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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing one
embodiment of a high-tone speaker according to the present invention, FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional
view of another embodiment, and FIG. 3 is an enlarged cross-sectional view of a diaphragm FIG. 4
is a plan view of the diaphragm. 3 is an iron plate for magnetic pole, 6 is an annular iron plate for
magnetic pole, 8 is a diaphragm, and 9 is a conductor. ,? 1fJ3C322θ46a4aaC ,? 2M-99-Japanese
Open Sho 48-35342 (2) 3 years old-> Go · de · "" T4 group = 100
[Description of the invention] Description of the invention Name of the invention Loudspeaker
speaker 2 The scope of the present invention required range In order to focus the magnetic flux
on the opposite surface of the magnetic pole, an iron plate for magnetic pole and an annular ring
for magnetic pole A magnetic circuit having an iron plate, and a movement plate in which a spiral
continuous coil portion is formed by a conductor welded or attached on at least one side, and the
iron movement plate generates a magnetic flux generated in the magnetic path A speaker for
roaring sound, characterized in that the central part and the peripheral part are close to the
magnetic circuit so as to be substantially parallel and close to a @. a home page system relates to
a speaker for bird sound for reproducing a signal of 8 Kdx to 50 KHz 48-35342-02 O band
among the reproduced horsepower number band. In order to reproduce the 8 KHz-50 KH x O
ultra high frequency band, it is necessary to make the mass of the vibration system extremely
light and to make the rigidity of the drive mechanism, the diaphragm and the OIl body extremely
steep. Therefore, in the conventional general structure, reproduction of the above-mentioned
super-high frequency band is impossible. As a special example, there is a ribbon speaker having a
drive mechanism and a diaphragm formed in the same direction. However, since the structure of
this ribbon speaker is the same as the diaphragm and the drive wire ring, the electric impedance
is small at a very low level, generally 1 O -1,-, S). A meeting with a width of 11 KII requires a
transformer for impedance matching. For this reason, it is easy to use 48-35342-03 as a
combination of food sheet / soil 0j11 wave resistance 4 I 惟 O, and to flatten the frequency
characteristics of the matching transformer in the target band, Production is difficult because of
the need for special techniques for linear velocity, and it has the disadvantage of high cost. Since
the present invention was made by focusing on point 0, the purpose of the present invention is
an audio frequency band that easily combines the electrical impedance of the speaker and the
output impedance of the amplifier. It is an object of the present invention to provide a speaker
for high-pitched sound which has no influence on the nature of the reproduction. Another object
of the present invention is that it is possible to manufacture p1 inexpensively by being able to
regulate the electrical impedance of the t speaker and the output impedance of the amplifier
without using a combined F lance and sj 48-3834-2 04 A speaker for high-pitched sound that
can be easily blessed. Next, the system 1 embodiment of the present invention will be described
with reference to w & 1111 (1). A horn formed with l (1a), (2) is a fixed equalizer located at the
center of ho y (1) O, and a trapezoidal O-concave (S) is formed at the center of its lower surface It
is done.
φ) Equalized 11) O Concave (S) (M) Fitted into an iron plate for the 9th monument pole, and the
Theno (8B (8m)) facing downward is formed at the peripheral edge. (4) is an annular wagenet
fixed at the outer edge of the flange (4), in which a bow / & I (4 m) is integrally formed at the
center and a channel is formed for the formation of a 9 channel. Daughter Magnets) <5) and
made into a ring iron plate for 9 m square, and the iron plate 1) 0 taper II (k) mentioned above
on the inner circumference of that O, and a taper 48- 353 ◆ 2-05-! i (6 m) is formed. Is 111m1
to be described later! Plate @) t-horn (for holding in between the lower surface of the magnetic
pole and the upper surface of the annular iron plate for magnetic pole (0), 0 spacer, area) is the
diaphragm and drive the diaphragm (8) to the front and back The adhesive force sufficient to
form a stain negative conductor F) O by a lidding or sticking means. A coiled coil (3) (10 m
caustic acid formed) and an electric conductor F) 01 which are wound in the same direction are
connected to the electric conductor C) at the center by a conductor Qυ ◇ and fl back coil till (?
