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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a view for explaining a conventional fourchannel stereo, FIG. 2 is a perspective view showing an example of use of the stereo headphone
of the present invention, and FIG. 3 is a headphone body according to the present invention. It is
a sectional view showing an example. 12, 13-· · · · · · · Headphone body, 14 · · · · · envelope, 17 one
· · · · · ·. Figure 1 4] 囚, 23 辷 1C 2 ∼5 2 ∼5 5 ∼5 3 3 6-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a four channel
stereo with good atin oleo headphones. As well known, as shown in the 4-channel stereo system
111, the worker 10 has a 2 儒 0 front speakerco, a J 會 device, and a prisoner IO rear KallO rears
ml, J arranged. However, in 1kJIIR # narrow room, there is no space to install firewood (in the
case Rias Bee *, j in some cases) and there may be a drawback that it can not be fully worshiped.
In the present invention, the above-mentioned 0 point K11 l is made round and 1-49 1) コ ー コ
ー コ ー 02 − 02- 1, 1 L A rear speaker is to be provided in the headphone K) 9 need to install 9
Asbika in the room The purpose is to obtain stereo headphones that are suitable for use in a
small room with no space. In the following, referring to FIG. 11 @ and FIG. 3, according to the
present invention 夷-夷 case IIFJIII KIm, corresponding to 15 shown in 6 m FIG. So that the
headphone bodies l- and / J are connected by the rhombus strip 10. The headphone main bodies
/ J and / J are configured as shown in No. 311. That is, the outside-II / base 011 IJK has an
opening l! In addition to the above, the envelope 1 side 開口 side INK also has an opening / 4
open. The small subbeet 11 / 'I is placed in the rear part of the outer-quantity part I and O so
that the reproduced sound is transmitted to the opening @ / 4 square. # 1 Note-11 / jO horse
rims are attached to the ear pad / 1 which is elastic body). In other words, @ @ @ / / 1) Put
Fangong Touspya in front, to Ay Tosby 'II or 6 o sound -3- soul-13 ozl-(+ 3 headphone main body
/ J, / JC) forward opening% / From j j Headphones / J / castle in J) 儒 聴 く Listen through Wi 聴
く @ / 4 and listen to the sound corresponding to the rear s * * by the speaker 17) pi treatment
side-open @ / 4 遇It is possible to do real wing 4 channel stereo. In addition, it can be used as a
normal 2-channel headphone as long as the headphone main body / J, / JO front opening part / J
is put with a circle. As described above, according to the present invention, it is not necessary to
set up a rear speaker in a room, since there is no need to install a rear speaker in the room, and a
stereo headphone which is suitable in a relatively narrow room. You can get 4 Cabinet page
simple In! A drawing of the round explaining the 11th #i quality not 04 channel stereo, the figure
of the eyebrows showing the example of use of the stereo head Hoyo yo of the present invention,
the perspective view showing the headphone main body −-example concerning the present
invention 1m1iK It is.
/ J, / J-headphone body, / #-outside sI! ,-"-A% -12 to 14 → speaker. Applicants Shiba Electric Co.,
Ltd. Attorneys Suzue Echihiko 4-Bustling + 130 groups-吟 2-囚 囚, 3 −1-14 to 5 Royu 5 off 2 ■
off 3 Figure 05, / / '3 Tenji] crab /) 1617 □ 23027 applicant Tokyo Shibaura Electric Co., Ltd.
77i J ρ θ θ agent Suzue Takehiko 2 〆 / 2/9 years old 9-) λ 1-1-Rio 171111 J + lJ' '' l-1% t '〒
Tin y-) (1) One letter of attorney (2) 1 statement of statement 1 $> 511 (4) Request 2nd letter of
applicant 1, 6 Other than the above inventor, utility model registration applicant or
representative agent Address Tokyo Tokyo Minato-ku Shibaishikubo Sakuragawacho 2 # ground
17 Jll Bile name (5743) patent attorney Takeshi Miki 2- male. Address same place C-like <葎.
Name (6694) Patent Attorney Yuki Komiya j- ・ i7: -y- 'Address (-~ Name (6881) Patent Attorney
Tsuboi 2.,' 淳 ° '' '' '' '' 'Five, Name ( 7113) Patent attorney Sato ya 1, gs, bwr wr bN- riff, '
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