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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a trumpet speaker,
FIG. 2 is an explanatory view of a material of a diaphragm, FIG. 3 is a cross-sectional view of a
dome shape as the diaphragm, and FIG. FIG. 3 ...... diaphragm 10 ...... vibrating body, 11 ......
mounting piece, A ...... material. Fig. 1 Fig. 2-57-actual opening 48-18128 (2) Fig. 3 = Fig. 4 = 58
[Detailed description of the invention] This invention relates to a diaphragm used for the machine
111 for converting electric vibration into a lamp, such as a dome-shaped, horn-shaped or direct
radiation-shaped speaker. So far, phenolic resin has been used as its material, F118 3 Both
materials are strong in stiffness and rigidity, so as to be a speaker Km that requires K 要求 1-F
construction as it is recently, that “O quality is For example, it becomes "Kankyu" quality, and
there is a feeling that Sibya 8 is lacking, and a cone-carving board! For No, RKil, paper is used as
+ O bulk material, but ** The moving plate is affected by 11 degrees to retain hygroscopicity. 86
is temperature change, weight change, 1 Young's modulus change etc. It is not unique as a
diaphragm that requires Shiba δ. 考 O 富 は 鑑 み 鑑 み 鑑 み 鑑 み 鑑 み 鑑 み 鑑 み 鑑 み 鑑 み
鑑 み 鑑 み 鑑 み 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 @ す す す す 重要 II 0 0 II II II II II 0
The heat resistance boria tF paper is used, and it is in the point that it is possible to get soft
sound quality even with bass to medium tone and noble depending on the pitch, and a dome as
an example of 70 Sm below J! ! 11111 will be referred to as a trumpet trumpet speaker by far, so
11111 indicates a base using a do-five **-plate for 1111 and it will be 11 Km. ) Is a bobbin (2)
with a voice coil (2) wound on the 0 circumference side of a speaker pleme r and an o frame (i) o
base on the front side of the o base (2), 4Si812F on the horn with the inner cylinder at the front
center. −03<)、j、IN。。 The lid (7) and its inner cylinder (6) K The outer cylinder (8)
to be fitted is assembled and disassembled freely via screws (9) and the like. In the speaker
described above, the present invention is an improvement to the diaphragm (the 3+ tube) which
is one of the parts thereof, which is described in FIG. 2 and FIG. Plate + 31 is a flat mounting
surface on which a notch (not shown) for mounting is cast at an appropriate place on the same
side of the dummy work part body @ wholesale dome part and is formed through an edge K (d)
The material of the vibration plate (3) is a long paper-like aromatic polyamide polymer combined
with a granular bonding particle and R short paper as shown in the jlIR diagram. After making
paper using using, heat and press with a hot calendar to heat-form paper of combined '8
thickness yO, 06 to O, about 75111 O sheet, ie heat-resistant Boria (dope paper μ), and 9艙 本体
body α e by the edge part (S), mounting piece 0 is engraved as 6 @ @ of course, paper, paper,
silicone, polyimide, silicone oxide, silicone resin, phenolic resin, phenolic resin, F Lp-18128-04 ""
I 'No four points ◆ Si Resin, insulating varnish such as polyester ester varnish may be smashed
and brushed, and it is also possible to use other type of polyimide film and fine-lined pipe. The
one shown in Fig. 4 is It is an illustration figure of a cone-carved speaker, and (A ス ピ ー カ is a
speaker frame, (2) is a ca-k magnet, (3) is a diaphragm, (41 is a spoil coil, · I- (5) is a bobbin. As
shown, as is well known, the diaphragm (J is its □, 11 ′ bottom portion is supported via a
damper member (至) 6 and the opening periphery is supported by a frame (1) via a nip member
(至) 5 ダ ス ト 1 dust cap α number-this cone shape Like the diaphragm, the diaphragm (3) used
for the speaker is equipped with the K11 lkN main body and the aging pieces 2. This is because
the form of the O-speaker has been changed 6 and the shape is also changed similarly. Yes, as
the material of the material is that it is a nokioka ・ · This device as described above O, I used a
phenolic resin or paper as a material to make a l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l
l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l Dopa, ie, a single chain O-aromatic poda charge carrier coupled
with a bulk material, in the form of 48-18128-05 ′ ′ lNo5 group 01, Since it does not change
even when used continuously at 220 ° C, which is the property of the O material, it does not
undergo temperature change, and it is tough, flexible, strong against shock and vibration, and
shaped. Performance, and the suction required for the speaker diaphragm Change 1 There is no
change in weight and Young's modulus, so long-term soft sound quality can be obtained even
under high temperature and humidity conditions. It is very practical as a diaphragm of aS.
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