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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1a is an explanatory sectional view and an electric
circuit diagram showing the structure of a conventional piezoelectric composite vibrator, FIG. 2a
is an enlarged sectional view of a piezoelectric element end, FIG. FIG. 2 is an explanatory
sectional view and an electric circuit diagram showing the configuration of an embodiment of the
present invention, FIG. 2 b is an explanatory sectional view and an electric circuit diagram
showing the configuration of another embodiment of the present invention; , 2 is a piezoelectric
element, 3 is a silver electrode, 4 is an adhesive, 5 and 5 'are lead wires, 6 is an oscillation circuit,
8 and 8l are lead wire connections, and 9 is an insulator. L (1) (b) 'l Figure ■ Step 3 <a> (b) 2
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a piezoelectric
composite vibrator for causing side-side bending vibration by an electric circuit. In the past, a
piezoelectric element and a diaphragm made of a metal plate are conductively bonded to form a
composite, and this is subjected to bending in an electric circuit to generate a sound wave to
generate a sound wave, thereby making it possible to use telephones 1-47-27769-02- Although it
is used for remote control, ultrasonic detector, etc., it has silver electrodes S, 5 'on the front and
back as shown in Figure 1, for example titanium zirconate. The conductive element is bonded
with the vibration fE1t * adhesive 4 composed of the piezoelectric element 2 of lead acid series
and the metal plate to form a composite. The lead wire 5.5- is soldered to the silver electric
charge 1i5 and the diaphragm 101, and the oscillation circuit 6 is made into an electric circuit by
III, as shown in the schematics Kfl and 7 '.屈曲 屈曲 音波 音波 音波 九 九 発 生 generate
ultrasonic waves. Thus, in order to efficiently convert the electric energy into the sound energy,
one having a thin thickness of the composite is used, the diaphragm 1 and the piezoelectric
element 24 become thinner and the silver electrode 3 and the diaphragm 1 inevitably become
thin. Come close. For example, as the size of a commonly used crucible, the piezoelectric element
2 has a diameter of 10 to 40, a thickness of α2 to α5w1k, an Il moving plate 1 has a diameter
of 20 to 60 wins, and a thickness of α2 to αSm @ [ The shortest distance of the silver electrode
is as small as α 6-or less. Therefore, since the silver electrode 3 and the diaphragm 1 are close
to each other as described above as b, the moisture is attached at a high temperature #) t it is
because the temperature northeast When a low dew point is connected, not only generation of
sound waves but also conduction between this point and the circuit 61 I may occur. Also, the
silver electrode 3 with a pressure fi and the lead solder are in the point 4 that the crucibles 8 and
8I cause deterioration of characteristics due to sulfurization and other chemical changes in air or
in harmful gas. The present invention is a new device that eliminates the drawback of flooding.
The aim is to provide a piezoelectric composite oscillator which operates without disturbance in
harsh environmental conditions, in particular in high humidity air, in water and usually in certain
noxious gases. The shield which is the feature of the present invention is to <vJs> at least a
portion of the silver electrode and lead wire connection which is affected by the environment
with an insulating material. Referring to the following embodiments, it is to be understood that a
portion including the lead am edge portion 8I of the diaphragm 1 which is at least a silver
electrode 3 and a metal plate p as shown in FIG. Is a polymeric insulating material 9 that resists
noxious harmful gasses (preferably low viscosity, desirable to have a good adhesion to each
material of the coated part), eg enameled silicone Etc. and thin.
Favorable results were obtained with 5μ to 5OOI in the above case. In mass production, it is
possible to thinly coat the entire half surface of the composite including the silver electrode 3
and the lead wire connection wI8- of the metal plate 1 and the entire composite thinly as shown
in FIG. Furthermore, when corrosion of the harmful gas to the metal plate 1 becomes a problem,
in addition to the above conditions, it is necessary to select an insulating material that resists the
harmful gas! ! Part 'KI [61 L]. In each of the above cases, if an insulating material with a too high
viscosity is used, the coating will be overly thick, and it will be necessary to make it thin because
it suppresses the bending and vibration of the composite and extremely increases the resonance
impedance. It is a tatami. The effect of the present invention is to keep the necessary parts with
insulating material that resists high humidity air, water, and normal or specific noxious gas
gases? Use 6 1 1 and m "11-4-47-27769-05. For example, it is possible to use an ultrasonic tj L
transducer in water for 4 h. Further, the effect of the present invention is effective regardless of
the shapes of the metal plate 1 and the piezoelectric element 2 not only in the basic vibration of
the flexural vibration but also in the higher order vibration #. The effect of the present invention
does not change even in the case where only a diaphragm is coated with a conductor in the place
of a metal plate and a conductor is used to save nine or four F's of a silver electrode 3.3 'KA). .
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