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■ Fixed electrode assembly O Japanese Patent Application No. 45-51342 [Phase] Application
No. 45 (1970) June 15 @ inventor Watanabe Shoji Kawasaki City Ku-ku-ku 70 Yanagicho Tokyo
Shibaura Electric Co., Ltd. Yanagimachi Co., Ltd. Nobuo Co., Ltd. 0 Tokyo Shibaura Electric Co.,
Ltd. Kawasaki City Kawasaki-ku Horikawacho 72 [Yes] Attorney Attorney Takehiko Suzue 4,
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view showing an embodiment of
the fixed electrode assembly of the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a side view showing another
embodiment of the same.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a capacitor type
transducer, and more particularly to the improvement of a fixed electrode assembly in which an
electret element is used. Conventionally, in a fixed electrode assembly using this type of fixed
electrode and electret element, one metal layer of an electret plate comprising the electret
element is formed by sputtering, or a metal plate is made of conductive adhesive. It adheres and
is constituted. When such a fixed electrode assembly is used for a capacitor type transducer, the
fixed electrode plate (the metal layer or the metal plate) is fixedly attached to a support
protruding from the inner wall of the transducer case. . By the way, the above-mentioned
Nireclilet element has its characteristic that the charged charge decays with time, and when this
charged charge falls below a predetermined value, it has to be replaced with a new electret
element. Also, as is well known, the work [111111] leftlet element is wrapped in a metal foil, for
example, and by short-circuiting both surfaces (both electrode surfaces) of this electret element,
it is possible to alleviate the time-dependent attenuation of this charged charge. Have. However,
such a conventional fixed electrode assembly is not designed to reduce the time-dependent
attenuation of the electrified plate as described above, and the electret plate is not effectively
used. Also, as described above, since the time-dependent attenuation amount of the electrification
plate of the electret plate is not alleviated, the period in which the electrification plate of the
electret plate becomes equal to or less than the predetermined value is shortened, and the
replacement time of the electret plate is advanced. Nevertheless, as described above, since the
fixed electrode plate (metal layer or metal plate) and the electret plate are fixed by sputtering or
an adhesive, the electret plate can not be replaced when replacing the electret plate. Therefore, it
was extremely inconvenient and wasteful, and it was extremely uneconomical to replace all of the
fixed electrode assembly or transducer, especially when the electret plate charge was reduced.
The present invention eliminates the above-mentioned drawbacks and provides not only
exchangeability of the electret plate but also very convenient longevity measurement of the
electret plate), and provides an economical fixed electrode assembly. With the goal. An
embodiment of the present invention will be described below with reference to FIG. That is, the
first plate 11 serving as a broken-circuit-like fixed electrode plate in which the upper end portion
111 is formed in the rear end direction and the lower end portion 112 is formed in the front end
direction using a metal plate The second plate 12 made of a metal plate formed in a flat plate
shape having elasticity that is substantially the same as the area of the upper and lower portions
111 and 112 described above uses a conductive adhesive or the like for the upper portion 111,
for example. It is fixed in electrical connection with the fixed electrode plate 11 and is provided
so as to face the lower portion 112 and form the gap portion 13 with the lower portion 112.
In this case, the [111111] EndPage of the second plate 12 in the second plate 12: 1
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