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Description of the Invention Coaxial-type flat diaphragm speaker unit (1) A field section
constituting a magnetic circuit is linearly formed, and provided concentrically in a plurality
corresponding to the number of diaphragms, A coaxial flat diaphragm speaker unit characterized
in that a voice coil is positioned in an air gap of a circuit.
2, the scope of claims
The present invention relates to a coaxial flat diaphragm speaker unit, and more particularly to a
coaxial flat diaphragm speaker unit in which a magnetic circuit is improved. The flat diaphragm
has a relatively flat sound pressure characteristic over the entire frequency range, and features
such as the ability to enjoy a stable sound reproduced from a sound image are recognized, and a
speaker system using this is provided. Came. The characteristic of the speaker system using a flat
diaphragm is that movement of the sound image is extremely small, but when the system is
configured by the coaxial type array, the characteristic is further utilized. As shown in FIGS. 1
and 2, a coaxial flat plate of this type is usually an external magnet type of diaphragm DIa
magnetic circuit M1 of the bass portion, and a diaphragm of the high sound portion is used. The
magnetic circuit M2 is of the internal magnet type. In this configuration, the size of the external
magnetic circuit is largely increased, and it is difficult to form the external magnetic circuit inside
and it is necessary to adopt the internal magnetic circuit, three or more diaphragms It was
impossible to arrange the in a coaxial manner. Therefore, the present invention is intended to
provide a speaker unit with a small number of movement of the sound image by arranging a
large number of flat diaphragms coaxially, and for that purpose, the field units constituting the
magnetic circuit are linearly formed. These are arranged in an appropriate polygon to form a
magnetic circuit suitable for driving the diaphragm, and the magnetic circuit and the voice coil of
each diaphragm correspond to each other to constitute a driver unit. The details of the present
invention will be described below with reference to FIGS. In these figures, the symbol / indicates
the diaphragm EndPage: 1 part, コ indicates the diaphragm of the middle sound part, 3 indicates
the diaphragm of the high sound part, q indicates the diaphragm of the super high sound part,
and the diaphragm of the bass part In the outermost part, the diaphragm of the middle sound
part is placed on the inner side, the diaphragm of the high sound part on the inner side, and the
diaphragm of the super high sound part. The Q- and square shapes are arranged concentrically.
And each diaphragm /, 2, 3. u are the edges / a, / b, 2a, 2b, respectively? It is supported by the
frame S via a, Jb, and Hiro. The low frequency diaphragm 7 has a voice coil 12 attached to a
voice coil bobbin l /, and the voice coil 12 is annular along the shape of the diaphragm /. The
mid-tone part, the high-tone part, and the diaphragm of the ultra-high-tone part are also voice
coil bobbins 2 /, 3 /, ψ / ψ mochi respectively. Each has a voice coil u, 3 and 1A2 attached. The
diaphragm of the low-pitched portion and the diaphragm of the mid-sound portion each have an
external magnetic type magnetic circuit IO, and this magnetic circuit has a magnet / + at the
opposing inner surface end of the pair of plates 13 A yoke / S is positioned between the other
end faces, and one side of the voice coil / 2 is positioned in the air gap between the magnets 74.
In this magnetic circuit lO, a magnetic field section arranged for each side of the diaphragm / is
configured as a set. Similarly, the voice coil U possessed by the diaphragm of the middle sound
portion also has a magnetic circuit 20 which is constructed by positioning the magnet 2 provided
on the plate J in the air gap between them. Further, the diaphragm 3 of the high sound portion
and the diaphragm of the low sound portion have the magnetic circuit 30 of the inner magnet
type and ψO, respectively, and the magnet 344. 32. Each voice coil 32.u. q is located. Since the
coaxial flat diaphragm speaker unit according to the present invention is configured as described
above, the magnetic circuits 10 and 20 of the diaphragm / 1.2 of the low-pitched portion and the
mid-sound portion are of the external magnet type. Since each of the magnetic circuits io and 2o
is independent of the can, the space inside the magnetic circuit 109m can be large, and the plane
vibration of the coaxial multi-way with not only 2 diaphragms but 3 or 4 A speaker unit can be
configured by a plate. The shape of the diaphragm may be square, polygonal, circular or the like,
and the shape of the voice coil bobbin may be along it. As is apparent from the above description,
according to the coaxial flat plate speaker unit of the present invention, the field portion
constituting the magnetic circuit is linearly formed, and at least this is used for the magnetic
circuit of the outer diaphragm. Therefore, since the inner peripheral space of the outer magnetic
circuit can be taken large, it is possible to construct a speaker unit using a plane plate of coaxial
multiway such as 3-way and 4-way.
4. Brief description of the drawings. FIG. 1 is a front view of a speaker unit of a conventional flat
diaphragm, FIG. 2 is an enlarged sectional view taken along line 1-- in FIG. FIG. 4 is a front view
of the diaphragm speaker unit, and FIG. 4 is an enlarged cross-sectional view taken along a line 3
of FIG. /, 2, 3. lA: Diaphragm //, 2 /, 3 /, lA /: Voice coil bobbin / 2, u, 3: l, Hiro 2: Voice coil /,? ,
Force ... plate 4- / 17, 2+ ... magnet. Patent Assignee Pioneer Corporation Attorney Attorney
Kobayashi Nobuyuki Susumu Murai EndPage: 2
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