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The present invention relates to a speaker diaphragm. Generally, the performance required for a
speaker base plate 'J' J is to improve the electric characteristics such as the output sound
pressure frequency characteristics of the speaker. 3. It can be said that the internal loss is
appropriate JJ. That is, by making the density of (2) low, all transient characteristics are
improved, and the lowest resonance frequency is suppressed. In addition, the high Young's
modulus of 2 makes the echo output large and the transient characteristics and the high
frequency characteristics become good. Further, by giving a proper internal loss of 3 as well, the
shadow 7PJ 'of divided shooting movement of the system moving plate is reduced to make the
frequency characteristic all flat. Furthermore, industrially, the processability to cope with the
diaphragm having a complicated shape is easy, and the cost is low. Heretofore, as a material
satisfying all the above conditions to a certain extent, a diaphragm made of paper pulp of wood
pulp subjected to beating Fk has been used. However, although wood pulp # 1 board satisfies the
above-mentioned required performance to some extent, there is a certain limit to its conversion,
and it is easily affected by the external environment, especially humidity, etc., and stable. There
are drawbacks such as the inability to obtain the ne Therefore, for the purpose of reducing
weight Wf and reducing weight, the vibration rJb 41 j, etc. obtained by mixing and forming
foamed particles and natural or chemical fibers are used for S. However, in those cases, there
were drawbacks such as the Young's modulus extremely lowered and the moisture proofing
treatment being poor y: IG-7 '. That is, the fixing agent is, for example, PEI (polyethyleneimine),
which is most widely used in the field 1c, when it is used as a sound, it has a branched structure
and has an active hydrogen highly reactive with nitrogen atoms. Therefore, it is susceptible to the
external environment, in particular, humidity, etc., and hardens and becomes brittle due to
heating at the time of foaming, resulting in defects such as deterioration of the material because
folding resistance and the like decrease. Moreover, after mixing with a suitable binder, it is
impregnated with a resin solution such as clear cracker and dampproofed. There is a detent
plate, but the number of processes increases, and depending on the solvent, the foam is broken
and the foaming ratio is destabilized. It was the cause of Therefore, the present invention has
been made to solve the above-mentioned drawbacks, and the foamed particles and natural or
chemical fibers are mixed with each other as a flexible cross-linked linear resin and a surface
sizing agent all binder even after heating, It is an object to provide an entire diaphragm for a
speaker having a low density, a light weight, a moderate amount of internal loss, and a
moistureproof effect by heating and foaming foam particles. In the following, when explained
based on the examples of the present invention gold drawing, the work is a natural or chemical
fiber, and 2 is a foamed particle foamed by heating.
Then, after bonding and identification with the entire bottom sizing agent and the crosslinked
linear resin, the foamed particles 2 are heated by heating. It is foamed to form a film 3 having
gloss. Next, specific experimental examples will be described. First, the natural fiber 1 is adjusted
to a predetermined beating degree (20 ° SR) by a NUKP pulp total beating machine. To this, 30
parts by weight of vinylidene chloride foam particles in the non-foamed state as foam particles 2
are all added, and in the case of bonding and fixing 7I ′ ↑, about 0.2% of CMC
(carboxymethylose) as a surface sizing agent The bond is made with an aqueous solution, and the
crosslinked linear resin is fixed by gradually adding N using an aqueous solution of a watersoluble linear one molecule molecule having a methylol group as a pendant group. Then, after
thoroughly agitating these, the entire diaphragm of a predetermined shape is formed. Here, in
the experimental example, since the foamed particles 2 having a particle diameter of 10 to 20
μm are used, the foamed particles 2 are smaller than the mesh size in sheet forming, but
constant force 1 Because it is twisted, it is made together with the natural fiber 1 without passing
through the papermaking. In addition, in order to make the reduction and maximum reduction of
wrinkles during this drying and heating, i + 11 is carried out in a 140 DEG C. to 150 DEG C. mold
in which the gear groove is matched in advance to the expansion ratio of the expanded beads 2.
At this time, if foaming is carried out with a pressure of about 101 evening / -in the mold, for
example, 2 foam particles 2 in total of 25% compounded, and a gap is provided to make the foam
softer compared to about 10 lines. An increase in the density of Table 1 below shows the
physical property values when the mixture M of foamed particles in the NUKP pulp is changed
from 0 to 40 in all. Father, Table 2 shows the results of the moisture proof test and the folding
strength test, although the mixture contains 25% of PEI as a binder to NUKP pulp only and iL,
and further contains foam particle sound of 10% to 40%. . In the second table, the moisture
resistance was tested by continuous moisture absorption test for 96 hours in a constant
temperature immersion species with an end wave of 45 ° C. and a humidity of 95%. In addition,
the folding endurance test is represented by the number of folds of bending before cutting in a
folding strength tester of tensile strength M 1.01. As described above, according to the vibration
IJb plate of the present invention, the change in Young's modulus is very small and the density is
reduced, and the internal loss is properly achieved. Do. Here, it can be seen that as the blending
ratio of # 3 foam particles to N U K P pulp increases, the decrease in density increases, the
internal loss also increases, and the moisture resistance also improves.
This is because the density of the foamed particles after heating is very small (in the case of .mu.
0.04 to 0.05) / cm "), and natural or causes moisture absorption with an increase in this amount.
The reason is that the amount of surface sizing agent and crosslinkable linear resin is increased
around chemical fibers. However, since it is weaker than the bond between the fiber 1 and the
expanded particle by the binder and the bonding strength of the fixing fiber 1, if the expanded
particle 2 is extremely large, it causes a decrease in Young's modulus and a decrease in bending
resistance. . In the present invention, as described above, foam particles 2 which are foamed by
heating, natural or chemical fibers 1, all surface sizing agent and crosslinkable linear resin are
mixed, heated and foamed. A speaker diaphragm having such an effect is obtained. Density can
be significantly reduced. Appropriate internal loss can be provided, and the change in Young's
modulus is minimal. It has excellent moisture-proof and folding-proof effects.
Brief description of the drawings
The drawings are enlarged sectional views of a speaker diaphragm according to the present
■ · · · · · · · · · · · · · foam particles.
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