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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIGS. 1, 2 and 3 are respectively a front view and a side
view showing one embodiment of the device of the present invention and a circuit used therefor.
1,2,3,4 ...... sliding adjustment Eq, 18, '19, 20, 21 ... ... rotary regulator, E movable piece, 28, 29
...... Terminal. = 3-actual opening 48-14202 (2) Figure 3 one
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to, for example, an
alignment device for performing the singing of front left and right both side speakers and rear
left and right inner speakers in a bite dian stereo reproduction apparatus. And the place where it
is aimed is 2 # in the limited space by combining the slide type adjuster whose movable part
floats linearly and the rotary type adjuster whose movable part moves 1-corotationally. The 4
nose am adjustment device is incorporated to effectively use space by voice, and the relationship
between the two adjustments is clearly clear 11J1 in one I1III series adjustment device 11 easy
to adjust one adjustment device 11 It is provided. The present invention will be described with
reference to the drawings. In FIG. 1, 1 ° 2 and J, J are slides xsi * a disposed in parallel with an
appropriate distance from each other, each being a 2-1 path pulsating type, one end Between the
club I join the link 5 and luck a! I fix. These slide-type auxiliary devices l. 2 and J, 4 block the
open * blood of the cage-like cover 8 made of metal having a long hole 2 in the blood flow along
the longitudinal direction with the insulation #i 8 and form a strip inside the insulation kl
Mounting the resistance 6 and 76, and mounting the insulation number 72 having the long hole
JJ uniformly in the long hole 1 portion of the cover 6, and the constant part from the part of the
block of the resistance Ikp, in In the drawing of drawing the forceps 13, in the figure, 14 is a
housing which is operated at a right angle over a sliding type 511 m 2 and 2.4. Insert one piece
15.16 of the sliding board which is in sliding contact with the resistance plates # and 7 #, and
pull out the movable side terminal J7. On the other hand, in the figure is, re, so, xi are sliding!
111 rotary actuators which are integrally mounted on the movable body 4 and located between
the 111 containers 1.2 and s, 4 and are cylindrical covers having an arc-like resistance kz 2 The
screw portion z4 of 13 is inserted into the movable body 14 and clamped and fixed by the
narrative JJ. The adjustment shaft 26 is rotatably inserted into the pair of rotary type adjusters
18 ° II, II and II from the screw part z 4, and the resistance & 771: nAW! Attach the 01m piece
27 to be done. In the figure, a terminal from raFi resistance teaching 2z, z9 is a terminal from the
movable plug j7. This tag, adjustment axis Ig is a rotary type 114 @ 15 zs. When the Lc + I
movement operation of II, 10.21 is performed, the movable body 14 is linearly reclined at one
time, and the sliding type & l1 MN! ! 1 °! , J, 4 can be moved. The lIl dressing key device
configured in this way is incorporated and used as a device for performing volume balance
adjustment of the front, rear, left, and right speakers of 4-channel = 8-channel stereo.
In this case, it is assumed that the Rotara type ll1IIIII 1g, 19 ° 10.11 corresponds to the left and
right side speakers and performs the balance adjustment of the left and right sides respectively,
and the slide type adjustment @ x, z, s, a is the front 8 Adjust the sound pupil balance of the
speaker and the three rear speakers. Therefore, holding the operation-25 with a finger, a pair of
slide-type #ll fixtures 1.2. The movable piece Is attached to the movable body J4 when the
movable body 4 is moved along the lines J and 4 in a bite manner III. The IC slides on the
resistance plate #, J #, and the resistance value of the slide adjustment @ 1, 1 and 3.4 changes in
accordance with the wedge at the edge thereof. For this reason, the blue shades of the front left
and right speakers become large. In this case, the Rotara type 1IIIl device 1a, I1.10. Supported by
IJFiliTmk14 and vibrated. On the other hand, when adjusting shaft 2-is moved toward the large
direction (in the figure, a thousand clocks) by one movement, movable piece 2 attached to
adjusting shaft 1 #! Slides the top of the resistance plate 1 to 7 7 zz and adjusts the rotary type
according to the same movement angle! The resistance values of lsa, ip, go and xi become f. For
this reason, the bluonic acid of both right and left speakers becomes large. In this way, the
amount of snow on the front, rear, left, and right speakers can be glanced at. In addition, the
rotary adjustment 818. II、to。 2 may be made to correspond to the front and rear
speakers, and sound t4fillll1 may be made, and-the regulator shall be each mA moving type, and
one aSS unit like left and right front speakers, and one side lamp as right front and rear speakers
In the case of 2 Dyannel which is 0 normal use JIM which can be adjusted corresponding to snow
amount respectively, one one 91 m is taken as hydrocyanic acid J1 and the other is used for
adjustment of the paran 1-character subscription or sound quality lll1 -It is also possible to use it.
Furthermore, the number of the respective adjusters is 3 or 4 # l: not limited, and eight or more
can be used in combination for multichannel, etc. audio al! Can be used in various ways as a
single device. As described above for the l-mm arrangement of the S-invention, t-slidingarrangers are disposed in parallel at appropriate intervals and in common with their dT moving
part m1 # body. In addition, the itr @ 11 body is provided with a pair of a-tat-arrangers located
between the slide type adjusters to apply III alignment. このため。
Rotary type 11191 using space between slide type adjusters! ! Because it is consolidated to be
able to operate one lil 1 person in common, it is incorporated in a limited space rationally while
aiming at operational convenience, and the space factor is made to be the same, small and
beautifully organized Can. In addition, it is possible to turn on the writing adjustment in common
with ltF # and to open the adjustment degree of the writing and to read the IP11, so that the
operation becomes illusive, so the required one seeding value t1 Certainly obtained in six zones,
the operability is the same. 4ei!! Brief description of l-! 15! ! ! And FIG. 3 and FIG. 8 are a
self-explanatory view and a side view showing one embodiment of the device of the present
invention and a circuit used therefor, respectively. 6- "-X ride type 11 positioner, 9 ° 10
... resistance plate, 1 J ... terminal 4, no ... movable body 15, 15: movable stopper, 11 · · · terminal,
1g, J 9 ° to, xi · · · rotary adjuster, 22 · · · resistance plate, 2g · adjustment axis, 21 · · · · movable
plug, 28. 29 · · · terminal Outsourcing-San-San-Denki Co., Ltd. Deputy-in-Ph. 122829113417463
five o. Oki 2 @ 5910627232L25] 14202 Goto Santo Sansui Electric Co., Ltd. Jth-1? 3 @ A card 1]
11] 11 上 II above + 111 (A ss) + F-hot earth i-1 11 14 1 贋] 1 = down the gate;-Toyo: 02 1
person Sansui Electric Co., Ltd. a> -Ring--al-b41g! Letter P, attached voice [1 record-(1) 1 letter of
attorney, 2 (2) light 1 1 1 (3) drawing 1 through)%; Chang P P-6, devices other than the above ,
Utility model registration ttf '11 I (+), or agent No, agent f) West Tokyo 4 wards, '-west 2,' Osamu
1) 1 town 2 number 17 Mori Building 1 name (5743) n reason! -Ki Takeo address II 'II location 1
(,' / (closed-) not "FP 1 Komiya +--. Address N City Name (6881) frIIFl Tsuboi Aoi
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