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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1a is a cross-sectional view and an electrical circuit
diagram showing the configuration of a conventional piezoelectric composite vibrator, and FIG.
1b is a drawing for explaining the polarization process of the piezoelectric element of FIG. FIG. 2a
is a cross-sectional view and an electric circuit diagram showing the configuration of an
embodiment of the present invention, FIG. 2b is a drawing for explaining polarization processing
of the piezoelectric element of FIG. 2a, and FIG. FIG. 4 shows the measurement circuit of FIG. 3, 1
is a diaphragm, 2 is a piezoelectric element, 3 is a silver electrode, 4 is an adhesive, and 6 is an
oscillation circuit. (.Alpha.) Fang 7 (b) 3 'D "::'.:. '..-83 (a) piece 2-169-actual opening 47-27770
<2) Figure 2 (b) Row 3 Fig. I 5000 Conventional b φ 1 This housing 4
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a piezoelectric
composite vibrator for carrying out flexural vibration by means of an electric circuit. A contact
plate made of a piezoelectric element and a metal plate is bonded by four electric bonds to form
a complex, which is flexed and vibrated by an electric path to generate a sound wave to generate
a call buzzer and alarm buzzer of a telephone unit. Sound waves are generated and used for
remote control, ultrasonic detector, etc. The structure is as shown in Fig. 1. Conductivity & 3.5
'provided on the front and back. A composite is formed by conducting adhesively bonding of an
elastic sheet 1 made of a piezoelectric element 2 of a -97 completed 70-02 ceramic and a metal
plate with an adhesive 4. A lead wire 5.5 'is soldered to the silver electrode 3 and the diaphragm
101 and connected to the oscillation circuit 6 to form an electric circuit, and bending oscillations
such as 7 and 71 schematically represented on a composite are obtained. Let go and generate
sound or ultrasound. The piezoelectric element 2 is connected to the high voltage power supply
8 in advance as shown in FIG. 1 (b) K, and a high voltage is applied for a fixed time in silicon oil
at 100 ° C. to perform polarization processing in the arrow direction. . As a disadvantage of the
present piezoelectric element, the dimensions of the piezoelectric element are, for example, 20 to
40 mm in diameter, and thin and fragile with a thickness of α2 to [15 sasQ degree].
Furthermore, silver pastes for electrodes have a large impact on the total price in combination
with the deterioration in the cost of being sent and bird prices). The present invention is a new
device that eliminates the drawback of flooding. Its purpose is to improve the cost and reduce the
cost of the piezoelectric element after the construction and construction work sK of the
piezoelectric element is improved. According to the present invention, it is possible to ensure that
silver fines for electrodes of a piezoelectric element are on only one side and that the
performance as a vibrator is lowered. The piezoelectric element 2t with the silver electrode 3
printed on only one side as shown in FIG. Because of pressure electrode 9.9I, pressure power
supply 8 KI [! Polarized in the direction of the arrow. In this case, it is recommended that the
steel surface 1 棲 7 (surface without electrode 1 \ electrode be Y "i"%-waste garden contact is
required, and therefore conductive rubber can be used. Next, as shown in FIG. 2 (4) K, the metal
1fLt 71 j of the surface without the silver electrode of the piezoelectric element 2 processed as
described above is covered with a conductor coated with an insulating plate and the vibration is
made up of nine [1-9]. 31. . Are electrically conductively bonded with an adhesive 4 and are
connected to an oscillating 3 '"-ring circuit 6 by soldering them to the front 1' and 7.2 'base
1) from the oscillator circuit 6 due to the above configuration. A signal of frequency can be
supplied and resonated to a required flexural vibration to generate a required sound wave or
ultrasonic wave. The performance comparison between the present invention and the
conventional method of the present invention will be described below using the sssxo, si
piezoelectric elements and the 50 da x α 51 3-47-27770-Q4 bronze plate. . As shown in Fig. 1X,
a composite 10 of the above dimensions is connected in series with a solid resistance of 100.
When 1I6t ′ ′-node is connected and V1 and V2 have the same phase, the two phenomena
sink U scope 12 It is assumed that each 徨 kV, ', v2. 11 is a frequency counter that measures the
frequency at that time 6 stones. The impedance at resonance is calculated from IZI = 1Δ185
knee 10. 7r However, at this time, the composite 10 was measured by being allowed to stand on
foamed polystyrene. 3, □ & 膓 ° 1 セ j j T 通 と と 複合 複合 複合 複合 複合 複合 複合 複合 複合
複合 複合 複合 複合 複合 複合 複合 複合 複合 複合 複合 複合 複合 セ セ セ セ セ セ セ セ 複合 複
合 複合 複合 複合 複合 複合 複合 複合 複合 複合 複合 7TTE 1i 特性 特性 特性 特性 m m 3 F 示 す
3F. In this case, it is considered that there is almost no difference between the resonance I 従 r
and the insertion character dance IZ +, which is the performance when used as a sound
generator. There is no difference in the value of the sound pressure or ultrasonic wave generated
as an effect of the present invention on the performance compared to the main body of the
present invention in terms of performance is hardly reduced compared with the original paper. In
the two-sided baking of the silver electrode in one side, the coating and baking processes are
halved in half-baking, and therefore, the step is improved by cracking, annual contribution, etc.,
and the required amount of K11 paste is further improved by the retention rate. The contribution
to the reduction of the display price is a big one, which is less than half a week or less.
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