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Patent Office Director Mr. Onkyo Co., Ltd., Iyta "7 ° 7 years old"-1-name = q "" Ftl 'LIll' "7 n 3;
City Nisshin-cho 2 No. 1 name II (027) Onkyo Co., Ltd. representative control balance five
generations Takeshi 4, agent deputy Osakafu disgusting moth Shinitsu butterfly G place Osaka
night sleeper for city Nisshincho 2-1 [phase] Japan Japanese Patent Office ■ Japanese Patent
Application Laid-Open No. 5L-2G50 Japanese Patent Application No. 51. (1976) 310 JP Patent
Application No. 49-72414 [Phase] Application Date Sho Hyofu, (19717,) 6.2 l Request for
examination not yet filed for review (page 5 in total) Office serial number 4 uff 1, Title of the
Diaphragm 2-'I! A conical loudspeaker diaphragm formed by sounding a paper layer arranged in
the range of I '+ f'Ftii'l and a paper layer arranged in a circumferential direction;
3 Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention takes advantage of the
arrangement of paper fibers in the direction of length to make the strength of the paper more
directional, thereby retaining the excellent characteristics of the paper circle MF. The present
invention relates to a diaphragm for a loudspeaker. A conventional conical loudspeaker
diaphragm is made by depositing paper fibers suspended in stationary papermaking water onto a
papermaking network by dropping the papermaking water through the pores of the
papermaking network,ヤ ン グ 溜 め 抄 ← 10 10 X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X
定 一定 一定 一定 一定 一定 一定 一定 一定 一定 一定 し し し し し し し し し 1. The paper
fibers in the 4 o'clock water are caught in the perforated mesh of the paper mesh, and 1; 11; 1)
The paper fibers deposited in 1 are also similar to the water flow 1 square 'I 2, -CIIIL striking tO
less direction, ie, R in the direction of water flow. (i) Since the I-th (I'll'j-th Ht) is exhausted, the
deposition direction is matched with the paper fiber "(length of f) in the direction of water flow.
For example, according to the flow forming method, when the length of the paper sheet MIG and
the direction of the water flow of the paper sheet is 91, the direction of 11 ° one angular force,
ie , I made a paper with a horizontal directionality. And in one embodiment, the Young's modulus
for uFt i is L356 × 10 ′ ′ Thai // ′ ′ C # f 稈 degree, while Y / Q for lateral force (0.531101 tine / cnf The paper strength is 14 and the height / direction of the paper is 2 times or
more than 1 in the J direction. Also, the stiffness and strength are much more human by -C than
longitudinal or transverse direction. Furthermore, when viewed from the vibration transmission
1, such jif'l (lj, l, ...: small I) transmission I o iij ICJ- ", that is, EndPage: 1 3 3 Young's modulus
divided by density above quotient [11] represented by the root is either vertical or horizontal, or
small. And since the conduction loss of vibration propagating in the paper ("wood") is generally
inversely proportional to the 4th-fogging rate, it is a dog more in the lateral direction or in the
longitudinal direction. Therefore, during the papermaking process, the direction of the conical
generatrix in the papermaking water in the paper making tank (! When water is added by adding
it to I '(radial direction) to make a water flow, paper fibers are accumulated in a longitudinal
direction in the r1 line direction to coincide with each other. The diaphragm made in this way
has a Young's modulus or a large size (-1. 84 X as an example-Din / Cnf, for example) in the
circular Sif-shaped I: J direction and a small (-example) As 0.85 × 10 10 dyne /, d), the
conduction velocity of vibration in the generatrix direction (V · radial direction) becomes dog □,
so the sound LE of the loudspeaker becomes large or the Young's modulus in the circumferential
direction? Because it is small, it is easy to make non-extensional vibration (1 extensional
vibration) with a generatrix as a node in the diaphragm, so it is easy to generate distortion based
on it.
In addition, during the papermaking process, the papermaking process is carried out while
rotating the feed water in the paper making tank in the paper making tank to make the water
flow in the circumferential direction and make paper 1-! If the paper fiber 1 in the
circumferential direction. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I finished with paper that was arranged. Paper like
this! Young's modulus in the circumferential force direction or higher (for example, 1.841010
ties 7 / ,,), and it is 1. The Young's modulus in the j-line direction is small (for example, 0.85 × IO
′ ′ ′ · in / ′ rnf). And, this “Nana paper II9 vibration plum” has a small vibration
transmission velocity in the generatrix direction, or a Young's modulus in the direction of the
circle 1.1.1 force or a large, so it is non-stretchable (no vibration, 1φ <<<, vibration loss or
distribution in the generatrix direction. 1) As described above, a paper layer in which paper fibers
are aligned in the generatrix direction and a paper attractive layer in which the direction of paper
fibers is 1 ′ in the circumferential direction are laminated, or In j j 2 tuck 7-character revision 1,
by changing the water flow on the way, it is integrally machined 1. By arranging the diaphragm
as a one-piece diaphragm, the integral XJIAZ), l ', and the direction of the JJ are arranged on the
four faces in the direction of the IJ line force and the direction of the circumferential force. Thus,
for example, 1.68x'16x + dia / ', n! The vibrational velocity of f: 1 sparse direction is standardized
by having a Young's modulus which makes the human, 41j, +: sound correction circularly like f
unit) by vibration loss arranged in 4J minutes; 1 by 1α Because vibrational absorption is
performed, J, which is a non-stretchable vibration, (it is absorbed by energy, energy, and
disappears. In addition, the synergy between the two layers makes it possible to increase the
reproduction level of the high region and to make the reproduction range effective for human
beings and to suppress the generation of the second and third harmonics. The expansion plate
for loud sound of the 51th invention of discord has a structure in which the paper fibers (, l) 14
are arranged in a specific direction and the two-sided paper 11 '/ i is lined up. The direction of
propagation of the vibration is maintained, and the characteristic of comfort is added to the
loudspeaker. 6, Other than the above inventor V person (1) inventor inventor address WV
shoulder tongue as 'hanging = F]' Sr 'SJ'-2 □, 4 names 迄 and A 志 · A リ / 2 ス フ 1 'Lord
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