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The present study relates to sound absorption (vibration absorption devices for measuring
instruments and precision instruments). In order to absorb foreign-made vibration, mechanical
one week money loss is utilized, and the system is well known. Using mechanical loss -4- JjA
system mainly consists of vibration part, J'ii 'J3 generation part and support part and structure 5
with one vibration i' <13 Converted-It, 'i (/ is transmitted to the support)'. When converting to the
heat energy rate, it is difficult to reduce the price of uniform loss at the high frequency 1 from
the colocation wave number 4 + il'l from the colocation wave number to the mechanical loss. The
vibration of the support part is transmitted to the housing part of the equipment etc. which is
wide, 17111it-, and even if the vibration energy of the support part is small, the vibration
emitted from the wide area can be heard as a whistling sound Become. Also, when mechanically
vibrating the vibration part · 1 り, add the viscoelastic substance to Yfl L, and apply tension to a
certain degree or more-add the loss to K (1) 皐 J1: deformation to a substance a It is difficult to
occur. In addition, when using a visco-elastic substance (in the case of -5, it has a defect that the
compression and extension J1 table loss behavior changes due to vibration erquee). The present
invention was made in order to solve the drawbacks of the mechanical 4H loss addition method
described above. The peripheral part of the diaphragm of the microphone is made conductive,
and the conductor is made of-"F line (1 When the magnetic part 4 o is configured, the vibration
of the diaphragm of the microphone is transmitted to the conductor, the conductor vibrates, and
the conductor vibrates in a parallel magnetic field, thereby cutting the magnetic flux and causing
the conductor to generate an eddy current. The eddy current is damped by the magnetic field in
the direction to cancel the vibration of the conductor to absorb the vibration and to prevent the
vibration transmitted to the diaphragm from the peripheral support portion. This will be
described in detail with reference to the drawings. In Fig. 1, magnets that generate a single line of
magnetism around the diaphragm 16 of the microphone, 12a, 121) are provided in parallel with
the magnetic field in the magnetic field, and the conductive portion 17 is provided. The
diaphragm 16 is provided with tension T from the periphery. By performing vibrational
absorption electromagnetically with the magnet t, 112 & and the conductive part 17, the
reflection of the diaphragm at the edge part is controlled by the width, shape of the conductor or
the width and strength of the magnetic field, and the vibration unique to the diaphragm It is
possible to control the mode. Magnet 12a. It is also possible to use a magnetic fluid or a rubberlike magnetic AA instead of the spacer 121) and a structure in which the conductive portion is
formed in a shape of a long hole. As described above, the conductor is connected to the
diaphragm of the microphone to provide the conductor parallel to the magnetic field in the
parallel magnetic field, thereby absorbing the vibration of the diaphragm and absorbing the
vibration transmitted from the peripheral support to the diaphragm Can also be absorbed.
Brief description of the drawings
FIG. 1 is a partial sectional view showing an embodiment of the present invention.
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1 Person Japanese Colono, Hear Co., Ltd. Attorney Attorney Yamaguchi Kazumi
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