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1Invention Name 2 Inventor Name (582) Representative Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
Representative Matsushita Shoji 4 Agent ? 571 Address Kadoma City Ogata Kadoma 1006 (4)
Application form 1 letter 1 1 ? ? 1-Ming Book blindness, title of the invention blind, title of the
invention-"7 и '8"-* fl /
5. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention is a four channel stereo
reproduction device, in particular, simulatively and visibly displaying the sound field of the
reproduced sound from four independent speaker devices, and providing a sound volume of 11
lv at each channel. It is a device that is used to display the magnitude of the degree in a costeffective manner. In general, in the 4-channel stereo reproduction apparatus, there are basically
the following three schemes for the arrangement of the four speaker boxes. cA) @ A speaker box
is arranged in front of the left, behind the left, in front of the right, behind the right of the expert
(2-2 method). (Before, after, left, right, Loudspeakers in front of the ensigner, Cux tail! We do it
(1-2-1 method). (C ') Arrange in line only in front of the listener * person (4-0 method). Among
the above 5ill systems, it is widely used now, and it is the 2-2 system of which the fRf is
scheduled to be more and more planned from now on, so the following will aJl for the example of
the 2-2 system f, Of course, in the present invention to be described later, the above-mentioned
(Preferable EndPage: 13 иии also in the case of the 1-2-1 method of the phrase). In the 2-2 method
of the above (4), the welfare listener listens to the reproduced sound from each speaker box at
the central portion C of the space surrounded by the four speaker boxes and the area below C is
the listening position). In this case, the volume control operation of each channel provided on the
main body of the 4-channel stereo playback device installed between the front left speaker box
and the front right speaker box to 11 W of the volume of the playback sound from each speaker
box Do not go there by operating each. However, in this way of volume control listening 4!
Device installed between the front speaker box and the right front speaker box in order to listen
to the sound from the speaker box of each channel / channel in a balanced manner at a
predetermined # take position. It is difficult to balance because you have to go to the main body.
That is, balance the sound from the valley speaker box at the 4-channel stereo playback device
main body so as to become the same K, * the loser returns to the predetermined listening
position 9 from the speaker box on the left rear and the right rear The cloth will sound louder
than the sound from the front left and right front speaker boxes. Therefore, in this case, the
listener must either make a listening position or adjust the Balanos adjustment of the volume
again, but in the case of the former, due to the arrangement of furniture etc., the listening
position changes j! In the latter case, it is confirmed whether the listening position is at a position
where it can be located with respect to the speaker box of each channel, and then the volume
control signal of each channel of the stereo reproduction body is roughly determined. It is not
easy to balance the sound of each channel at the desired listening position, as it has to be
planned, circulated and moved.
Non-invention facilitates balanced listening position by K at a glance so that the volume of the
volume from the speaker box of each channel / channel and the relationship of the sound field of
each channel to the listener can be seen at a glance. This book is a book that makes it easy to
adjust the volume of each channel at the desired listening position. The following nine
embodiments of the present invention will be described with reference to the drawings. In the
figure, (1) is a display, which is mainly a square plate made of a semitransparent plate-like
member having a property to soften te such as a ground glass plate or a semitransparent
synthetic resin plate similar to a warpage. Landing water f (2) and. It comprises four light sources
or lamps (3a), (3b), C3c) and (5d) which are provided at corners of the back side of the display
plate (2). Here, the shape of the display plate (2) is square (square). The reason why I made it
rectangular is that the plane of the room where the 4-channel stereo reproduction device f is
installed is almost rectangular, and this display board (21 if it represents even a flat rki Your
impression is given to the knowledgeable person. Therefore, the lamps (5a), (5b), (5c) provided +
-r- at the long corner of the display plate (2). (3d) is the left front installed in the room by the
above-mentioned 2-2 method. Back of the valley channel right behind one stone in the right
front. It is clear that each will correspond to the (4m), (4b), (4c), (4a) Fi electrical signals
according to the volume v4 lock of each channel, ', L8. (R, R, 8 or variable impedance circuit
whose resistance value is controlled by the operation of the volume control ladder of each
channel. Each of them is such that the impedance value becomes smaller if the volume t of each
channel is increased. It has become. Such a variable impedance circuit can be easily realized by
using the tiger 7 resistor when the impedance value is changed depending on the magnitude of
the electric signal, and the impedance 1 ? is changed by the operation of the volume-S ladder.