a) (IQa) o Since the outer shaft end is I11-folded by the amplifier, the coil portion (? a) (IQa) The
generated magnetic fluxes do not mutually cancel each other and serve as a 1lll voice coil. Note
that iIl, i! In the figure, the diaphragm (8) is shown in which the peripheral portion and the
central portion are fixed, but 4B-3, 5342-06 is shown, but the 1illl plate (8) fixes only the
peripheral portion. In some cases. In FIG. 2O, the construction of the other embodiment is the
same as that of the first embodiment and the procedure a, and ma, but in the present
embodiment, the iron plate for magnetic pole (2) (4) is fixed at the top 111c of the pole # 4 &,
and a tapered portion (2 &) is formed opposite to the taber 5 (41) of the pole-like iron song (6)
for the magnetic pole, That is, the only difference is that they are formed upward. This pigeon
equalization 11 (2) (D Shimoda is flat. In order to explain the operation based on the above
configuration, in the above embodiment, the iron plate for magnetic pole (i), the thick iron plate
for crucible 1 (phrase, magnet (5) 4) According to the configuration-Jfi r during the magnetic
circuit amm iron 483534-07 plate) O outside Jl! Since I and the circumferential portion of the
annular iron portion (6) for magnetics are formed with mutually opposing wedge-shaped O
tapers @ (5 m) and (6 a), the magnetic flux converges between the tapered portions (8 m) (kl
Then, a coil 5 (9a) (10s) formed in this magnetic flux and [the vibration I [俤] in the father's form
is allocated, so that a voltage is applied between the coils s (9'1 (loa1) to flow a current). For
example, the coil (kl (10a) K flux acts effectively to cause the vibration of the 1Illl plate (8) to
make a rectangular shape with the magnetic flux, ie, vibrate vertically in FIG. 1.2, thus the tone
(1) In the above, the coil fi11 (9 畠) (10 ml is shown on the both sides of the diaphragm (8) (O
both sides are shown), but the one provided with a piece Tl1 KO In this case, the force F for
driving the diaphragm −) is F = BJI (B is the magnetic flux density, J is the length of the pile O, I
is the current fL flowing through the coil). As shown in the example, install coil II (9m) (10a) on
both sides if the conductor O length is longer. An advantageous obtained by increasing the force
F, also is also O correspondingly becomes possible to reduce the magnetic flux density B. In the
present 'J # proposal, the coil section is integrally formed with the diaphragm as described
above, which can ignore the compliance between the coil section and the diaphragm and has an
effect of increasing O to the high frequency band of the reproduction band, Magnetic coils IIC) A
tapered portion facing each other on the outer peripheral portion of the magnetic other iron
piece and the inner peripheral portion of the magnetic pole ring iron piece focuses the magnetic
flux and distributes the coil portion of the diaphragm to this amount. 1pain slope ell [power
increase and sure ii * is done and faithful reproduction is expected in the teeth, JL) ho 2. -OO 空
気 Air IIO pressure to saturate any part · · · 構造 分 分 C C C 分 分 分 分 分 分 分 分 分 分 分 分 分
分 分 分 分 分 分 分 分 分 分 整合 整合The output impedance of the amplifier can be easily
combined without using a matching transformer, and the required voice frequency band O% raw
characteristics can be produced at low cost without any influence on the raw characteristics. It
has an effect such as can be easily achieved. 4 simple drawing of lI! Fig. 1 is a cross-sectional
view showing one embodiment of the high-tone speaker according to the present invention, the
second cause is a cross-sectional view of another embodiment, Fig. 3 is an enlarged 111T view of
the interlocking plate, and Fig. 4 is a vibration. It is @O top view. While the door is open (@ is an
iron plate for 1aIk, (6) is an annular iron plate for magnetic pole, 俤) is a peristaltic slope, and (9)
Q · is a conductor. -Volume one ÷ → ヱ: 21 and χ 20 3220 i γ 06 a 4 aa / f 2 f J go a 2 γ o
466 a, 4 (2 likelihood [8, 7, 48-35342-1135 342 "" 4 r "m? ’;I’jt。 ≠ = the 24 ri J θ ii
炙-+-100 \ knee 35342-dried two practical ft * 1 Ill out entry 餉 (4 years old; Amida 1, L1 〇 to
三 sentence 3 ,: M1 one.
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