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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view of an essential part of an
example of a conventional mounting structure of a speaker cabinet for a car stereo. FIGS. 3 to 5
relate to the embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. 3 is a perspective view of an essential
part of the embodiment of the present invention, showing the ceiling of the liftback type
automobile in a collapsing manner. FIG. 4 is a perspective view of an essential part immediately
before attaching the speaker cabinet to the mounting plate. FIG. 5 is a cross-sectional view
showing the speaker cabinet attached to the mounting plate. DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1 ...
Speaker cabinet, 2 ... Screw | screw 3, 3 ... floor, 4 ... A hook is a tool, 5 ... 鉤, 6 ... Speaker cabinet,
7 ... floor, 8 ... Carpet, 8 '... opening, 9 ... shock absorbing material, 10 ... hole, 11 ... cabinet
mounting plate, 12 ... tightening metal, 13 ... chain.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention refers to a so-called doublebuck type, lift-pack, mounting structure for a stereo speaker 25 '' '' 'on page 2 cabinet, which is
induced on the rear floor of a car. The so-called Hasonavac-type, lift-back type automatic forces
mentioned above are growing in demand as passenger cars for mass popularity, but they are
fixed on them! The speaker cabinet for the car stereo is a screw type in which the speaker
cabinet 1 as in the example shown in FIG. 1 of the structure attached to the rear rack of a
conventional sedan type automobile etc. There are clamps provided on the floor 3 as in the
example shown in FIG. 2 by clamping the tool 4 with a hook 5. However, in any of them, holes
are made in the iron plate of the floor or the like for mounting. Not only does it require
troublesome operations such as opening and operation for mounting, but playing back from the
speaker cabinet in a state of being removed for loading goods is not only difficult, but it is also
taken in the case of a sudden stop. There is a risk that the removed speaker cabinet will jump
forward due to inertia. In the present invention, there is no need to open a screw hole or the like
on the floor of the vehicle body for attaching the speaker cabinet II), and the safety is continued
even after the speaker cabinet is removed from the rounding KIIIl position of the article loading
rack. The purpose of this is to make it possible to listen to the performances of a speaker cabinet
for car stereos. An embodiment of the invention will now be described with reference to the
drawings. In the embodiment of the present invention, as shown in FIG. 3 to IjE5, the speaker
cabinet 6 described later on the rear floor in the car is inserted between the floor iron plate 7 at a
stationary position and the carpet 8 lying thereon. The buffer material 9 made of rubber or the
like is fixed to the lower surface of the cabinet mounting plate 11 with the tag 10 and the carpet
8 is put on the mounting plate 11 and hooked to the tag 10 A speaker cabinet 6 with clamping
fittings 12 on its side, and a chain 13 connecting the speaker cabinet 6 and the rear of the
vehicle body, between the floor 7 below the stationary position of the speaker cabinet and the
carpet 8 laid thereon The cabinet mounting plate 11 is inserted, the carpet 8 is placed on the soil
of the cabinet mounting plate 11 to place the speaker cabinet 6, and the carpet 8 is provided in
advance. Pass the hook 12 'of the tightening bracket に into the hole 8' and hook the 4-pin 10 vc
of the 4-f vignette mounting IEII to fix the speaker cabinet 6 with the mounting plate 11KM. And
the speaker cabinet 6 are connected, and lead wires (not shown in the drawing) d from the stereo
amplifier to the speaker are placed along the chain 13 described above.
The speaker cabinet 6 is not directly fixed to the floor iron plate 7, and the carpet 8. Buffer
material such as rubber 9. Buffered by chain 13, etc., withstands running, stopping and other
impacts, can maintain the function of the speaker for stereo reproduction in good condition, and
remove the speaker cabinet 6 from the charge position for loading articles Even in this case, 4m
is connected together with the chain 13, so that it is possible to enjoy stereo reproduction sound
even from the speaker cabinet 6 placed on the loaded article, for example. Since the cabinet 6 is
secured by the chain 13, there is no risk of jumping to both sides by inertia and causing dragon
damage. According to the present invention described above, according to the present invention,
the speaker cabinet is placed on a five-page setting without opening a hole in a floor plate of a
car or the like, and even in the case of article loading etc. You can safely hear the stereo playback
sound safely.
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