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Patent Office Secretary's address Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo-5th No. 1 name + 5101
Representative of Hitachi Ltd. Takeshi Komai, part agent Kawanishi Tokyo Chiyoda-ku,
Marunouchi-Chinoda-5th No. 1 Hitachi Inventions Inc. Invention Name of PIG type amplifier],
first and second two negative feedback amplifiers, between the respective output terminals of the
two * feedback amplifiers 9 and the feedback input terminal, and the feedback input terminal and
the ground IV: Kf: n with a signal feedback means connected to a so-g impedance j, and with the
output terminal of the% feedback amplifier with a small negative value of tl and the feedback
input terminal of the second negative feedback amplifier An impedance element is connected
between them, the input terminal of the second negative feedback amplifier is grounded, a signal
is applied between the input terminal of the first negative feedback amplifier and the ground, and
the first and second negative Block between the output terminals of the feedback amplifier Tsushaped amplifier. 2. The amplifier according to claim 1. Means for switching the input terminal of
the twelve negative feedback amplifiers to the second signal input and the ground, and between
the output terminal of the first negative feedback amplifier and the acceleration input terminal of
the second negative feedback amplifier Bridge type single-width device with a means to switch
the connected and disconnected impedance elements.
l Scope of claims
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a bridged
amplifier and is described ic # f. Bridge type layer that can eliminate one phase inversion circuit.
It relates to width instruments. In the conventional bridge type amplifier, the output voltage is
twice as high as that of a single-ended amplifier having the same power supply voltage, and
hence it is used as a large power amplifier. In the bridge type amplifier, as shown in the first
section 1, Ol is a signal input terminal, and "2," is an amplifier, 2, 3 and 4, an output terminal 4,
5, 6 is a phase inverting circuit. The input signal lK is a signal which appears at the output
terminal 4 amplified by the amplifier 2Vc. On the other hand, by the people signal .sigma. Since
the voltage present at the output terminal 5 is in reverse phase with the voltage present at the
output terminal 4, the voltage obtained at the output terminals 4, 5 can be obtained from the
output terminal 4,... It becomes 4 activities of the output which is beaten by the yearse of ? B2
and 3 if. Is this 5 to 5 bridge type booster I EndPage: 1, two outputs p child vcIi? It is necessary
to carry out the output of the tag or the reverse phase for 11 seconds, and for that reason, it is
necessary to carry out a phase inversion circuit such as a phase inversion transformer. It is an
object of the present invention to eliminate the uninventioned light and the phase inversion
circuit on the ground, to reduce the cost, and to provide a compact spreader. The present
invention will be celebrated in the following by practical examples. Fig. 2 ? Figure showing a
simple example of the present invention. Signal input terminal, X), 12 is a negative feedback
amplifier. 4.5 is a signal output terminal, 7 is a signal input terminal of the amplifier 1] 8 e is an
eternal input terminal of the spreader 11, 9 is a signal input terminal of the amplifier 12, 10 is a
feedback input terminal of the amplifier 12] 3 @ 14t] 116 is an impedance element for the
negative feedback of the amplifier 13 ░ 12; 17 is an output signal of the amplifier 11 with an
appropriate amplitude 1: vI and the acceleration input terminal 10 of the amplifier 2 is marked
The impedance element 20 for this purpose is a ground terminal of the signal input. The output
voltage is reduced by the beadance element 18 @) 4. The impedance system element 17.1t3 VC
is used to reduce the output voltage, and the impedance voltage is applied to the power terminal
10 of the amplifier 12 for ntz width width. The output terminal 5 is taxed. Since the signal output
terminal 9 of the amplifier 12 has four edges, a signal of ? on the output terminal 5 and a signal
on the reappearance input terminal 1 OK is displayed as moat width n. Since the amplifier 12?
negative feedback amplifier is present, the signal appearing at the output terminal 52 is
gradually input to the input terminal 1 (1?
The signal is opposite in phase to the near 10th signal, and is in antiphase with the signal that
appears at the output terminal 4 of the Nh unit 11 once. Therefore, a bridge type amplifier
connecting a load between the output and the child 4 and 5 is obtained. In the circuit shown in
Figure 2, using resistors for impedance element 15.38.17 and their values as ns' R, R, R, and R3,
respectively, let their values be the following conditions, R, = R3 и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и
"white four ^" "I do not put six low & 12 of the instrument 12 G, the output terminal The output
voltage ?V? is 4 Nm?L, and the output voltage appearing at the output terminal 5 of the #I
width unit 12 is V. Assuming that 2, o 2 can be expressed as follows. The gain G of the amplifier
12 is Gk >> 1 + 2k и и и и и иииииииииииииииииииииииии, if conditions der n (4), (3) is . Since VO2 = -vol, the output
voltage of the amplifier 11.12 can obtain an output that is opposite in phase and equal in voltage.
FIG. 13 is a view showing another example of the present invention, which is used as a bridge
type amplifier from a changeover switch (mechanical switch or electronic switch) K and two
independent single amplifier amplifiers. It is something that In the case of the bridge type
amplifier @VC, the output terminal 21.22 and the output terminal 5 are short-circuited by the
switch 23, and a negative fi is connected between the terminals 4 and 21 so that it is good Ol.
With the switch 24, the impedance element 17 is an i * 1 width device]. 1C is connected between
the output terminal 4 and the feedback input terminal 1u of the amplifier 12 and the switch 25
vc is connected to one side, the amplifier ?l? Ground the signal input terminal 9 of In the case of
two independent single-empted amplifiers, the i-core 23.22 is grounded by the switch 23 and
used as an output giil ground terminal of the 2 'and 21'C amplifiers. Further, the impedance
element 7 is disconnected by the switch 2+ ', and the amplifications 511 and 12 are made
independent, and the signal input terminal 9 of the amplifier 12 is connected to the terminal 18
so as to be one signal input by the switch 25K. . Thus, the switch has one bridged 1h amplifier
and two independent single-ended amplifiers. For example, a two-channel, two-channel stereo
amplifier and a one-channel mono amplifier, and a two-channel bridge amplifier that can be used
separately as a purpose. Use rL & ?, 2 и и EndPage: 2f-1 '7, (, / / "+ 7 и ivn instrument and 4,000
Yang' f-/ j '; J' 11114 '4 and V this IJ' JK tail? Soon, you can go out in history, and you can make
an amplifier a child for a lifetime.
As described above, according to the present invention, if tL, the bridge type 19 ? 1 front-end allphase anti-# 'l; circuit can be reduced by 1 without history, so the amplifier can be miniaturized
and the cost can be reduced. It is effective 0). I31] A simple illustration 71 shows a conventional
bridge type amplifier, and a drawing showing an uninventive example of the invention in FIG. 2
and FIG. In Fig. 2 and 73, "l" is a single-word input q signal, 7.9 is the signal input terminal of the
y-width device, 8 ░ lO is the heat input terminal, and 3 to 17 are impedance elements. It is.
Appended with Oy, l) Class II (1) Specification Rule 1d (2 + 1'1 plane Ii place + 311. J 'II shape
111 ░ C (4) 4' i: + '1 application fi 11.1 through = Lo 7-Takumi 4 lines deleted EndPage: ?
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