo reproduction
apparatus showing an embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a circuit diagram
showing the main part of the apparatus. 1: right channel signal source, 2: left channel signal
source, Q1, Q2: transistor, R1 to R8: resistance, 6a = 7a: reproduction system input terminal 8a,
9a,.・ Recording system input terminal. Fig. 1-5-1-51-202 (2) Fig. 2-34-1
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a stereo
reproduction apparatus having a resistance matrix-path, so it is an island, its purpose is to make
a stereo signal sound in a single recording system such as a tape recorder etc. Stereo signal t: *!
42. e, and is to make it possible to reproduce a faithful stereo signal at the time of the
reproduction of a recorded or second stereo signal. A conventional stereo reproduction
apparatus having an abrasive buttritus ml path matrixes the right nayano filter S and the left
channel signal $ 2 with a resistance 1+ circuit. It was all right to apply 81 = R-1L as a right stereo
signal and Sm = L-IR as a left stereo signal to one live system such as a speaker. By the way, as in
civil engineering, when 1-stereo reproduction equipment is rubbed from the 4th recording of the
stereo 4-X 4 y with a distribution system Q such as a tape recorder. After the matrix circuit tll to
take out the recording signal from the house. Alternatively, it is conceivable to record (from No. 5
to No. 2) from the previous stage of the madix circuit. From the latter part of the matrix circuit,
the recording signal is recorded in the former method of the proposal, the right channel signal ZS; 冨 R-iL, the left channel signal, L- + 11 O, Since the crosstalk component becomes large, there
is a disadvantage that the arrangement as a faithful stereo signal is difficult. 3 ・ On the other
hand, the right channel signal is 8; 1 m as the 11+ roaring signal in the latter method of training
the roaring signal from the 111 * of the matrix-path, and the left channel is 36 degrees;
Compared with this, it does not contain any crosstalk component, so it can be seen as a faithful
stereo 1 ぎ but the +1 recording signal σ] level is low, so there was a lack of faithful stereo
reproduction for the reproduction system #IL. . The present invention is to provide a stereo
reproduction device having a defect of 10 十 5. In the figure 0 which will be described below
along with one side of an embodiment following a stereo reproduction apparatus relating to the
main body S, one company right channel signal 8. 2 is a signal source of the left channel signal
S2, 3 is a resistor R1, R2 and a transistor Q, and the right channel system amplification circuit is
instigated. 4 is a resistor R3-m (a left channel system width-path composed of 4 and a transistor
Q2, a resistance matrix-path composed of 6 rJ resistors R5, R6 ° R7, R8, and 6 is a reproduction
of a left channel loudspeaker etc. The system +7 is a reproduction system such as a left channel
system speaker +8 or right channel ";" Recording system, 9 is the left channel f!
Image system, 8m: right channel reproduction yarn 60 input terminal, 7ai; r left channel
reproduction yarn 70 input terminal + 8al '; r right channel IF input of a bone system 8, 9a is a
five channel mineral group e input terminal Yes. In the sf reo reproduction mR having such a
configuration, the left and right channel signals s2. Each of s and FX is independently applied to
the left and right channel system increase #S circuit 4 ° 3 and the amplified output signal of σ
++! Apply to 7 resistance block circuit 5. Then, in the resistance matrix circuit 6 described above,
7-R-IL? It is obtained by L-iR 14 corresponding to the left stereo signal s6 and its input terminals
6a and 7aff. The input terminals 6a, 7aK are extracted at left and right stereo signals 82181n
reproduction system, by applying 6ff, stereo sound W force [f conversion / '111 one, recording
system 8.9 each input XI eave Ha . 9aK 33 Find the crossing tone 252 minutes of the bell ring
signal. First of all, the crosstalk component passing through the transistor 021 揖 anti-R7, R,
v′Th · 2/6, and the transistor Q becomes the following. 1R1RIAv82s-*---* Atm 52 Av-鴫 j ll R, +
R 7 R た だ し but マ is a transistor Q1. Voltage gain at the time of Emi vJIIlk of Q2. Atqトラン
ジスタQ1. Weft gain at base m of Q2. Also, transistor Q2. Resistance R8, R,? The coming cross
daughter component is K as follows. Since the 1 '"s"-"eJ picture is an input terminal @aK and a
recorded body @tit 82A, the crosstalk component becomes K as follows. jR,i(。 82A mer
(S2A mer--Ai + 82 唖 447R6 + R7Rl AvAiR1 knee-(------------) AyR6- + R7m, +18 + 1 ° where R, 冨
R, R62R81R6 + R8) 1, Avz, -2 In this case, since the AV component is AV-1, the crosstalk
component is as follows. <-, 2+ J>-^,-(-2R6 + R82R6 + R. As described above, the crosstalk
component in the recording system input terminal 9mK is added, and the resistance component
of R6 + R8 and the resistance component of R1 become half of the divided voltage. Similarly, the
cross daughter component at the recording system input terminal 8a is also divided by the
resistance component of R + R7 and the resistance component of R1 to become half of the 99
pressure. In the stereo reproduction am of the present invention, as described above, the
transistor addition in which the left and right channel signals are respectively applied to the
bases! !
The resistance amplifier circuit is formed in the circuit, and the input terminal corresponding to
the recording system tC is connected to the collector of the above-mentioned transistor amplifier.
The cross-talk component is reduced and reduced because the reverse phase component of the
channel number is applied. Sea J-also appears in the right and left channel system. Since it is a
turtle because it is a turtle amplified by the left and right channel system tigers by 7 · ndister
amplifier, there is no level or fatness (no inconvenience during recording and reproduction. It's a
pretty sweet thing.
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