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Patent Application 2 Sept. 1, 1972 Patent Secretary General Inoue Shikyuten 1, Title of Invention
4, Agent 〒 164 Address Tokyo District No. 6 Gamo-cho, Nakano-ku, Tokyo ■ Japan Patent
Office ■ JPA 48-34502 ■ Application: 4 & (197J) '? 7 Request for examination not yet filed (all
2 pages) Office serial number 0 Japan classification 6'7672'31 o? A5 □ Ming, letter 1, title 1 of
the invention, title of the invention stereo device of the stereo device
Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. Internal name Yoshiaki Ochi
Detailed Description of the Invention In the invention 04 channel stereo device, the present
invention provides a display device of a stereo device which is extremely effective for adjusting
the separation of the sound field. Details will be described below with reference to the drawings.
Fig. 1 shows LF. In the block diagram of 4 series amplifiers that amplify 4 signals of RF and LR *
R ′ ′, Pl is a variable resistor for adjusting the separation for I, F and LR, same as <P2 is for (P,
RR , P5 for LP and RF, and P4 for i, R, R, and R, respectively, are variable resistors for adjusting
the separation. Still Pl and p2. p3 and P4Fi are linked together. In FIG. 1, A1 to A8 indicate
amplifiers and S1 to S4 indicate speed. FIG. 2 shows an embodiment of the device of the present
invention, in which 1 and 2 indicate the variable resistor P1. A shutter that changes in opening
interlocking with P2, a variable resistor P1. . The shutters 1 and 2 respectively connected to the
belt 7.8 wound around the pulley 5 fixed to the common shaft at P2 are configured to move in
the reverse direction and EndPage: 1. The reason is that one belt 8 is reversely moved through
the pulley 11. Similarly, a shutter 6.4 provided orthogonal to the shutter 1.2 is opened and
closed by variable resistors ps and pa. 6.12はプーリー、9,10はベルトである。 The
shutters 1 and 2 whose opening is changed interlocking with the town 74 'resistors Pt and P2
and the shutters 5 and 4 opening which are interlocked interlocking with the variable resistor P3
° P4 are provided orthogonally Therefore, the portion 0 (area shown by hatching in FIG. 3)
surrounded by the two sets of shutters 2 and 5.4 represents the separation of four
amplifiers. Alternatively, a light source may be placed behind this shutter, and a semitransparent
screen on the front may be used to project and display this area. As described in L, the present
invention WF1 is a display device of a simple and effective stereo device.
4, a brief description of the drawing ll! Figure 1 is a block diagram of 4 series amplifiers that
amplify 4 signals of LP, RF, La, R, R, A1 to A8 are amplifiers, P1 to P4 are variable resistors, 81 to
s4. Indicates a speaker. FIG. 2 is a perspective view showing an embodiment of a display device
of a stereo device according to the present invention, wherein P1 to P4 denote variable resistors,
and 1 to 4 denote shutters. FIG. 3 shows a plan view of the shutters 1-4. ·, 譬 2 I · · 竿 7 M;)-i, i: f
'rr' f J l (T, '1 lff, A (1) nofu; 1' (me: li + 1 i 2.2) specification + 'F 1.1 ijj ko, () Fig. 而 1a (4) ICI l'F
duplicate book]; [No light t, ↑! f + i'l applicant or agent 1 □ 衿 address 京都 Tokyo 5 5 弥 丁 中
(α α (α3) (382) 5531) ?, (6580) or 1-Jt 囚Takashi EndPage: 2
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