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Patent license (1)-Showa, former director of the Patent Office, September 27, 46 2 Inventor
address Osaka Prefecture Kadoma city Ogata Kamon Shin 1006 5 List of attached documents
Detailed description 1, name of the invention
4 channel stereo display!???
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates in particular to the 4
channel, the loose tele reproduction device-the sound field of the fresh summer sound from four
independent speaker devices. @ @ Like, fh W Wr The book which is displayed on the device
which optically displays the magnitude of the volume IIIIl ? ? ? ? in each channel together
with the red which is displayed precisely. Generally speaking, 4 channel channel #I stereo
computer # and 4 channels of 4 speaker boxes #: r There are 3 types of systems according to
Maki. C) The speaker box is arranged on the left side, the left rear, the right front, and the right
rear of the IIi holder (2-2 method). CB) Before, after, on the left, on the left, and on the right, the
speaker box is disposed (1-2-1 method). (0)-@ Arranged only in front of the increase person (4-0
way 1.). Of the methods in the upper row 131, 8! Do you use the 2-2 method (presence of use is
also planned to be used)? Since this is the case, the following description will be made in the case
of the 1-2-1 system of 2-2 (the t-example will be described, but of course F! In the present
invention described later). In the 2-2 method of the upper P)) h @ ? ? 4 EndPage: 1 inside the
hole space surrounded by four speaker boxes 4-111! l (The following is the listening position t! -I
say) nose Sbi Kada, Kusu-73 & et al! I listen to life, but to adjust the volume of this me, a speaker
box fIi, etc. before the birth -IRK plays back a 4-channel stereo reproduction between the front
left speaker box and the right front speaker box This is done by operating the knobs of the
chopsticks provided on the storage tree image. However, in such a method of adjusting the
volume, the listener balances the sound from the speaker box of each channel at a predetermined
listening position <even between the speaker box on the left front and the speaker box on the
right front when trying to listen Since it is necessary to go to the place of the 4 channel 1 stereo
playback system set up, it is difficult to balance, that is, the sound of each speaker box car etc. at
the 4 ? channel stereo hero unit body In the present invention, the listener can hear the sound
from the predetermined distraction in a larger angle than the sound from the front left and right
front speaker boxes. In that case, the listener must either change the listening position or adjust
the volume again / in the case of the former, but in the case of the former it is necessary to
change the N-fold position due to the arrangement of furniture etc. In the latter case, the
listening position is tagged with respect to the speaker box of each channel or tagged, and then
the volume adjustment WN forceps of each channel of the stereo stereo device are roughly
viewed. It is necessary to put on the hook and rotate or move it, but it is not easy to balance the
sound of each channel at the desired listening position.
The present invention balances the key positions by easily determining the level of the volume of
the speaker box of each channel / channel and the relationship between the sound field of each
channel and the listener at a glance. You can know, desired O1! The volume im * # II ? fIt is to
be able to easily make it possible to balance the sound of each 5 и ? channel at the overlap
position. The following is a place to clarify the example of the present invention according to the
present invention in the drawings and drawings. As shown in Fig. 1, C1) is a sign sheet, a main
part of the series II XW, or a semi-transparent combination similar to it Kllll @ i! I like a lightrelaxing nature # such as I # a square-shaped display 1F (91 and a sharp display 1 [r? Four light
sources or lamps # # placed in the corner 18 on the back of one! 1a) to (3b) s (3o) and (3a).
Here, the upper P display [(2) shape is square (or square, may be rectangular) K reason #: t4
channel-flat N 'IIx room of the room to install a stereo playback device is almost square Ke In this
display 1 [12], it represents the plane of the department, but gives an impression to the bank
manager. The lamps (3 turtles), (3b), and (7 Sa) s (56) provided at the back corner of the display
MC2) are left in front of the above-mentioned 2-2 system. It is clear that the left and right ones
correspond to the speaker boxes of the left rear, right front and right rear channels respectively.
(") * (4b), (4c), (4J each sound of the channel 4 depending on the blasphemy t power I No -7, ~
tRy, RB or Ich capsule volume of the volume II 1 knob Variable impedance [511! Then, if the
sound tWII of these saccular channels is added, the impedance value becomes smaller. When
such a Wr love impedance loop is made to change the impedance value depending on the size of
the telephone number, fI! It can be easily realized by setting the KFi variable resistor to 11 when
changing the impedance value by the operation of the volume control * knob. Although it can be
realized in size 1 by using it, this lF vaginal example shows the case of **. Each variable
impedance circuit (4a), (4b) above. (40), (One end of the 4th is connected in common and
connected to one terminal of the power supply (5)! And the other end of the 11 friends, 7 it is the
other terminal K11 l of the outpost lamp (3 turtles), (3%), (ltl>, (brother) J respectively, IP power
r6) -.
