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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a sectional perspective view of a conventional
speaker, FIG. 2 is a top view of a recently developed damper, and FIG. 3 is a sectional perspective
view showing one embodiment of the speaker of the present invention. A E: Voice coil 22, 22,
Damper 24, Mountain, dustproof net 25, dust cap 26, field part. 69 real opening 48-10 434 (2)70-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The invention 4g 4 "4 km, x f) dust") to provide a
stable, stable characteristics of the peripheral characteristics over a long period of time; It is. As a
speaker poisoned in the past, it was fortunate that IJ 81-was # 1 built, that is, the center brush
(1) inside the shoulder (1) through the magnet (2) 4) Add the L48-111A'l-n 2'- ° plate (6)
together with the 4's 41% to the top of the “Cafure))” together with the 2'- ° plate (6). The
voice coil (7) is supported by the MFL at the center line of the animal (6) and the damper 11 (8)
in the voice coil 17+, and the coil ii '+ of the voice coil (7) Of the magnetic gear, (9). In the upper
part of the voice coil (7), dust dusters Y-B are defeated. In the above-mentioned configuration, the
damper 4a) is formed by immersing a phenol 絢 旙 in silk 絹 cotton nato cloth and forming it in a
wave shape, so that it has a sufficient "effect" for dust prevention. Become. However, recently, for
the purpose of measuring high power output and simplification of production, as shown in Fig.
Ll52, a double bar is composed of a composite bR and a wooden IIII plate a〃, and two synthetic
quarter plates). 、, 参 の 長 の 長 4 形成 仲 2 2 が あ る が あ る が あ る 仲 There are 4 to 54
things in the formation of a long hole a2 like a coriander. Here's from the window part of the
frame! 1! 'In dust or ° infiltrating, the second dust through the damper hole O ポ 、 蟻, 蟻 イ
ス coil (υ coil コ イ ル va 買 va ギ ヤ 買 9 9 (9) 4M-(1) or center ball (3), and when a voice coil
(7) is driven, a resistance is given to 3 to deteriorate the frequency physical properties or to
generate% JI # sound. Was a favorite thing. This J 346 eliminates the above-mentioned
conventional drawbacks. This will be described with reference to the drawings of the first
embodiment of the present invention. (2) is a corner IMB-, and inside the two h-shaped yokes, a
magne, a toe and a center ball .omega. Thus, the field 5 (2) is formed. Uni indicates the inside
aIM, but it may be the outside am field 1hli. In addition, a frame a is centered on the upper part
of the square yoke (d) of the second field a, and a central image portion of the frame 0 is a gasket
19 (m) and a diaphragm 19; There is an installation desk: (1'x * m1liO * ty> 4 core "° is 1 °°"
MF ", ...) ° C.
At the bottom of the ring, "P8 buttocks of the voice coil ring of the second two k k synthetic loop
tlQ 會 like hole-like hole p. It is held by the nine dampers. 4ニジ;。 In the second damper (2), #
l @ S is bonded to the frame m's m [with];-. House, this damper (2) Uzeki. A thin synthetic -1,6 6 6
1 -1 1 401 formed in a single pass-a dustproof net with good compliance to the F · beat on the
voice coil object In the second 7 dusts, the middle part is attached to the middle part of the voice
coil and the peripheral part is attached to the damper 1-. Furthermore, a dust caster is on the top
of the voice coil. Boo is covered and constituted. . In this way, a composite-oil disc is formed by
forming a spiral long hole, and a gauze grit is attached to the nine dampers. At 1 o'clock dust and
iron powder, etc., a magnetic gear with a voice coil. No entry at all,-permanent leaves due to
gypsum rubbish, etc. are completely discussed. Moreover, according to the second configuration
0 damper, even as a speaker with a large output "° 1. Fully enough, and I! Take advantage of the
4 advantages of simple construction, and eliminate the generation of abnormal noise due to
rubbing with a static air gap of 1 °. , -59 ° house nine, two spinning one table, the voice coil
and dan '' ° per side of the steel can be cast-stopped, a two-in-one equipment 2B can be used to
enable adjustment of the circumference 4B-10434-055 wave number characteristics. As in the
case of home-based speakers, they have great advantages and are of great value. 4, aAm One Fist
Explanation Fig. 1 is a cross-sectional perspective view of a conventional speaker, 82m is a top
view of a damper that has recently been $ 15 11i, and Fig. 5 is an example of a speaker IIA of the
speaker according to the present invention. It is a night view. Young frame · · · · 1 diaphragm,
(turn) · · · voice coil, work · · · · · · · 防, 防 (To), (ダ ス ト) ダ ス ト ヰ ダ ス ト (2 ) ... field 11 copies.
Agent-Person's name Valve player Toshio Nakao or one person 4B-10434-064 ,,,,,, <,:, ',,,,'-"12 霞
s 2 Figure N2 (1: 1; 1 2nd III · · · · · · · 121, tal, 16 '' ... '', '', '', 1 'to 1,' 1 to '1, 5', · · · 4 '· y · · · tl (l-n
Ri 6 other contractors and agents other than the above (1) cedar contractor Itr · 1-cho Osaka
Prefecture Kadoma city Hajime Gadoshin address Matsudo Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. within i ·
Taka Name-ta * (2) Agent Address, Osaka Prefecture Kadoma City Oji Kadoma Address 1006
Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.-1, Name (6152) Patent Attorney Shigeru Hino, V '-' i-n.
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