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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of the present invention,
FIG. 1 is a circuit diagram of an earphone device in a conventional audio equipment, and FIG. 2 is
a radio receiver provided with the earphone device according to the present invention. FIG. 3 and
FIG. 4 are a specific circuit diagram of the earphone device. 6
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention l- relates to an acoustic onepiece earphone device, and in particular, the speaker output is intermittently interrupted when
one jack is taken out or stored from an earphone pocket provided in an echo device body. It
relates to what you did. Conventionally, after attaching an earphone J nok to a radio receiver, 7Levinyo / receiver or amplifier, etc. and inserting the earphone plug of the earphone stored in the
earphone pocket into this, Spy (1),---- It is known that the three power output is shut off and an
individual listens to music etc. through the earphone. FIG. 1 shows such a conventional earphone
circuit, in which the audio output circuit IVc such as the radio receiver is connected in parallel
with the speaker 2 and the jack 3 and the earphone plug 6 connected to the earphone 4 is
described above. The connection of the audio output circuit 1 to the speaker 2 is released by
inserting the plug 31 C, and the earphone 4 supplies audio output and the user can listen to the
audio 7?I. However, in such a conventional earphone circuit, it takes time and effort to take out
the earphone 4 and the above pocket and insert the earphone plug 6 with the jack 3 and when it
is unnecessary, junk the earphone plug 6. It had to be removed from 3 and again housed in the
pocket, otherwise it could be lost. In addition, it is not suitable in terms of cost to a practical
machine which is inexpensive to use the earphone plug 6 and the jack 37 used as described
above. (2) The present invention has been made in view of such conventional problems.
Therefore, the purpose of the present invention is to directly connect the earphone and the
speaker to the main body of the audio device, and The switch is operated by opening and closing
the opening and closing M of the earphone pocket that accommodates the earphone, and the
output of the above speaker by fiK. The ability to perform intermittent operation on the speaker's
audio output port mvC arbitrarily and easily with simple operation by simple operation; and
without using expensive earphones / grags and jacks as in the prior art, inexpensive A novel
technology for forming an earphone device according to an embodiment of the present invention
will be described in detail with reference to the drawings. FIG. 2 shows a deleted radio receiver
equipped with an earphone device according to the present invention. 6 is a side view of the 1character geo receiver e, and a pocket 8 having an opening and closing N7 is provided, and the
pocket 8 ' It can be opened and closed.
Further, in the pocket 8, a switch 9 switched by the opening / closing operation of the (3)
opening / closing lid 7 is attached, and an earphone 1o lead-connected through the switch 9 is
accommodated in an audio output circuit. There is. The voice output circuit, the switch 9 and the
earphone 10. j? And a speaker connection diagram t-1, which is a four-piece <shown in FIG. In
FIG. 3, reference numeral 11 denotes an audio output circuit of the radio receiver 6. At the
output side, an F switch 90 is connected to the movable connector 9a, and the movable contact
9a is selectively used. One terminal of the earphone 1 o and the speaker 12 is connected to the
fixed contacts 9 b and 9 c to be connected to each other. Further, the other terminal of the
earphone 10 is grounded via the output adjustment resistor 13. The other terminal of the
speaker 12 is directly grounded. Therefore, according to the earphone device l having such a
configuration, the open / close lid 7 closing the pocket 8 is opened to take out the earphone 10
lead connected therein, and the switch e is As the movable (4) contact piece 9G comes into
contact with the fixed contact 9b, the output of the audio output circuit 11 is supplied by the
earphone 10r, both to the speaker 12! First, the supply of power is shut off, and the earphone
101 can listen to the sound. In addition, it is a notch provided with 14: 1 open / close lid 7 end U
co, close open / close lid 7, and enjoy the whole sound from the speaker 12 which can be heard
from the earphone 10 and escape the above earphone / lead. 'J ? ? is supposed to be protected.
Therefore, according to such a configuration, the conventional expensive earphone grab 6 and
the speaker 3 can be omitted, and the earphone 10 and the speaker 12 can be arbitrarily
switched and operated by the inexpensive switch 9 alone. It is extremely useful for Furthermore,
FIG. 4 shows another embodiment of the present invention, in which case (the power consumed
by the earphone 1 ░ is extremely small, and the speaker 120 is also operated during the
operation of the speaker 120). Focusing on the fact that it does not significantly affect the voice
output, the earphone 1o is directly connected to the voice output circuit 11 (5). As a result, since
a simple circuit of one circuit = contact type can be used as the switch 16, the circuit state in the
vicinity of the switch 16 is simplified and the cost of the apparatus can be further reduced.
According to such a configuration, the earphone 10 is always in operation, and when the open /
close lid 7 is opened, the speaker 12 is inactivated, and the switch 16 is switched.
Conversely, regardless of the storage of the earphone 1o in the pocket 8, if the opening and
closing M7 is closed, the sound id of the speaker 12 is cut off. Thus, according to the present
invention, the on-off operation of the speaker can be performed easily and reliably by the
opening / closing operation of the pocket for storing the entire earphone 10. As described in
detail, according to the present invention, according to the present invention, an earphone pocket
having an open / close lid for accommodating the above-mentioned Depending on the switch that
responds to the opening and closing operation, the output of the speaker is interrupted
intermittently, so that the sound from the earphone (6) can be made simple without using the
earphone jack or plug and without performing the connection operation 2 Because it can be
listened to, it is convenient for use, and there is an end effect such as no fear that it may be lost
because it does not have the power to cause the ear, t, / to be detached from the main body of
the audio equipment. Indeed, when using the earphones out of the pocket, the output of the
speaker is automatically cut off, which is convenient when all the sound is heard by a person.
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