In this way, if the volume l # ry of the channel system corresponding to the speaker box installed
on the left front is another volume of the volume adjustment part W of the EndPage: 27 ..-. The
impedance value of 4 &) is the variable inbiy y XIII (4b), (4e), (aa) of -y '-fy X value of "Lin's four
small stalks. It becomes brighter than the brightness of the lamps (S'b), (Me) and (3a). L * is
printed on the display board by the lamp (3a) tj <Don't W * is more concentrated than the area
brightened by the slack lamps (3b), (56), (31) K, The volume of the left front speaker Z's or 1's in
the ? II ? ? ? will recognize vkc that is thicker than the volume from other speaker boxes.
???????? The volume adjustment change of the channel system corresponding to the
speaker box corresponding to the left rear, the right heel and the right rear is the event of the
competition or in the case of 11 of the lamps (sb), (3e), (31)! ,! The area of the display brightened
by these lamps is a turtle according to the volume control. In the state of FIG. 1, it is indicated
that the volume from the left front and right front speakers M9 ░ is greater than the volume
from the left rear and right rear speaker boxes. Display the sound field of the sound from each
speaker box in the same way. Therefore, an 11 wg person can be surrounded by four speaker
boxes at the display @ (2) Flat W and Minashite 9 Display 1! ?????????? ?? t), (3 b),
(Sa) e (3 d) ? by the light (the part 4 + (m, B, C, T)) by the light! If you go to one central location
1111PK in the middle of the part 1 will be i + balance of the speaker box of the channel channel
etc b (hearing !!) -R can be done. e In this case, if there is furniture such as a table at a location
corresponding to S in the upper IP III, and if you can not take a line at that location, for example,
listen at a location corresponding to the G portion shown in the figure. In the case of scorching,
the central part of the part 1 of the display board (2) should be anviled with the position C shown
in the figure, ie 116% B, brightened by the lamps (Ak) and (aa) (A) If you adjust the volume
control of the channel so that the D channel (3m), (se) K become bigger than 0, it is better if the
volume control of the channel is adjusted. FIG. 2 is a view showing an example of the eyelid of
the display (1), which is a display board (2) 'and a front face WJt or a back face 9 as shown in
A large number of lII is marked with S + silk, etc., such as @Winter Indicating cellophane's and L's
being transparent and a tracing paper's and now a transparent sheet of lll111's and nine's It is a
book that zh, the sound of each channel to be given before listening, and therefore the 4-channel
stereo feeling, is willowed to h @@. It is needless to say that the display plate (2) 'provided with
asperities as shown in Fig. 3 in addition to the 4th place H "is used, and 4 other various
modifications can be made. The above 1! Each lamp (im) on the brow in the brow example. The
light Rs from (3b), (3a), (34), and a different color such as ? ? ? ## s yellow can be used to
give a # -1 'rendezvous effect so that the WK effect can be achieved. It becomes a target. As
described above, according to the present invention, the display board surface is i! l The portion
corresponding to the installation location of each speaker box on the surface of the display board
is rounded up to be brightened in advance according to the volume adjustment power of the
prefecture channel. However, just by looking at the display board, it is possible to know the
volume ? of the speaker box fIb of each channel and the # 1 dynamic sound field, but Ibaran 11.
-A The volume Flll that the speaker gi et al. Of each channel is made to balance at the listening
position after a command to know the gIA easily f by the gIA! It is an abbreviation that it is good
to get the very excellent effect that it is paralyzed by performing twitching to an electric field.
4. Brief description of the drawings FIG. 1 is a block diagram of one 11 ? f 11 of the present
invention, FIG. 22 is a front view of another example of a display that can be used in the present
invention, and FIG. It is a warning part sectional view of another example of a display board. (1)
ииииии Display, (??, ?2?, [1 'иии Display board. ???????????????????????
??????????????? (Jo), (4t1) иии Variable impedance circuit,-') (51------* * Agent's
name Attorney Nakao Toshio and others 1 person EndPage: 311111 $ 12116, crystal,- 6 Agent
address other than the above, Osaka Prefecture Kadoma city Oda Kadoma address 1006 'In
Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. Name (6152) Patent Attorney Shigetaka Ogino, leak, S ?
?. ???????? ?
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