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Akira m * 18 name of the invention half diaphragm
2. Patented 01-axis bending (A flat diaphragm made by bonding skin materials to both front and
back sides of a honeycomb core, and the bonding position of the skin material bonded to the
honeycomb core is on the inner and outer surfaces of the honeycomb core Flat diaphragms that
are different from one another.
8. Detailed Description of the Invention-The present invention relates to a flat diaphragm, and
more particularly to a flat dlJ peristaltic plate modified with a skin material Qi pasted island for a
core. Among the most well-known types of half-th l board, there is a 1 l t vl sheet obtained by
applying a skin material to a surface of a honeycomb core such as an aluminum material as
shown in Table 1k-; Since two or more skin materials are stuck on one side of the skin material, it
is possible to make skin material VC11 joint capital. Q) If the junction or the front and back of the
core is in the same position, it may cause air leakage inside or outside the core, or the diaphragm
(/ J may reduce the rigidity at a specific location. Therefore, in the present invention, when
attaching the skin material to the honeycomb core, the bonding position or the front and back
surfaces of the skin material is made to coincide with each other so that there is no air taping
operation. It is also Oi that I'll do #fg. Below Pi, an embodiment t of the present invention will be
described with reference to the attached drawings. First, in FIG. 1, a partially broken view (10) of
the diaphragm lO and the voice coil unit l), the diaphragm ttrll honeycomb core l / and the
honeycomb core (/ + surface flesh E1 [1]. The voice coil is wound around the bobbin 21 and
made up of IIk, which is constituted by the stuck skin material l-. And, the shape of the skin
material l- applied to the honeycomb core l / is formed when the unit body different on the front
and back of the honeycomb core // is applied and the skin U '/ co Q) unit / Ja @ is applied The
junctions 13 are different from each other on the front side and the back side. Fig. 2A shows the
surface ms of the honeycomb core, and the direction B shows the back Ii of the honeycomb core)
to the surface of the nick core EndPage: 1 The diagonal Ka of the square honeycomb core 1
having 4 or the Fjr Q1 joint portion 3 f has a unit of the skin material / Ja as shown in FIG. On
the other hand, the skin material l- on the back of the honeycomb core // is arranged in a fournecked form with square holes in the center part of the honeycomb core // and a rectangular U)
unit body l a. The bonded portion 13 is in a parallel state with each side of the no nick core t.
Further, in FIG. 3, in the honeycomb core // WC similar to the embodiment shown in FIG. 2, the
skin H // on one surface side has a unit body // a having a trapezoidal shape. However, as shown
in FIG. 3B, ス キ ン 1 [skin material Q of l111] unit body a is divided along @@ connecting middle
points of each side of the honeycomb core t. , Nohenikamu core / / back gat third factor DK show
L G Q) unit body / 2!
It is covered with four. Furthermore, the skin material / J (/ 3 unit / Jm is 2 inward) attached to
the surface side (A in FIG. 4) and the mourning direction (B in FIG. As shown in FIG. 6C, the
honeycomb core has a quarter circle, but the honeycomb core has a position of the joint portion
13 of this unit body / a or 45 degrees that deviates from the honeycomb core // (/ + In the
thickness direction, there is no electrical connection between the Q) joint / JQ) position. When
pasting a lumber on a round honeycomb core //, the split shape of the skin l /-is not only 4 $, but
also divided into 2 equal parts, 3 equal parts, and even unequal divided parts. You may As is
apparent from the above-described example, the honeycomb core ti (as a center, the skin
material l-iIi in its surface al 11 @ surface). Because each unit body / / l 1 / J junction 13 to be
formed or a honeycomb core (71 Jl side is not in contact in the direction of Th (Fig. 5)), the
piston movement [& can prevent air leakage tttii indeed. As apparent from the above description,
in the flat diaphragm of the present invention, the joint portion of the skin material adhered to
the front surface # klb1 of the honeycomb core is made of the skin material so as not to have the
facing position rc on both front and back The unit material (/ I shape is changed or 0 position is
changed, and this is attached to the honeycomb core, so air does not leak due to the piston
movement of the diaphragm, and #Il property also increases. Production J: You do not need to
pink on the joints. In particular, it is possible to increase the strength of the whole divided skin
by complementing 1i in the strong flQs directionality when using the skin material vc type 1 Thj
quality Q) # but also (1) i. 4, Brief description of figure (2) The mouth of the figure shows this
invention Q) 爽 & e 'In, 1 figure of a half 1 I [I bobbin plate to the diaphragm] k Partially
fractured view in assembling, k Figure FIGS. 2 to 4 are half plan views of different flat direction
diaphragms shown in Table Ikk, and FIG. 5 is a cross-sectional view showing the position dLt of
the fitting portion of the skin material Q. 10 · −half diaphragm, ti−no 1 nick core, 1 co−skin j (,
2a unit, 20−voice coil unit 2 / −bobbin, = −hoice coil. EndPage: 2
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