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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a conventional thin
speaker, and FIG. 3 is a cross-sectional view and a plan view of each of the present invention. The
reference numerals 7 and 8 respectively indicate the inside of the diaphragm 6, the outer conical
portion 10 is a cylindrical portion, and the reference numeral 5 is a speaker. Many / figure 竿, 2,
figure = 59 実 47-25 25 (2) paper 38 418-60
【Detailed description of the invention】 ■ 9 @ Manual 1, Invention c No. 2 thin speaker 1,
Category of request for climbing layer new model III), Vibration inside, outside 8 parts, inner
cone Thin speaker 508 with O outer circumference, outer circumference circle # li shaped part
80 inner chest 7 in the cylindrical part 10 gold metallized l l work board-ll lll l l By the board, it is
for a high-quality O 腋 便 便 関 す 関 す thin speaker. Follow me, thin speaker, seven (Nl! 眉 Place
w ゐ or b% III ス)) も 金 金 金 金 金 ll ll 求 求 求 j j j j j j j j b 磁 磁 気 気 気 気 a O O O O O 高 O
high S ... III → → を 大 大 歯 歯 大 偏 偏 コ ー ン コ ー ン コ ー ン 従 従 従 従 従 従 従 従 従 従 剛
性 O O O O O 剛性 剛性 剛性 0 0 0 0 0 11 k divided Medium, high-performance O characteristics
Ojl, and increased resources 憂 by increasing 資 O (> IFL decline is inevitable) よ う O, 毅 廖 Kll
廖 speaker シ 葉 葉 = −-47-') l; n-F, -02D In idle, although one point is considered as # lA4 in the
middle and high blue regions. As these O lack these measures,-Wagyu ゐ ゐ [S was used · ζ ζ O
1 # shaped O speaker S squeezes the diaphragm 1 ONIL section 4 potty Pliance ~ 宵-馬 撒Ore,
folded ga as a phantom illusion boundary ・ Inside II 7 outer circle II 100 million 櫂 k い w s s s
s s 1-わ 為 腰 生 じ 生 じ 生 じ 上 上 上 4. 4. The valley of the Otome tortoise in the knee, and
sound quality, also clearly in the position 遥 輻 O double * se wing elephant showing missing m
co-friends · co II II such as bell 1 ζ O, 秦 O 薄Speaker Figure 1 It solves the problem of laziness
and obscurity in a single fist, and even if it strikes a high blue area, it has 4 excellent qualities in
the middle range, so it relates to a thin speaker. For this 11 cabinets, the diaphragm * e *** is an
inner circle -1 strike and 1M11Pi bells 11semll # and S% -A11. −を!! 1-Align in one direction
of Oka, inner circle # & 1 inner circumference of pos 1 ilgibin-, outer circumference is welded
with outer cylindrical portion 10 outer cylindrical portion 10 inner cylindrical portion 10,
Outside circle asse # $ s Korea, transition O ': 1 ゲ ー シ 曹 エ エ −1 フ レ ー フ レ ー 15 15 15
15/3/3/3/3/3/3 、 、 、 、 母 母 母 Mother 013, , ..., /! ! v% circle complex 0Illlb part can be
obtained ・ Vertical angle 彊 穐 l · Do not fit in the outer circle 1-98 and 4 inside by a small angle
O in a smaller angle than the one in the door j “IW O O” The moving plate O stiffness in the S
direction is increased by flying.
As a result O, as a result of legging Wk when O split lid movement is busy ゐ パ パ パ レ 斌 斌, 書
高 O 射 良好 、 上 の 上 の 上 の! Good improvement is possible. Well, inside threatening circleoscillating part 7 and 1 outside conical shaking part is paid by cylindrical soft part 10, 4 large,
inside and outside O shaking rim> f &! +, Wp combined Nlt ・ · 1r1j) Confluence effect at
constant frequency band A phenomenon of 1M broken by busy is hard to occur 0I11, so-called
mid-tone O valley is difficult to occur, an aparé at high-pitched range In this way, the idea is to
replace the inner circle, the outer circle, the inner ring, the inner ring, the outer circle, the ring by
the cylindrical 1xo, and the il shape speaker that reproduces the superiority by [6]. It is b. 1,
Cabinet 1 IIO brief explanation (2). Cabinet 1 is an II-type speaker O of the conventional example
r4 [@ seH4 # i, the idea of C 0 flz rtelllle and flat-cabinet 4 @ Tsu, so that the outer circle of the
diaphragm 6 The i-shaped portion 2 1 o is a cylindrical portion 16 # i speaker. 47-25025-05 / 1
kidney 1 kidney ぢ 2 21! 1.1437. ・ ・. へ、。 9RJ’7−25025−063 /!? 7t),-"= '-1' 21.6., / /, 3, 3-" 71.1. ° · · · · · 4 answers? 00 · ○ stomach; \ 鴇)! =″−、、、
47−25025−07。 慟 2 '2z (ン jj fjj ′'. "1'3 '"' '' '' + ゝ ゝ / / / display of the case Showa
tlt year real river for itj, 2 applications · 1 27b WII No. 2 invention name 9 鰺 タ ス 6-6-3
Relationship with the case that changed the address (for 実 穎 癲 癲 、 1,
old address Asahi
Ward, Osaka City Oiso Nishinomachi 5 "! I 3.2 · + 'T 4 of 2' (· 7 new address Osaka-shi Asahi-ku
Nakamiya Richo 11 / / number / 96 "~ 'name Onkyo lost ceremony + i,-to the thousand
representative Goshiro Take ·, the Cause of the change even due to the House Display Act
administration on January 47, 1977. F ■ punishment 47 '-7fin? Fi-n, Fl name pass V foot notice
<zzl,) + ++! W Saki W or 55 Patent Office Commissioner Takehisa Ido-House / Indication of the
incident, Yo 4 years. For 7, voice female application number. , 7. lo No. "2 ** 0 fiN, ...--Change the
first three names l: Relationship with the 1 case (Amagawa To r draft candidate outcast glander)
Address Osaka Ward Asahi Ward Ko Jtl I! / / Hiroshi / y office,-now 1j old name Daiyuko line # 1
type company new name Onkyo Co., Ltd. representative Goyo Takeshi □ Hisashi attached list of
11 papers (1) Document company Ua book extract proof of name change (Photograph) /
Toruben Co., Ltd. registry copy is a tree i simultaneous submission "5-I swimming 6!
076 j jst 1-の 祇 き: 二 品 品 二 品 品 品 品 品 品. . A7−りR,n? +’、−nQ
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