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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a front view of a variable resistor multi-axis
simultaneous control device having a display device according to an embodiment of the present
invention, FIG. 2 is a bottom view of the same device, and FIG. FIG. 4 is an enlarged exploded
perspective view of a universal joint portion of the device. 7 · · · · · · · · Operation plate, 9-12 · · · · · ·
· · · · · variable resistor 13,15. A1 E · · · Connecting plate D · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·
· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · light source or light emitter. 1-113-Japanese Utility
Model Application Publication No. 48-42052 (2) FIG. 2 FIG.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention is a variable resistor
configured such that the axis of n-P0'n of two or more variable resistors can be controlled by one
operating shaft 1 Multiaxial Simultaneous I! lll # @ t い て 、 V 畦 畦 畦 畦 畦 畦 が 一 、 、 、 う
K f f f f 位 KfJ4 alignment! A relates to a display device 1 with a strong hatching, and a variable
resistor corresponding to the winter-simultaneous eyelid control device of the variable resistor.
Below 1J, -ψ 11 of the present * draft device will be described with reference to the drawings. In
the figure, one side is open in the figure (1), and it is a yellow body in the fall nt direction, and
this bell body (1) is provided in the center of the earth wall of the bell body (n Is a spherical body
and a bearing (31, (41 is J + 7 with # f5)) which comes from a spherical molded product, and the
body (11K is attached), and the force and the above bearing (3+, (4)) The operation shaft (7) of
metal penetrates through the hole (6) and adheres to it, and the spherical body (8) which is n is
held rotatably freely. I9)-(2) is a 19 n variable resistor attached to the central portion of each side
wall of the housing (1) and has a conventionally known configuration, and each E7 [resistor (( 9)
To (2) For example, the resistance J-11s-Ak, m // (11, both ends r of each of the respective shield
plates constituting the unit r, ibvc (a table provided Each piece (not shown) of the housing (1),
formed in the wall f f 'L hole locking hole without hole hole hole], oil pressure field π, then, by
bending etc i5 [body The variable resistor (9) to a2 are made of metal material-or insulating
material Ij shaft 03 ~ @ (not shown) attached to the wall of I A notch is formed at the tip of each
of the shafts, 03 to (b), each of which protrudes from the inner side of each of the side walls 11
and protrudes inward in the K direction and protrudes into the housing (1). α □ お 設 け 設 け
設 け 設 け 設 け π 、 、 、 [, part of the springiness of the part? It is a moving plate made of an
arched metal that is sharpened from an elastic material that is attached to the notched portion of
the shaft (d) to (t), and this shaft is opposed to the interlocking plate α, o9. '(D) 40 and mQJ (d)
are cross-linked between each other and 4. N-tlf'L long groove 09 ° in each center part, and a
ridge is formed, 2), 1)! The tip end portion (c) of the FX operation shaft (7) is purchased at a
crossing portion of the a plate Qr and a □□□. The interlocking plate 07), a cross point of os s't
* i, and a tip part of the operation shaft (7) formula, which is a conversal outer ring I (consists of
/ aOjj--jj--mj ", a three-letter shape s'm '戸 焙 呑 ÷ 響 堅 イ イ 1 b
(4) Delayed metal, / I finished, the tool (ha) is rolled with the cross-pieced piece (a), and it is
rotated 5j. , And the other member of the association J, e *, e4 and the connecting piece-and
constitute a coni paral joint part, and I2 + i2- よ (Ha) In the fake club Kadokiko, Nibaru Ruji, in
the joint bracket @ which constitutes the Indian part at the time wound town 畦)! ! This
connection board (I), the outside of the MQ side of the hook 9 f j j シ シ ニ ニ ニ "訃 訃-, C! 9’?
