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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a connection diagram showing an example of
the mixing circuit according to the present invention. Reference numerals 2 and 5 denote power
amplifiers constituting a stereo reproduction apparatus, 7 denotes a variable resistor, and 8
denotes an input terminal of an auxiliary signal source. ?
[Detailed description of the invention] In a stereo playback device, if it is desired to put in the
sound from the musical instrument of one's heart to the sound power such as, for example,
Clarissich emitted from this playback at, and to take that orchestration For example, if you are
using Pa и Iolin kW as a musical instrument, it will be integrated to the @ clerk, and it will be
approximately halfway in the 7tPI raw sound-from the violin's performance sound being emitted,
it's a bad example its orchestra The part of the violin is located on the left side, and you must
hear your own playing sound from the left channel speaker, but 11) 4B-39902-224 ░ It is
synthesized in such a stereo reproduction am There is a defect that one's own performance
sound can be heard from the middle position. The present invention focuses on such points, and
can freely adjust the sound supplied from the auxiliary signal source in the stereo reproduction
sound so that the sound emission position of the sound from the auxiliary signal source is
changed to the realism To further increase the That is, in the present invention, the signal t of the
auxiliary signal source. It is designed to be able to operate in a differential manner and to change
its resistance value, and to be supplied to the input stage of the left and right amplifier via the 9
variable torsion resistance, to be supplied to the left and right speakers It is possible to change
the sound emission position of the signal of the kernel by adding the magnitude of the signal
input from the auxiliary signal source. In addition to the following description, T in FIG. 1
generally shows an example of the mixing circuit according to the present invention as an input
terminal of the right channel 1 signal of (IR) d stereo reproduction am, The output terminal (3R)
K is supplied via the power supply l: 12). Similarly, it is as usual that the output terminal (6L) K is
supplied via the power amplifier (2) 1 ? ? 48-39902-0316) at the input terminal of the '(4 L) d
left channel signal . In this example, the signals of both input terminals (IR) and (4L) K auxiliary
signal source are supplied via variable # 1 to variable #, and (8) is from the auxiliary signal
source. And the variable resistor (7) has a pair of movers (9R), (9L) sliding in opposite directions,
showing an auxiliary input terminal to which the signal is supplied after an amplification of n
light, For example, if the gas mover (9B) is moved in the direction of arrow #, the other mover
(9L) slides in the direction of the arrow opposite to this force at the same time as sliding with It
has become. Here, when a pair of movers (SR) and (9L) are at both ends of the resistor as shown
in the figure, the auxiliary signal which is the terminal Cl0R) K of the mover (9R) is maximum,
conversely the mover It is assumed that the resistance value increases as it slides in the direction
of the arrow a shown by the dotted line 0wA, which is a small (zero) auxiliary signal Fi obtained
by the shield (IOL) of (9L).
The terminal (IOR) ri of the mover (9R) ri is connected to-10,000 lines (IR ') K of the input
terminal (IR) for the right channel signal, and one child (IOL) of the other mover (9L) is the left
channel 13) 4B-39902-04???1 ? signal connection input terminal (4L) Nio wire @ (4L /) K
connection. If the auxiliary input terminal (8) K auxiliary input source, for example, signal 1R
from the microphone is supplied, the position of the variable 1441 shown, that is, the terminal if
it is located at one end of a pair of movers (9R), (9L) -q (IOR) K is supplied with almost all of the
input signal 9 as an auxiliary signal, and conversely, the terminal (IOL) K is supplied with almost
no auxiliary signal, and the output terminal (3R) K of the stereo reproduction apparatus. Is
supplied with this auxiliary signal of the addition to the right channel No. 46, the other output
terminal (6 L) K, '! In the left channel signal only one 1 supplied 1 naikara, each Sbika Kaka et al.
71.6 stereo sound alive in the sound of the auxiliary signal will be heard right Sbika kaka, et al.
Similarly, if the pair of movers, (9R), (9L) t'II * l, and the figure 'respectively bring the sliding
position to the completely opposite sliding position, the speaker for the left channel from the
stereo channel You will hear the sound of the auxiliary signal inside. Move the sliders (9R) and
(9L) t to the middle position so that both speakers 1 иии produce half the auxiliary signal sound -t
IXS from the other, * p 48 48-39902 _-) both The sound can be heard at the middle position of
the speaker. As described above, the mover (9R) of IIf confluence anti-11 (7). By adjusting the
sliding position of (9L), it is possible to freely change the wedge shape m of the auxiliary signal
supplied to the auxiliary input terminal (8), either one of the left and right speakers, the middle
position of the speaker, or It is possible to continuously adjust the localization between the left
and right speakers, or a device which is close to either of them. ) To the auxiliary signal source
and the stereo reproduction reconnaissance, the synthetic sound emission position from the left
and right speakers can be freely adjusted to mute the signal of the auxiliary signal terminal
supplied by the auxiliary input terminal <8) K. If you can see, as mentioned at the outset, take the
signal from miter as an auxiliary signal source, and if this signal is the playing sound of a violin,
then the mover (9R) of the variable IIk-1m (7) ( 9L) to the sliding position opposite to the figure
The sound of the violin in the stereo reproduction sound can be emitted from the left speaker,
and if the violin is a solo instrument, slide the pair of movers (9R)% (9L) to the approximately
middle position 151A!
????? IQn Fu 06 talks (in particular from the position of the solo bio-list, the reproduction
sound is heard, and it feels like a turtle to one of them. Thus, a sense of reality can be realized on
this stereo playback device. ? "* :; ma :: P: X ', second ::, :::: Second resistance if variable
resistance soph) second place in the stage of the righteousness of the stage ? from the right
wheel to the left wheel of the stage, from the left wheel to the right wheel A state of the stage you
are walking around and singing! Ilt can be reproduced. ???? Depending on the taste of a
single person, it is possible to change stereo reproduction at K or play-like IIt town. Among the
above, although the above example shows the signal of the microphone or ? 1 as an auxiliary
signal source, 45 or less in the present embodiment is not the only one that can be beaten by this
example. In addition, power amplifiers II + 2) and +51 are shown as amplifiers, and the output
terminals (JR) and (8 L) IIK speakers * connected are shown as -St for a stereo reproduction
apparatus, but as amplifier Use a preamp and put a variable 1 in front of it! ??? To provide a
signal from the auxiliary signal source via 19%, o-7 He,-1 ('
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