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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a block diagram showing an embodiment of
the device of the present invention, FIG. 2 is a top view of the adjusting mechanism, FIG. 3 is a
perspective view of the same, and FIG. It is an exploded perspective view of a lever part. 1, 5, 9,
13 и и и Preamp, 17, 1 B, 19. 20 и и и Town variable resistor, 21, 22, 23, 24 и и и Gears, 34, 40 и и и
sliding lever, 35a , 35b, 41a, 4 lb ... teeth, 49 ... control lever. 1 3 3 47-160 2 (2) FIG. (3) Fig. 5:
Japanese Utility Model Application No. 47-31602 (4) Fig. 4 Valley cattle 7b4, kLM147C. In:
1. Detailed description of the invention 1. Balance adjustment device for a so-called 4% stereo
stereo system according to the invention 2. Claim for a utility model registration a. Both ends of
W61! IrK * is provided, and the teeth of each finger lever are inserted in the amplification system
path for driving the four speaker systems, and the adjustment shaft of the rounding variable
resistor for adjusting the output level of back and forth and left and right is provided. Each of the
slide levers is engaged with each other, and each of the slide levers has an elongated hole in the
direction perpendicular to the sliding direction of the sliding lever O, and the swinging operation
is performed through the hook and hole. Balance adjustment IlI jail of 4% channel stereo system
equipped with a lever. 5. Invention tv * m #R ? This invention relates to volume O balance
adjustment * device in 4% / channel stereo system. In the following, one embodiment of the
device according to the invention will be described with reference to 5 ░ 47-31602 -22, -1-1f,
FIG. (1) and (1) are a preamplifier and a main amplifier for driving the front left speaker system,
and (3) and (4) are terminals thereof and an output terminal. (5) I (6) is the preamplifier and
main 'sea amp to drive the front right speaker system, (7) + (81 #' i # at its input and output
terminals) 1, Yara K (9 , QC) ti rear left side speaker system to drive the preamplifier and main
amplifier, ?, (2) is that person) power terminal and output terminal, as well as KQ3. Q4 is a ninth
preamplifier and a main amplifier for driving the rear right speaker system, (2), @ are its input
terminal and output terminal. The Q force is a variable resistor inserted between the output side
of the preamp (1) and the ground and used to adjust the output of the good front left speaker
system, and (?) is between the output side of the preamp (II) and the ground 9 is a variable
resistor for adjusting the output of the front right speaker system. @ Is a variable resistor for
adjusting the output of the rear speaker system, which is inserted between the output side of the
preamplifier (9) and the ground. (L, 1, 47-316002 ? ?-?--'-' + '# -1'-'-' '' '' '' '-'-' -------------11-A
variable resistor for adjusting the speaker system O power adjustment on the right am side. The
adjustment mechanism of H variable resistance ? power, @, 09, aO is arranged at a required
interval so that the variable resistance m (B) and the wheel face each other as shown in FIG. 2 to
FIG. The resistors WaS and Ql are similarly disposed opposite to each other at a required interval,
and these variable resistors (b) + H + On, 96 are arranged to form a square.
The main shaft, powder, cylinder is fixed to the variable resistance 6 wholesaler, (goods), Q9 ░ wheel adjustment shaft (2), ?, ?, (e) and has nine gears, variable resistance (A) and (B), the base
plate-on the base plate-can be slidable by means of a gable / /, (b) and a long hole (2)-, and it is
possible to slide nine slides. * ? ?, (() are engaged. On the other hand, in the same way as the
town quality resistance a (one), one-car gradient of Q9, mKFi, the substrate (4) K kite bin-1 (good)
and the long hole -1 (1) Teeth s] 1 Ii 1. 1 disposed on both ends of the nine sliding levers (rolls).
