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Description 1, title of the invention
Speaker cone for net
The present invention relates to a speaker net of a speaker cone, and more particularly to a net
of a speaker cone with a lip attached to a piece having a through hole attached to a punching
metal. A speaker cone is conventionally known which is provided with a lip (2) as shown in FIG. 1
on the speaker cone (the outer wall of 11 etc.) to prevent the occurrence of split vibration and
the like. The most common method for making such a speaker cone is to make a speaker cone
without ribs at the time of papermaking and to apply a rib by using a K (1) press die at the time
of pressing, or (2) paste a lip portion The way to do it is known. However, in the case of (1), the
density of the compressed and thinned portion is high, and the thick rib portion has a small
density and no rigidity, so the effect as a lip is thin, and in the case of (2) And there is a
disadvantage that there is an adverse effect due to adhesion. The applicant has proposed a
method of obtaining a speaker with a lip in a papermaking process in order to eliminate such
drawbacks. In this method, as shown in FIG. 2, for example, a brass-like punched metal (8) having
an opening (4) with a thickness of 1 and a hole diameter of 35 and a hole diameter of about 35
as shown in FIG. Form. In the punching EndPage: 1 metal, a concave portion [5] is formed in a
portion to be a rib (2) of the speaker cone (1) so that it has a frusto-conical shape ( 6) Arrange in
the middle. A cage mounting ring (8) is fixed to the lower end of the tank (6), and a cage mesh is
mounted on a cage holding mold (7) having a through hole fixed to the upper part of the cage
mounting ring . The lower end of the tank "6" has a drain port 00, and the drain port is provided
with a weir valve (9) so that water αη mixed with fibers such as pulp can be discharged from
the drain port ^ O. (3) The fibers of the speaker cone are accumulated on top as shown in FIG. In
the case where the speaker cone (1) thus accumulated is to be peeled off from the mesh net (8),
the height direction of the recess (5) as shown in FIG. 4 which is an enlarged view of a portion A
in FIG. The fibers Oa forming the ribs (2) of the speaker cone (1) enter into the through holes
(4a) pierced and peeled off when the dried speaker cone (1) is lifted in the B direction, that is,
peeled off Since it disappears, it can not be searched using a punching metal or the like, or it has
a disadvantage that it is necessary to take measures such as closing the through hole (4a) drilled
in the height direction of the recess (5). The present invention is obtained by punching metal
with a gauze that does not cause the above-mentioned drawbacks, and the feature of the present
invention is that the gauze mesh having a through hole on a gauze formed into a frustoconical
shape by punching metal. It is about sticking the number of pieces and trying to get a net.
The details of the present invention will be described below with reference to FIG. As the gauze
net (3) used in the present invention, the same punching metal as that described in FIG. 2 is
formed in the shape of a scaly cacoon, and the gutter (3a) is provided, and the circumference of
the punching metal formed in the cone The pieces 03 are juxtaposed with predetermined
intervals 04 in the direction and the radial direction. A perspective view of one of the pieces is
shown in FIG. The bottoms of these pieces are fitted to the car of a corn mesh and suitable holes
09 are bored, and synthetic resins made of heat-resistant synthetic resin, oil, etc., eg, epoxy resin
containing metal powder, urea resin, etc. As for the number and diameter of the through holes a
formed in the above-mentioned piece, those having an aperture ratio of about 3 to 7% have
obtained good results as a speaker cone. 7 shows a sectional view taken along the line B-B in FIG.
6, and FIG. 8 shows a sectional view taken along the line A-A in FIG. 6, but the side surface (13a)
of these pieces ? Since it corresponds to the height direction of the four parts (5) of the punching
metal (3) of I and there is nothing corresponding to the through hole (4a), the difficulty in
demolding is eliminated. Further, the piece a3 of the present invention forms a gradient (t) with
respect to the speaker cone center point (see FIG. 5) 0-0, so that the speaker cone can be seen
from above the mesh net (3) and the piece α1. When making it peel off, it is made with the
shape which is easy to pull out. Thus, as shown in FIG. 9, for example, the speaker cone having
the ribs (2) on the inner wall of the speaker cone ill can be easily manufactured only by the
papermaking process. Since the present invention is configured as described above, the present
invention is characterized in that the ribbed speaker cone can be raised to the floating island
using punching metal without the need for searching for a press or the like.
4. Brief description of the drawings Fig. 1 is a perspective view with a cross section of a part of a
conventional ribbed speaker cone, Fig. 2 is an enlarged view with a part of a conventional net
with a cross section, 2 is an enlarged sectional view of a portion A of FIG. 2; FIG. 5 is a
perspective view of a mesh net having a section of 1 part used in the present invention; 6 is a
perspective view of a piece used in the present invention, FIG. 7 is a sectional view taken along
the line 13-B in FIG. 6, and FIG. 8 is a central view M1 of the A-A section in FIG. It is the
perspective view which makes a part of speaker cone obtained by this making it a cross section.
(1) is a speaker cone, (2) a rib, (3) is fly, IT, (4) is a through hole, a mortar) (is a recess), <6) l is a
tank, (9) is a valve, ) (Water outlet mixed with fiber on, 03 is a bridge, 04 is a gap, and is a
nineteen hole. 出 願 Applicant Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd. Attorney Attorney Associate Professor
Kazumi Yamaguchi EndPage: 2 Fig. 1 Fig. 2 Fig. 1 · · 'V-乏 パ j · · · 望 EndPage: 3
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