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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a sectional view of a conventional thin speaker,
and FIG. 3 is a sectional view and a plan view of the present invention. Reference numerals 7 and
8 respectively denote an outer conical circular portion in the diaphragm 6, 10 denotes a
corrugation in the longitudinal direction, and 5 denotes a speaker. Manual l-da 57-Paper real
opening 47-25024 (2) 3rd eye 4 district 58 1
[Detailed description of the invention] Invented this invention small size ms plate with apical
angle to make it rich in turtle high writing radiation; , Fl, d)-1 'related to the conventional 1 廖 そ
制約 か も か も か も か も 透 透 透 透 透 透 透 透 透 透 透 透 要求 要求 要求 要求 要求 要求 要求
要求 要求 要求 要求 し し し, 111111e as KKI & I / & plate is buying angle α Bo Great bird (with
flat-shaped tortoise-like & − − −, OSS OSS OSS becomes smaller and 1 because the high
frequency radiation bo wearing Worse)) 1. っ8. □よ□□。 □ − JIf ′ (← on time e! 5
convex-Wakaba Abarebo large self (or ':) many WkK 4.7-2524-029 N 1 comes to one 11 of 11
qualities, blindly%-w In addition, ho original II and O′′C ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′
′ ′ ′ ′ 1 ′ ′: i: ,,, and-are rich in themselves, so there is ζ0111110 solution, No. m @ 0Wow! 1 l IJ board 3 bo layer-9 'k, ス 0 J III-like ス ビ ー ー 身 -1 鯰, 榎 5 err 伽 コ ン プ ラ イ ア
ン ス コ ン プ ラ イ ア ン ス コ ン プ ラ イ ア ン ス コ ン プ ラ イ ア ン ス 摸 摸 FIR FIR FIR 艶 艶
を 艶 艶 艶 艶 外 外 外ll bo, '1 亙 Kjll value ll rate-to move, so-called slowing down because it' QU,
so sound pressure-frequency characteristics in the middle range Kk, wide-jll I search band Owada
Kameya is formed, and it stops on it and it is characteristically O unevenness so-called abarebo
large, and it is favored in terms of quality, and it is a company in a temporary ax. 考 案 考 案 考
案 秦 秦 秦 秦 秦 秦 II II II II II 欠 点 〇 欠 点 欠 点 欠 点 欠 点 欠 点 欠 点 欠 点 欠 点 高 <論 て も
大 大 大 大.ス V て car i ′ ′ c 1 h こ O O 3 会 3 て 番 振動 振動 炉 炉 1 1 凸 凸 凸 om om ””
”om om f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f鋤 -1, I! ! 1 part is distributed in the same direction and
circularly distributed, and the inner circumference of the inner circle is a pisquil A'7-QCL + nJ ^^-
, J. The outer circumference of the outer circle of the outer circle of the outer circle M ga M 画 ツ
ツ ゲ ー ジ ゲ ー ジ ゲ ー ジ ψ ψ ψ ψ 円 円 円 鈴 ・ O · outer circumference of the electric O ゲ
ー ジ ゲ ー ジ 部 習 1 11 7 lame 1 K Kll to meet K 高 高 K Kjt IIIIl medium diameter O small blind
turtle 麹 011 Il 111 K is obtained, the apex angle is conventionally 参 →-P, but Inside 1 outside
circle @ Ig (? Ia) and 1 about 17 MO angle is obtained O, and the inertia in the axial direction is
also large 、 O, one shot of high capital is also rich, and the generatrix radius is small, so O high
because of division l 1 lil The threat zone O character of the apare is a step 1 + 4-also high area
of caustic-good island is also 1 internal circle # hIIIw IIII beating and the outer-circle-chain
moving portion a vertical eye corrugation $ 110 Bonded at 1 /% 鰺 O, inside and outside 鰺 鰺 郁
Ow I is 111 、, axially ON mineral very large raptor (compliance Nsbo small l 111 AO Even 1110
M broken I, midrange a @ 4 (1y, 枳 枳 嵜 嵜 嵜!
