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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a top view of a multi-axis simultaneous trowel
device of a variable resistor according to an embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a
cross-sectional view taken along line A-A of FIG. 3 is a cross-sectional view taken along the line BB of FIG. 1, FIG. 4 is an enlarged side view of the same part, and FIG. 5 is a cross-sectional view
taken along the line 0- 0 of FIG. is there. 1 ...... outer frame, 2,3 ...... adjustment shaft, 4,5 ......
variable resistor, 10 ...... inner Nre · R unit, 23 - · · · · · · Operating shaft, 27 ~ 30 · · · · · · · · · ·
variable resistor. 75 real opening 47-24533 (2) Fig. 3-76-real opening 47-24533 (3) Fig. 4 Fig.
Detailed Description of the Invention In this invention, each variable resistance can be controlled
at the same time by uniaxial operation in the horizontal direction requiring 111 豐 of 02 or more
sound sources such as stereo. 2-453-'022 · Multi-axis simultaneous control device of optical light
resistance (regarding. In essence, it is a four-channel stereo system,) KTh, which controls the
balance and volume on the -axis to Oka. Hereinafter, one embodiment of the present invention **
will be described with reference to 14 and 14 (the first embodiment). First of all, in the figure,
+11 is a square outer frame in which the upper surface and lower m have a single bit, # 9, a pair
of opposing pieces (Im), (lb) K of this outer frame (1) Adjustment · ◆ adjustment axis if) (腓 腓 内
央 よ う 器 器 器) r 4), ts +-M each shield 歇 m, (nr) part of the fold (8 n. (·)) (Im), (1! +) K through
ll prayer-(Be more cursed, these pots, l5 (4) l season 11 full! l, 暢) are in order to be located on
the same axis. On the other hand, the adjustment axis C of this town change resistor 偵 4),
reconnaissance). At the working end of Im, the pair of opposing #Ir (10 m) of the inner tumour
bottle, which has only the upper surface and has a substantially square shape similar to the
chisel frame (1) disposed on the surface of the outer frame (1) , (1 (lk +) is 11 tin pieces 1. It is
charged by the elastic force of-, and thus this inner 7V-mua # 14T-14533-, 033-dNF 籠 anti II
(41181 tuning shaft 11. Rotate to Il + Furthermore, the S-facing pair 0 # Ir (10a), (104) K of the
inner frame 喘 of the above inner frame 調 is an adjustment axis 嶋, (2) is projected inside the
inside 7L / -A @@ tW 梳 sis. @ Is the shield plate surface, 711 folds, and pieces (10a), (10a) K
after breaking (composed, these variable resistance was, 660IIIw axis (至) 04 岡-膨 上 上 位置 13
13 篭 篭 篭 篭 篭 篭 篭 篭 篭 篭 I I # Icat (41, (11 J) adjustment 1z 1 Kfll is determined to be
orthogonal to ノ 11 11 11181a. The above-mentioned town 豐 抗 a1 (至), (調) 調-03, (4) end 4
parts of the Fi connected body (2) constant contribution, 両 端-し-7曽, は 口 一体 一体 2 一 一 翰
翰, 翰 曽 一 翰 翰 翰 翰 翰 翰 a a a a a a a a 転 転 転 転 転 転 転The axis-penetrates.
The tip of this operation shaft (d) @ Kn type @ dropper-is formed, and 6 pieces (d) pass through
the above-mentioned cut tin and IB-, and 8 pieces (d) Both ends of the zero core rod which is
locked to the tip of the bin 輔 (from L II II k 軸 axis (2)) is attached to the outside 11 II K of the フ
レ ー ム ■ 郁 (10)) of the inner frame (至) The variable resistance IIIIItI to (1st) adjustment shaft(1)-the connecting member (d) to which it is attached is stopped, (1)-the operation shaft-(3)-if it is
mixed The adjustment m-rotates by 1 k. From the above configuration, the present feasting
apparatus will be described, and the operation will be described. ・ As shown in Figure //, as
shown in the figure, when the @ is placed in the center IIl from the point 11 where it is urged in
the t4a imprint direction, the attachment force of the kernel is variable through the connected
body movement. The weapon (2), (K) K is seen and extends further (inner frame). Then, in this
inner frame 5, the l-fulcrum is a variable resistance (41, IU adjustment shaft collapse, (because it
is powder, adjustment axis C!). Ls) to go together with this one, this town honey-tower (4). Ell's
resistance value is temporary (a town is infested. In this case, the town arbor aSS has only a
single direction in the same direction as the direction of its rotation, and therefore there is no
possibility that the car will fit into the car. Town resistance-one). Only the working resistance
value is changed. (7, when the horizontal axis (d) is located at the center as shown by the stripe 5
tl JK-this force is biased in the direction of the arrow from the fall S, the force is via the connector
& 11 t T town f resistance a. The adjustment axis (d) is given to Q4, and the direction of this force
is the adjustment axis (2), including the one-turn direction of the collar K, the adjustment axis (b),
(d) This time, the resistance value of the variable resistor (c), (d) is adjusted. This pigeon has an
attractive force that can not be reciprocated between the internal frame Fi 111 and the light that
is perpendicular to the direction of the rotation direction of the adjustment direction of f 31.
Therefore, the resistance value of 11llk ′ ′ variable resistor 141.1 is not changed, so that the
resistance value of 11llk ′ ′ is not changed (variable resistance II 14+, fil 17) − tatami 111!
