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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a schematic diagram of a conventional passive
mixing, FIG. 2 is a schematic diagram of a conventional active mixing, and FIG. 3 is a schematic
diagram of an embodiment of the apparatus of the present invention. L2, 3 · · · · · · Input
terminals, 4, 5, 6 · · · One volume adjuster, I, 12 · · · · · Output terminals, 8, 9, 10, 11 @ tRa · · · · EE
terminal. Fig. 1-73 = Actual opening 51-6833 (2) Figure 2 '3-7-Actual opening 51-6833 (3)
correction 4'll2. 6
[Detailed description of the invention] 1 明-1 考 案 0 ζ シ ン グ シ ン グ シ ン グ 鳴 鳴 鳴!
Category of the utility model registration request--for the device vh 1 active atxin d road and the
active atm d active path 1 shared passive volume 0 shared with the sound volume o Sui to
change alI? ? (2) Electric switcher with switch. 1 invention o * * 嘴 嘴 考 紘 紘 紘 ス イ ッ チ ell
ell ell ell ell ell ell ell ell 01 01 01 01 01 01 と こ ろ C C C C 応 じ 応 じ 応 じ 応 じ 応 じ 応 じ 応
じ according to the availability of power at during thin! Value assignment and AI + Shif ffl々 /
Shin / II as it is discussed in the use, as well as simple 1 power to 4f status Shi * W formula Mi
while in the proposition O effective point effectively 6 to make it alive. Conventionally, it is
roughly divided into two O basics 11 from the electric / sine syntactical prostheses and the Om
path configuration, and as shown in the first s, four input terminals 11. −]+“°“°“°ゝ
°″″″−ゞ“If″″1−°。 Snow Addiction, desired by 4 o 's s / 1 レ レ 1 ell ell, 4)
Mortgage' ML (llt1. (II @), (jls) through 0 or 8 /) / da resistance (1mK so by Myxin! If you insert
an amplifier-, + 1e,-into a bar input system as shown in Fig. 11t, insert a bar jV device obtained
from the line &-repulsive terminal m, as in # 11t O ), (Ilj, (Il @) and in-mold V / l @ 11 (IL button
aS Insert an amplifier to compensate for the loss) Insert an output terminal-Ill! Act ashes.
Patsunpu Toru 頓 頓 頓 子 な な 不要 不要 電源 電源 T T Tol and straight-懺 懺 and 8 / M is a と
と-番 point 刹, ★ ア ク Acte (B 皇 得 11 points, The point is that the bullets h /% are attached to
the head and the like and h and the second nose, the input 1 see sound is tk one point, and the
volume 1111! There is an i etc O evening of 110 Jl exciting noise. However, if a portable device
is configured with an actuator and a portable electronic device, the B power source for operating
the active element such as a vertical descent terminal is required, and an internal power source
such as a battery must be supplied from hh. Depending on the power supply voltage, the linearity
can be limited by 8 / I, so it is possible to obtain 73 minutes of mixing ability in a single i-house
with an external radius of ctimo * m. Rounding was #i, requiring a lot of electric power, and as
the weight increased, there was a solid point which could be made small. In such a case, the DCDC converter may be configured to be incorporated, but in this case, the cost increases and the
problem occurs if the smoke and electric power O life is smoked.
The present invention eliminates the above-mentioned defects such as O.%) and has a simple
configuration, such as outdoors, II! If you use 4 straightness, you can make a sinda operation in a
favorable condition for both horses. Share the volume control with an at-a-day Il I mixi / Dar
route and a passive @ a while route to provide these fII 11 It is also possible to provide a
shinging device with a friend switching switch that can be used. Hereinafter, in order to clarify
one embodiment of the present invention by 31iK, an O input signal from each input terminal Il
+, 121, 131 is added to 40 volume 111 [1B + 41, + a +, +5 ecJl (KaL te, direct lead or increaseSwitch (+8+) and (8-, f8m) are provided to each input signal system to switch whether to lead
vessel 1Mj, 1w through 4o respectively, and send out mixing tweezers to output mixing tweezers
t71fC. A change-over switch (8- is provided to switch whether the output terminal (2) K is to be
sent out via the switch II @ II. The change-over switches (8I) to (84+) are interlocked. When
mixing operation is performed in a state where indoor room C power can be used, a
predetermined OB voltage is applied to each amplifier 11 to. Switch 8- to each terminal ("+")-1 I 1
m) to make it attach to the input terminal (1) to 131 K, for example! If you mark the O signal and
adjust the level by the volume adjusters 141 to 11 K, the output terminal port and II will be in
the middle! A signal is obtained. In this case, as in the case of the Ichine Cinda device, both the
linearity and the force can be increased, and the output terminal area is required, for example, a
high input level of DP +1 to the power of the twin being! Can be connected and even with the
supplied vU meter or headphones (not shown) K? It is also possible to perform monitoring during
mid-Sinda 6), or run 9 Z-Sinda, or 嵐 b0 is 9 if it is not open field C power source can not be used
in the O field 5 field, each switch (8I) to (each phrase is switched to each terminal (l L, 1 to (tomeswitch to make a passive at or a sinder circuit, and KN in the KN during the KID operation in the
same manner as above; output terminal;; 1) Issue is obtained. In this case, 杜, linearity, 騎 が − 同
じ 同 じ 同 じ 同 じ 同 じ 同 じ 同 じ 同 じ 同 じ 同 じ 出力 出力 出力 出力 出力 出力 出力 出力 出
力 出力 H H H H H H レ ベ ル え え H level H え デ ー for example low input level Is! K to
connect to the input.
As mentioned above, this invention is #! The switch is used to switch and use the passive mimum circuit that shares the volume regulator of this intermediate circuit with the mediumscintillator circuit that is configured using a chisel element and shares the volume regulator of
the cranking circuit. In the room etc. which can be used, I [I] resolution, good to Sh # and gain (as
the mixing operation can be performed in the D @-state, as a straight line even in the open field
without AC power source etc.). Because the mixing operation can be easily performed in a good
state for both sex and 8A, the usage range 1 is extremely wide, and the configuration is also easy
because it is made to confuse the sound and electricity. In addition, it has the advantage that the
internal power source such as the battery 6 is self-contained with no membership fee, and is
superior in performance itself.
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