In the characteristic rise appare also occur due to vibration-tortoise-OS and so on 1 親 鰺 廖 外 外
外 外 外 外部 外部 外部 円 廖 廖 動 動 j 一方 一方! ! l Convex O and O O, (t) 9 11 11-Plate 6 on
the OII sheeting radius (If friend rl, ra * r 31 rllar 1 m Tr 1 m) # IN: I 'IF # different, so each O
vibration 11' F, sO both 110Q Bo-Square # tortoise-shaped and 1 & possess a smooth 1k III line
and '& Ya 武-Resonance 共振 共振 歎. The stock also K 80, full metal part 80 of the bond metal
10 becomes a medium of the layer 1111-"O" C% Corrugated Caon @ xo Resonance Company
Broad, Shimo, vibration plate · O Diaphragm from the ridge to the edge 1mK11 middle part
diameter Diaphragm-O next to each other 1 each 11b, the resonance condition is 1Kj 1% O, the
resonance is relaxed and rich as the capsule of the diaphragm- ζ O よ う O * O * O * O ゲ ー # #
# # ゲ ー ゲ ー ゲ ー ゲ ー xo xo xo xo xo 内外 内外 内外 内外 為 為 為 為 為 為 為 為 I I I I I 為 為
榎 榎 榎 榎 榎 榎 榎 に よ り に よ り by 6す 41 111 speaker-island · 4, @ @ t) easy * St 嘴 * XW,
building 1 紘 廖 ビ ー 禽 0 0 秦 秦 秦 秦 閣 閣 閣 閣 り 館 館 館 s s s II e e Il II O II O it Of the
threshold threshold W Si よ @ 閣 h h h マ マ 紘 緩 緩 緩 内, 外, 錨, 47-25C24-Q \ To. 10 ore * liO:
1 part of the storm part, 5 is a speaker. 47-25024-06 1st 1601. +^・12.。 What 2 do! 竿
21 pieces, 4 pieces, 2 pieces, 2 pieces, 1 pieces,. , 9 5. □、、47−25024. -07 パ ・ 凡 j
'□ 141! 1、7□0″。 ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ Y-7 °? : · 0 \ -025024 47 47-2.5024-018 (, m, 'address
change notice (22) Showagu 70th year sun axis 4-IIR5g Patent Director General Secretary
Takeshi Ido indication of Showa 4 The relationship with the case of the person who changed the
address of the new city application year -12 year 2Lj * f) 458 や and ・ ノ ー-no 3 address
(utility model registration 1j1. Applicant) Former address Osaka-ku, Asahi-ku, Omiya Nishino-cho
j-chome 3.2 3. 2 ≦ 2 □ New address Osaka-ku, Asahi-ku Nakamiya / chome / / number / 号 ('4',
J ,. Name Onokiyo stock meeting minister (2 \ \ representative five generations Takeshi (the
cause of change "" September 1954 by the House Representation Act enforcement. 呵 Mita 1-1- ')
RO') A-09 name 't'-notification-5 '−-(1 car mouth 4tA! jl '0 i , FR sum November 5, 48 、 (, F,' F
'i agency CI CI 武 久 4.1. 741 indication Showa 4 year x x S S7 LJ application oz oz7 (P3f 'No. 6
°' '' '' Seki 76 · · 、, 名称 name change related to the case a case <Tenkawa) ,!
Plan? Z7 · · · · tF place Osaka City M ward Naka '' '' '/ / dispute, · · · · to fresh out. 恍 · 恍 old! 5
bowls, beds and bowls 1 ceremony t! tr name Zetoo / kiyo-1 tree ceremony meeting 1
representative five generations eight l Annex record stub-(1) Old music company register book
copy (copying) / 弁 土 which proves name change 1 Submission 1 乙-076 Taheninini Nii Bibite
change (Report (1) with af · q · thing is incorporated. 4.7−250’24. −1’0
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