This can be easily realized by using a variable resistor, but the case of the former is shown in this
actual melf. Each of the above oT eating-avid circuits (4a), (4b), (4c). One end of (4d) is connected
in common to be connected to one terminal of dli (5+, and the other end of each is connected to
the rung (3a) + (3b) + (3c) t (3d). It is connected to the above power supply (5 + cl @ terminal via
(6) is a mark member mounted on the surface of the display board (2) in a detachable manner,
where the butterfly display board (2) is regarded as a reduction in size of a plane defined by four
speaker boxes EndPage: 27---to indicate the listening position of the joint, for example, placing a
chair in the part corresponding to this position in sII. For example, the mark member (6) may be
in the form of a label with a tacky adhesive agent attached to the back surface so as to maintain
adhesiveness even after peeling off several times. In this way, the volume of the channel system
corresponding to the speaker box installed on the left front so-called WI degree is the volume
tone jl 'of the other channel system! The brightness of the lamp (5a) is larger because the
innobiance value of the variable innodance circuit ~ (4a) is smaller than the impedance value of
the other variable impedance Ial paths (4b) and (4c): (4d) Is brighter than the other lamps (3bL
(3o) + (5d)). Therefore, in the display plate (2), the area brightened by the lamp (4a) K is larger
than the area illuminated by the D lamp (5b>, (3c), (Ad). To make it clear that the volume from
the front left speaker box is higher than the volume from the other speaker boxes. Similarly,
when the volume related part f of the channel system corresponding to the left rear, right front,
and right rear speaker boxes is large, the rung t rung (3rd, (5c)). The W product of the display 1
[(2) which is brightened by the brightness of (3d) and is brightened by the seven straw lamp
corresponds to each volume adjustment variation. In the illustrated state, the left front and the
right front Subi-Kabo. The sound from the cousins is the rear left and the rear right. It indicates
that it is greater than the volume from the volume. At the same time, it is displayed that the
sound field of the sound from each speaker box is in a simulated state as illustrated. Therefore,
the listener # 'i display board (2) is regarded as a plane surrounded by four speaker boxes and is
brightened by one display board (2i lamps (5m>, (5b), (5o), (56) Ii! By part (A, B, O, D) l If you go
to a place in the middle 11F of the part B to be faded, you can listen to the sound from the
speaker box of each channel in a well-balanced manner. Here, the above-mentioned central part F
was mounted in advance! -If the chair Kq person previously installed in the place corresponding
to the mounting position of the mark member (6) in one room matches the mounting position of
the part # (6), the sound of each channel It can be listened to in a balanced manner.
In this case, it is assumed that the part F of the above F KNi! If there is furniture such as a table
at the place where you want to listen at that place, ie if you want to listen at a place
corresponding to the Go part shown, for example, part #i mom (6) part F Attach to part l of. And
B of the display plate (2) (the position of the central part of the Q part is in agreement with the
position of G of the figure, ie, the mounting position of the clamp member (6), ie, Lang r 3 b), (34)
The volume control V of each channel in the 4-channel stereo reproduction apparatus may be
adjusted so that the portions B and D brightened by K become larger than the portions A and O
brightened by the lamp (kL (5a). In addition, 4IK each lamp (ga) in the example of the earth
statement. It becomes more effective because the aesthetic effect can be enhanced if the color
which is red, t, a, * t to a can be added to (5b), (3o) and (Ad) to no light. As described above,
according to the present invention, the display plate surface can be viewed as a plane surrounded
by the speaker boxes of the respective channels, and the sm spot at the installation location is
brightly colored partyically with an area corresponding to the sound tWIltliFl 'of each channel. I
will do it? By simply looking at the display board, it is possible to know the volume change and
the simulated sound field from the bee box of each channel, and hence to easily know the
balanced listening NR position. A very excellent effect f can be obtained that the volume control
operation of balancing the sound from the speakers of each channel at a desired position 418
can be easily performed. ! In addition, since the present invention detachably mounts the mark
member on the surface of the display plate, the S * position at which the sound of the four
channels is balanced can be installed and displayed. So for example 1 mark sB once by 4 speaker
boxes! [Associating with the position of the chair installed in the plane to be put on the display
plate and making sure that the sound balance point of each channel, that is, the portion of F
matches the above mark member as shown in a memorial manner] Even if you move the chair
EndPage: 3 и и и Iitiam sweep Wk etc., you can know the approximate position of the original chair
by looking at the position of the mark member on the display plate surface, you can This has the
effect of eliminating the need to readjust the parameters. In addition, when 7 channels of 4
channels Of are set at the desired listening position, this also serves as a standard for volume
control, so that tt control can be performed relatively reliably and quickly. It is a thing.
4 Brief Description of the Drawings The drawing is a block diagram of -N gun example of the
present invention. (1) ииииииииииииии Display, (2) иии Display board, (3a), (3b)-+ <5a) rCsd)----yy, (4m), (4b)
), (4c), (4a) ?... Variable I / V ida / s circuit, (?)... Power supply, (6)... Mark S #. Name of Agent
Attorney Nakao Toshio Nakayama 1 1 6 Other agent address in Osaka Prefecture Kadoma city
Ogata Kadoma address 1006 Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. Name (6152) $ Buried land
Shigetaka I) IEndPage: ?
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