1.1! l $ F '1 side toru-five 輔 一体 秋 操作 操作 操作 − 一 矢 印 方 方 aw aw aw aw aw aw
aw m 向) 6
■ 方 方 方 方 方 d 腋 mrt resistance Large tK chain single axis (21 ° + 8) in the
direction perpendicular to the 1l @ l square of the container (41, 1111 adjustment axis C, b3) is
lWh ), [The adjustment axis of the binding oa, as OS-and the resistance value of (2), (豐 祇) 豐 祇
豐 祇 調 − −-
(The season # 1 壷 axis (2), information), even if there is nothing to do with this, the variable
resistor (41, +81 is adjusted in advance and the state of the tube is kept ★, regardless of the
relationship). Ru. On the other hand, if the operating shaft (H) is made into an arrow 1 direction
in the direction K (arrow) in which the operating shaft-arrow is stabbed in the direction K (ro) in
which the operating shaft (H) is controlled, the town The quality resistance (2), the M adjustment
shaft (2), o4 is not moved by one, and the variable resistance 41% 141 °, the-adjustment shaft
1111. (Only 31 is moved to make this variable resistance, 7 'to -141, (seasonal resistance value is
assimilated. Because they are paired, variable resistors (41, 181 and 06. In (2), regardless of the
state of the operation axis, if the direction of the arrow mal * db-KWAM-A from the state, it is an
independent II sign. FK, the cropping axis-4 in the direction of the arrow 1 9 In the direction (ie
arrow direction 445 °), in the case of large +6> m ■ the case-gauge @ Fi arrow-O 6 minutes to
be controlled by the honeymoon (41, (il軸, aa adjustment axis weight). Since it is transmitted to
+3) and (to),-, it is adjusted at the time of K111. Then, if the operating axis is turned by one turn,
the outer frame (1) and the inner frame @ lK are ordered and 9 variable!
47−zu33″¥1? Irrespective of the resistance fields '41, + Il + and On, @, the adjustment
shaft of the bottom part (10 @) K of the inner frame ω is moved to 11 degrees. In other words,
the rotation axis is turned over, and the tip of the operation axis (c) is installed through the core
、 was, tz ン n (至) and continuous service truth ((), (adjustment axis @ SS) It turns and it is
beaten by making it possible to use the resistance value of each town f analysis Wc device-(support). This 14 turn ri operation axis-is performed so as to be carried out all the time at the
inclined angle lf of the ・ 5, that is, when the operation in Fig. 5 is moved to the arrow 崗-+ :
Operation @ els is not arc 這 * 5rH centering around pin (d), dangling tiger station 2 figure Kk
and operated--in the direction of arrow 1-operated squeezed 8 欅 (d) holding center-one is arc I
was linked, operation axis-會 what kind of WK # 介 r r r 4 sw congestion group is one tangle
town I! ! Therefore, if the operation axis a3t @ is turned, it is in what position 11 and the four
town resistances 1lI (2) to 可 変 are variable. In addition, in the above-mentioned one bowl
feeding, the outer frame and the inner frame each have 2 territory and the usable resistance # is
introverted, and it is a work, and is this? -124 or ds47-24533-'on beeswax with honey beeswax
with 4IilIm, in the case of water loss 2 heat loss resistance resistors the outer frame (1 to 1 bed 7
frame 7 Each axis is perpendicular to the axis, and the other @ll + fulcrum corresponding to this I
l axis is l L if the ring is fixed. The town that can be resisted by 4%!
D It is a free% A thing, and it is K open and it is 1 open ^ thing to attach the tip KIIIIIE of this
variable resistance @ axis. One or more of the present invention (involved variable resistancemulti-axis 閂 / at at は is composed, and 輪 at ス テ レ オ at a sound source such as fist stereo by
a one-stroke work must Performance and sound Wk 1 1 11 i Ik-to defeat-in one's own # 1 battle,
especially four-channel stereo set, 1? If it is used, it will further enhance I2I section, and its lllIwl
is also a simple IIL, and it can be provided as a cost, etc. The value is big. 4, ■ ■ biting *** *
light-gl ■ is this consideration me-夷 11 breeding K over for possible II! Resistance · 17-'171: −w i i figure on multi-axis simultaneous control expense of 809, JK? The figure is from Woo
Mumu in Figure 1 4 FIG. 5 is a cross-sectional view of FIG. 1 taken along the line m-B, FIG. 4 is an
enlarged side view of FIG. (1)-meeting-outer frame, +21, i: 11 @ @ @-shaft, + 41, Ill ... variable
resistor, 06 書 document · inner frame (d), rotation number □ · · adjustment axis ( 2), Q6 · · · · · · · ·
· · · · · · m = m-* tmats. The agent Mr. Toshio Nakajima, a wax waxer; love or one, L7-245i33-10 /
Fa11087 '. 1-- 103A14A-615221 BOC 8120 '', 018 ''-b1g □ (the 2nd !!!!) 1A2312122 □ 1IO to
11514110d110cI: ~ I6 □ \, 31 □□□ 30, + 7-245 Fishing-Tsukushiro Nakao Tatsuhiro Nakao b
Figure 3-2310a ", J1212225 / 2 tob. □\1″:。 0'2 -'--- 32Iα-2'l / Qc'83 Fig. 4 Fig. 5 32221221525626232 "Pan 24Q Mi 131 C '" Name of the person of the prisoner Toshio Nakao, 6
Yuichi other than the above Draft and or agent (1) inventor housing 1 □ r Osaka Prefecture
Kadoma city people Umon Shin 1oo 6 im Matsuto ° Electric Appliances and Industry Co., Ltd.
Name Nishima Matsuo two τ (2) agent! l: ni Osaka Prefecture Kadoma city Ojijiji (in the 1006
address Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.,? 1? , (6152) Patent Attorney Kanno Shigetaka ''
Ko '-' '17' '-24533- IE
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