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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an explanatory view of a multiple stereo
recording / reproducing system, and FIG. 2 is a block diagram of a multiple stereo signal
reproducing apparatus according to the present invention. Fig. 1-1-48-33301 (2) = 2
[Detailed description of the invention] A wood tree is a matrix creation multi-gater steric 1 're-'
11- 増-increase + 11? (2 of automatic book system 1 system. Matrix type multiple vt4. For
example, in the case of 471 ', the kj @ f playback device has four microphones (1), (2), (3, (41,
and 41 T) at the side of the e-recording side as shown in FIG. Encoder (51 2 channels [f
converted and transmitted, 2 playback on the 2 channel A '? After receiving "Denyda (t; 1
converted to 4 channels, Scaica i7 +, lha 1, open, 0 (replayed with 1 (1; (1, IQ- '13301-02, in this
case, the crosstalk between channels on the shrine is inevitable as can be understood from the
conversion equation described later. In order to improve this, it has been practiced to increase
the gain of a channel amplifier that is a writer, or to decrease the gain of other channel
amplifiers. On the sound side] It is effective when only V channel is V or 1 = 1. However, when
there are tFs or more in two or more channels, the localization becomes' \ unstable or there is no
self P そ こThere is a drawback-not desirable. The woodwork is made in view of the above 7
lines, and when the signal on the recording side is 1 channel, it is reproduced and the gain 4 of
the predetermined channel is adjusted by reproduction. When there are two or more channels on
the recording and collecting side, normal gain of each amplifier is set to be the same in the
regeneration unit, ordinary multiple stereo reproduction is performed, and these are
automatically recorded by the recording side signal. In the case of switching, the case of matrix
type channel recording / reproduction without crosstalk between diagonal channels will be
described as an example. ニ、4B−33301−03(2)””””J”’? -4 ": 21 of Jλ =,
□, 9. Him-me-me ')? iz · -5 '>, Dzu ..., on this record B Shin bee SekiTamotsu between the
reproduction Shinri is I clothing in general lζ following equation. ) ': F + OR + A11, = L + bF +
CBB = R + dB + aFB = B + cL, + dR, where F ′ ′, L, R, and F1 are recorded I-tF, L, R, and F, 1
playback body a, A, c, d It is a constant which is between O and Y. Now reconnaissance is zero-if
Z- recording Kate, ■. ), Or all zero /-, or only in the case of lIt. There is no problem in the case of
recording aloud, in the case of Zea, there is no problem. Therefore, considering the case where
the recording signal is only the B signal, the gain of the amplifier of the reproduction Of signal
corresponding to the B signal can be increased, or the signals other than the B signal, ie, P, ll, F
signals To reduce the gain of the regenerative amplifier, on the regeneration side the B 'signal
strongly reproduces, and to the L' and T 'thousand channels, there is no crosstalk at all. -04 For
the other channels that can be created <<All <Lul-like VC One record only> The delay time is
increased to t, the gain of amplifier to f is increased Other cochlea agencies!
[I will reduce the gain of 11 units. On the other hand, if the recording signal is in the channel ↓
ml rs each raw H * 5 u +, (] 3 + p 3 n) (, z a χ l + ': s r + n ·' i not be. Therefore, the old age gain
au o II? ! lはすへて91−となるようにすればよい。 In the present invention, er of er described
in the present invention, and C 昨 自動 的 automatically with last is shown in FIG. ? In the
channel, the six signals are converted into four channel signals by the decoder (6), and the
former amplifier 1 which has the advantage of 1+ yl−. f13. The amplifier (ill, H) is supplied to
the speakers (7), 1) II, 191, 11111. On the other hand, a part of the signal converted into four
channels by the decoder (6) is subjected to envelope connection detection by the detector QJQJ
[171, 0 logic circuit 09. いp。 1211 g is added. Logic circuit 0! I, 1111, +211, Ei; j generate a
control signal when at least the input supplied to it is zero, or 1! Reduce the gain of the callcorresponding amplifier (4148-33301-0). Or logic circuit Q9, G! , 1211. In order to increase the
gain of the corresponding amplifier by increasing the gain of the corresponding amplifier, it is
assumed that the system 1 has a capacity of 17 people or not all zeros. It is also good. In this
case, the gain of each term [1] unit is reserved. The gain of the reproduction channel's amplifier
corresponds to the gain of the other amplifier when it is present only in one thousand channels.
?! ・ It is possible to reproduce very small amount of h crosstalk and very good reproduction.
Also, if there is more than IGM lf + Si Y ′ ′ Ton channel VC is J ′ fr ++] I: issue of interest I 41
′: It to T l r + 1 − T1t−tI2.。
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