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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a central sectional view of the present
invention, and FIG. 2 is a bottom view thereof. A: Magnetic circuit, 8: Z frame, 9: Engaging
portion, 10: Heat radiation fin. Figure 1 Figure 2-83-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the improvement
of an electric sound ei converter which is particularly designed to withstand large inputs. Since
the electric note converter used for theatrical, PA, or musical instruments has a relatively large
input, it is necessary to consider to effectively dissipate the heat generated from the voice coil.
Therefore, in the prior art, this electric sound Mht converter is provided, for example, of a
structure in which a large number of fins for heat radiation are printed on the yoke of the
magnetic path]. However, in this case, the heat dissipating fins are formed of the same material
as the yoke material, and the yoke is a part of the air circuit, and is generally formed of low iron
with a heat of 4 degrees. . The heat generated by the voice coil should be dissipated sufficiently.
Things are healthy, and we still need to be a grown-up J). This invention is made based on the
above viewpoints, and the following describes the embodiment. It is a magnet that is 1-1 1 rri
yoke and 2 intensifies in the center of this yoke, 3 is KF on this 2 magnet! -Show a circular disc
plate attached to the top of the soil 1 yokes, 4 #: ground disc plate. The h voice coil 6 is wound
on the magnetic space 5 formed by the two plates 3 and 4 so that the group 1 plate 7 is vibrated
by the voice generator flowing through the voice coil 6 . On the other hand, the arm-shaped
frame that is actively cast as shown in (2) above, with respect to the magnetic-] path A, which is
composed of 8 pieces of the above-mentioned play J, 4, magnet 2 and yaw 1). Indicates The
frame 8d is made of, for example, aluminum having a thermal conductivity of about four times
that of the iron constituting the magnetic one path A. In addition, a merging portion 9 cut in a
wedge shape is provided in advance on the outer surface of the yoke 1 and a part of the frame 8
flows into the merging portion 9 when casting, and the magnetic narrow path A The frame 8 is
considered to be connected together. In addition, 10 is a fin for radiation of the above-mentioned
frame ?'(in the case where the external @IfIIK is formed. According to the electric sound IIIII
converter of this invention, the aluminum yoke formed by iron is rounded and the heat, for
example, a large number of aluminum is cast on the outer side, so that when it is cooled to room
temperature, the outer side The frame is inserted into the inset yoke and shrunk so that the
frame is in close contact with the yoke. Therefore, the heat conduction from the voice coil
through the Fi magnetic EI circuit is further conducted effectively to the frame, and the heat
dissipation is effectively conducted by the large heat dissipation surface tank and the abovementioned frame formed of a material having high thermal conductivity (3 ) Is also C '.
As described above, this good idea can provide an electric sound conversion coil that can be used
more efficiently. As described above, the electric sound used for # 1 field, PA, tA for musical
instruments @ There is one thing that can find its own practical effect against Shunsuke. The star
of M9 in Fig. 1-Fig. 1 is a central-1-plane view of C и in this study, and the second is a back face 1
of li + j. A: ?: 'ALot road, 8: frame. 9 иии Engaging oil 7.10 и и и Fins for heat dissipation. Utility
model registration applicant Pioneer Corporation (41 Fig. 1 7439520 Fig. 2 000731 Utility
model registration applicant Pioneer paste cup
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