L-CQ, (31) is connected to the rotating ij J 連結, and this series, w 餐 町 C town, 0 ° C and I I I [<mouth (1), (至) is a dovetail-shaped ^ (1) can (1) can be pivotable to a degree of irritability, · n) · ·
· ζt1 connection bracket C110 meeting, 9, 785 parts (to) · · · 翰 kI 'mby, with (至) and connected,
piece (() · (至). cn and Q: 11 each one end of the connector is 2,478 parts (support), CGt
structure, connecting bracket (b) consisting of CGt, avc rotation 0] connecting plate connecting in
1n , These connecting plates (至), and at the central part of the gauze, they cross with each other,
and to their forehead a 酋 酋 ((11 長 敏 取 付 け 取 付 け 1 1 1 1 1 5 of the support plate
(support), 1 port p rotatably attached to the support (i) 2 and f 12 and the other end of the
above-mentioned continuous plate (b) 0 can and 9 comparison · town A connecting plate
attached to the rod, the other end of the ring crosses pivotably with one another at the ring, and
the light source at the crossing portion V ' If the light emitting body is attached, then use the
operation axis 1 (1), the operation axis (even if the operation axis is rotated at any angle, the
operation axis ( 1ij axis bearing 31, (41Vcc ball held freely n ball, body (aHic buy and hold fixed
1 〃 · 床 floor (8) or pivoting) 7 · nH 4 角 angle TkK Free IC [!? I move. The end portion @ of the
operation shaft (7) is a long groove 09. Slow to have a slope-, − 0/1. Cross section KJ of Oa!
Since the operation is also i (7, if it is all-rotation type its tip part @ σ long groove a, (I) as a
guide), the force is smooth, and the delay 1I 21 Q Q 71 · (至) ? The mounting part (the part
where the cut-and-raised part is attached to the cut-out part of the shaft 03-(G)) As a pipe center,
it is simultaneously subjected to a circular motion in a circular motion. , Interlocking plate
tapping, the shaft where both ends are attached to the interlock of Q19?
Communicate to the mounting part of 03 to Q6 Ha, its axis a, i ~ (to)? 1 (dynamic <tR-ex ^ 8-75 /;
6, book to operate, and t'LK 9 operation axis (7) turn to an appropriate angle 1 turn 1 each
variable resistor (9) The resistance value of ~ 02 can be changed simultaneously, here, two
opposite 61 variable resistors f'jl, QLl facing each other (Js, strike 9 rry turning operation means
In the case where the operating shaft (7) is moved horizontally, '1 next when moving in the
direction of true longitudinal force Kh, its tip e? nrt Isha Sword ・ One delay 608 or the long
damage of α 喪 喪 ft sliding within 1n 9 遅 遅 遅 Q Q Q cri cri cri cri cri cri cri cri cri cri cri F F F!
As a result, 2 @ variable resistors (91, α た, Oo, (2) only tt work). Then, move the operation m
(when the 71 is turned, move to the position 6 and 4 of the tip -29 of the operation shaft (7), the
indo part (i) light its operation shaft (7),) . As the movement of a part of the support-as part of the
center of the support-as a part of the center of the support-as a part of the center of the joint
plate @ 1), the movement of a solitary two pantographs to the intersection of fi The part of s and
tk move in symmetry with-part, at this time, 11 strays, (the company's substitute for the
connecting plate ω). (I) Length and length of the movement of the four sides (I, I, I, I C such as I c
late I (I., Q intermediate crossing & Q ρ コ コ コ コ コ コ コ コ ジ ョ ジ ョ ジ ョ ジ ョ ジ ョ ジ ョ
7 イ ン イ ン 7) 112) It can be said that the operation is performed at the intersection of the
symmetric 動 differential motion 會 connecting plate f41), ·. In this way, it is possible to move the
intersection portion of the connecting plate J · to the symmetrical position with the portion on
the conversal junction portion and the portion of the support (I) as a center. The movement
position (trajectory) of the light source or the fourth body is the same as the movement position
w (trajectory) of the operation axis (7). That is, it can be known by the shift degree of the transfer
order Ik't of the operation axis (7)-the light source or the light emitter. D) In the above
embodiment, it is the next one to change the Rthi motion of the motion axis (7) of the lever to
planar motion at the position of the light source or the light emitter (good), another! The light
source or the light emitter position is not necessary to be converted to planar motion at the
position of the light source or the light emitter, and other mechanisms are also included. There
are various groove nb%. As described above, the present gl 某 all is configured by controlling a
plurality of variable resistors by single-axis operation, and by operating one operating axis to eat
one g ≧ O Σ-08 shoulder 8 and a meal. Is there a distance between the operating axis and the
same operation m as this operating axis?
The light source is L1 can be known by the light emitter, and it is possible to find it separately,
and the balance W by v4 adjustment? It is a completely new thing that you can learn by knowing
in another place in the operation axis seven. The ability to adjust the adjustment position a can
be strongly enhanced by the presence of a light source, and the design of each crucible set can
be completely redesigned. It will be.
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