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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing one
embodiment of the present invention, FIG. 2 is a front view showing a state in which a speaker is
taken out of a box and viewed from the rear, FIG. Sectional drawing which shows the state seen
in the arrow direction from the cutting | disconnection I- ■ line inside, FIG. 4A and the opening
are the front view and side view which expanded and showed the 2nd holding member of cone
paper. In the drawings, 1 indicates a packaging box, 3 indicates a speaker, 5 indicates a first
holding member, and 9 indicates a second holding member. -65 1 Jyo 47-20217 (2) years of age
31m 仝 1a? ・ / Q correction correction 46.5.20 correction the name of the device as follows. ス
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a speaker KIIL,
and more particularly, to a "bird-mock batkin" for fixedly supporting a speaker's cone paper
peripheral support portion and a frame. L’[4、lrEJKyr−f2i−カK#イ? * -Y, @
turtle ·-fixed the peripheral support 12 and the speaker frame 13. Furthermore, a frame patch II
having a rectangular cross section was used to attach the same from the upper surface of the
cone paper peripheral support. Also, two types of the shape of the frame patch KFi are provided,
the first shape having a rectangular cross section Of elastic body in a circle! ! The second shape
is a shape obtained by processing an elastic body having a rectangular cross section into a bar
shape. But according to the first shape on the corn paper peripheral support? Although it is easy
to fix hK frame patch -1-47-20217-11, the plastic processing in a circular shape causes a defect
that the manufacturing cost becomes high, and according to the shape of gA2, with the
peripheral support portion of corn paper and Fix the speaker frame with the adhesive, 'P! Apply
fIK adhesive on cone I & peripheral support (6) Even if it is tried to attach it, the repulsive force
at the time when the rod-like frame patch is formed in a circular shape causes warping and
peeling, and the work from K It had the drawback of making it difficult. The present invention
has been made in order to solve the above-mentioned drawbacks. As described in detail in
accordance with the embodiment shown in FIG. 2, the rod frame frame 14 is formed with the
missing band 5 and the 1 \ protrusion band 16 in detail. Then, the missing portion band 19 is
formed in the speaker frame I7 to such an extent that the protrusion band is inserted. At the time
of work, one surface of the cone paper peripheral support 18 and the speaker frame 17 are fixed
by an adhesive, and an adhesive is further applied to the upper surface of the cough cone 1 &
peripheral support 8 to project the rod frame patch 14 1! 16 are sequentially inserted into the
missing part 19 of the speaker frame No. 1. Therefore, the warping of the rod-like frame pad can
be prevented, and the cone am side support portion-F face Km cloth extra! The IN-2-47-2021712 agent can prevent the chatter by flowing into the missing portion band 151c when the frame
patch is pressed. As described above, according to the present invention, the use of Nakaaki
Frame Patzkin reduces the manufacturing cost and further facilitates the practical use of F-Patkin
that makes it easy to fix the Frame Patzkin at the time of operation.
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