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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a view showing the structure of a speaker
according to the present invention. 1a is an acoustic radiation part, 1 is a metal diaphragm, 3 is a
center support part, 7 is a magnetic circuit, 8 is a support member.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a speaker
equipped with a metal diaphragm. Conventionally, a speaker comprising a metal diaphragm
formed by forming a metal foil such as aluminum into a predetermined shape for the purpose of
expanding a piston vibration region, low distortion, etc. is known, but the center support portion
of the metal diaphragm is different. Because it is manufactured as a separate piece at 椙 @ 、 and
it requires bonding work of the metal diaphragm and the center support part, there is a
drawback that it is expensive in terms of the material and manufacturing cost. The present
invention is thus an improvement of the prior art and will be described in the following with
reference to the drawings. In the figure, the metal diaphragm (1) has a cone-shaped acoustic
radiation part (1a) and a flat surface in which a predetermined slit or hole (5) is formed
extending inward from the inner peripheral end of the acoustic radiation part (1a). A disk having
a disk-like central support (3) integrally formed, and, if necessary, extending from the outer
peripheral end of the acoustic radiation part (la) to an external force, and having a predetermined
shape. The peripheral support portion (2) having a hole or hole (4) is also integrated with the
structure. Then, the peripheral support portion (2) of the metal diaphragm (1), the center support
portion (3) are the outer peripheral end of the frame (6), and the support members (pole pieces)
(8) K constituting the magnetic circuit (7) It is a supported structure. In addition, the structure
and shape of the acoustic radiation part (1a) of the metal diaphragm (1), the peripheral support
part (2) and the center support part (3) are not limited to the above-mentioned embodiment, and
It is possible to take various structures and shapes within the scope. The three or more structure
has a structure in which the acoustic radiation part (la) and the center support part (3) are
integrally formed by the same metal agent, and manufactured in two processes of drawing
processing, slitting or slitting of holes. And because these processes can be easily manufactured
with an automatic press machine and do not require the conventional bonding operation of the
center support portion and the diaphragm, etc., it becomes extremely inexpensive in terms of
manufacturing cost and material cost. And have excellent practical advantages such as stable
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