(Fund) is saved. (N) and NFi The sliding levers (good) and-in the central part of 47-31602- (14 4
4 non-sliding direction is a long hole formed in a right angle direction, the long hole ?, @ In the
lower end of the base, the ball is integrated with the base 1 [@ 's hole-with iron (7), easy to
obtain> base @ @ FC II attached presser foot ^-) The ball "-" is held, and a part of the ball is made
pivotable, and an operation shaft "-" is inserted. Now, as shown in FIG. 2, when the operating
shaft @ is upright with respect to the surface of the substrate (2), each sliding lever 1-1 is in the
middle of its sliding range. Each of the fusible resistors II side, QS, and os ? ? sliders are
configured to be at a central position. Pano '1 drive' vs C; A <hh, * 2 fn Kyy fl When the operation
axis stands upright to the four sides of the substrate, each variable resistor (a), O8, 09 и ? 'as
described above; Since the slider of + t 'is at the center position, the outputs of each preamplifier
(1) and each-(g) I (*) Ios become the same and the speaker system is supplied with a-level output
signal. The speaker system is driven at the ? ? -level. If you listen to the above Sukika system ^
O center position 9 as a result, balance mourning mourning 4% nnerstere,-,:, 47-316002-05-11 1
1 1 1 1 11 9 11 1 11 11 + ? ? + + P-P-v-Lee ?-5 5 и Otona. However, if the listening position is
also shifted from the center of the speaker system by the position p or the preamplifier (1) I (II),
(Additional), (L3 etc. signals Mllii, 1t) j1 width f etc. In the upright position, the listener does not
have the same level O volume in the upright position. Therefore, in such a case, if the operating
shaft is turned in the direction of arrow A, the operating shaft-the sliding lever (d) Sliding in the
direction, the gear-is rotated counterclockwise or clockwise nl One wheel is rotated clockwise
counterclockwise, variable resistance!
Wholesale and ? can be adjusted in opposite directions to adjust the volume of the front left
speaker system and the rear left speaker system to p4 at IF71. On the other hand, when the
operating shaft-is turned down in the direction of arrow B, the sliding lever-slides in the direction
of arrow B by means of the operating shaft-if the variable resistor (9) is adjusted in the opposite
direction to each other. The starboard Sveican stem and the rear left speaker system 0fil are
simultaneously adjusted by KtA. In addition, if the operation axis-in the direction of arrows and in
the direction of B is turned down IIK47-316o2-oei6?, the four variable resistors 5aeas, os, and
? are simultaneously adjusted, therefore the O volume from the four speaker systems is
simultaneously lilled. It is possible to easily take the position of one's job. As described above, the
present invention iIk is constructed such that the sliding levers arranged in a cross shape with
each other by tilting the operation lever and adjusting the variable resistance to 1 W4). Only the
variable resistor linked by the Km car, also sliding both bars like bar KIwI? . All the variable
resistors linked to the city can be adjusted at the same time, and the volume balance of 4%
channel stereo can be easily adjusted in K11 l. In addition, the sliding lever ? town variable
resistor is the linkage by meshing to the ? and one car. Its practicality is huge. 4.5 m 0 m single
* theory a 111 + is a book! I shows an example of the draft I apparatus, a section 211 is a top
view of the Oka III mechanism part, FIG. 3 is a part of '? part i oblique ll 4 all, FIG. 47-16002-07
5-7 Figure. ??????????????? ??????????????????? ? иииииии
Variable resistance to)) @ @ ? 94 иииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии (R) (R)! Ceramic, (2) и и и и и и и и и и и и и
Operation lever, the name of the agent Attorney Nakao Toshio is one hair и и и ~. 47-31602-ff81 ?
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 1615 ? ? ? ? ? ? ?-, At, eo '2,4-, ? 11 11
Fig. 2 35 ti-30 22 Isal Q 2 179' 026, 38 22 5 536 844 и 41 b 4 349 4 y 0 0 "" 338 ░ 6 и, cold
cold- 947-31602-1011 QFlffi @ "Toshio Nakao Toshio rQl 809-n 'et al 1 @.
111J1, j-Figure 3: ? 444 S 40 to 39 j: 3741 ?:, lg d 83'its fzsl. i, 47-316021 "" "? ? ?, ', J! j3.
'I' ':', '* D):' a ░ C dairy! Narun 4th picture building Th8-[include 489564-L / 9! . 47-31602-12
Mr. Toshio Nakao Toshio (qlp: ntz rin 1 or 1 ?, ??? ??? 6 to 8) of the agent. 6 Other than
the above Tomei or agent (1) inventor's address Osaka Prefecture Kadoma city Oji Kadomi
address 1006 Matsudo Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. I: ? name ? ? ? ?) 1) Toshio address ?
place ? ? ? ? ? (2 ) Agent address Osaka Prefecture Kadoma city Oda Kadoma Address 100
Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. Name (6152) Patent attorney Atsushi Takeno Shigehiro
?! ?????????????????????????
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