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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a sectional view of the main part showing the
structure of a conventional dome-speaker, FIG. 2 is a sectional view of the main part showing the
structure of an embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. In the partial enlarged view of FIG.
2, reference numerals in the respective drawings are as follows: E .. Bobbin, 4... Spacer-5... 亮 1 馬
2 一 1 107-47 47- 31544 (2) 亮 3 −-ios-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the construction
of dome speakers. It is 4 o about O o ツ to 轡. The conventional dome / speaker tweeter O, which
is a damper (previously referred to as a damper), is an elastic thin plate ** as shown by 1 in FIG.
As a result, Pobin 5 caused a roll ν 、 工 工 、 、 ジ ジ 自 体 振動 畠 畠 畠 畠 は 工 工 工 ジ ジ
ジ ジ O O O O O − J Jl- defect that the effect is nine. 1-The present invention eliminates the
above-mentioned O defect of the prior art, and makes it a contraction to provide a 9-dome sby * tweeter-O sby 宵 -am construction. That is, in the present invention, a foamed elastic body is used
as the material of the work 9 and the thickness thereof is set to support the equivalent Km bin at
two points by setting the thickness to some extent. According to the present invention, since the
foamed elastic body is used as the work, the edge of the elastic ring is large and the Q is small, so
that the width of both sides of the edge can be reduced. (Resonance) can be prevented. Also,
since the edge and the povin contact with the ti box, it is equivalently a two-point support), and
the povin 0 ml ring is prevented. In the following, an embodiment showing the present invention
as l1liK will be described. Regards, “2” is a cut-off showing the construction of the f-layer of
the present invention--a poin 3 having l istuy # 2 is a work. Supported by di 1 spy, completion ジ
di 1 is a small 2-? -4 and supported by a presser JI 115-fixed. Engineering, di 1 is an elastic foam
material and has a certain thickness) eII as shown in FIG. Therefore, as shown in the enlarged
view of the sIl, one @ sI- and the other am each have the ability to perform the work, the ability
to perform the diver, and the equivalent to use the double work and the di. There is no possibility
that the bobbin 5's roll will occur as a result of the bo's having 5 points of 12 points supported
by the bobbin 5 and having the same effect as the round, and since the work, the bobbin and the
OII touch are in image contact, It has the advantage that mobi / screeching is prevented. t @ go
Brief Description l 111 I shows the structure of a conventional dome speaker 11 @, j 12 a Vi
shows the structure of one embodiment of the present invention! Yuzuru III! , NIJu Rei 280-In
each of the 11-in the expanded cabinet, the reference signs are as follows:
3−At−tlcLL−CIL1:エッジ、2:ボイスコイル。 3: 1 bottle, 4 double spacers-5:
Pressers. <5.841) □, pressure carrier: 4-l two 21 r, J4. -Day 1 district 31 i?
V 弔 2 q q-□ ■--] 2 昂 3 Fig. 1 Toyo: Pumi / 47-33154-06 狐 Attachment ■ Brass O)-Letter 1
through)-If 1 through) Requests 1 additional copy k) IIgk autumn 1i IA body) application form 1
request for confirmation-4-代 外 代 *** *** Tokyo port section Shinyoko 1-chome 10 letter third
Mori building wind @ Qtty) valve lawyer Goto Yosuke 47-31544-'07
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