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3. Patent applicant Tokyo Aosaka 4-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo 14th, 14th zip code [Phase] Japan
Patent Office ■ JPO 4B-45224 examination request request (all four pages) Office internal
reference number l0 Japan According to the classification addition, the manufacturing of the two
electrodes or the method of the invention Detailed description of the method of the invention The
invention provides: a speaker cone comprising I lagen fibers and / or an edge ** t Method
method or company device. ! + A natural or synthetic complex containing large y fiber, a kettle
dr-Collagen contamination To make an aqueous suspension with a simplex, intervene between
the electrodes # aqueous suspension to intervene DC voltage (1 2.) An apparatus for obtaining a
speaker cone and / or an edge continuously. The present applicant has proposed a speaker cone
and / or an edge based on collagen fiber alone on natural or synthetic fibers containing collagen
fiber in JP-B 41-144R3 and the like. Loudspeaker cones proposed in the past are able to
significantly build up internal loss compared to conventional loudspeaker cones mainly made of
wood pulp etc., and meanwhile the wave number characteristics are flat and the sound quality
reproduction characteristics are excellent. What you can do Furthermore, in Edge et al., It is
possible to construct an edge without a car color as compared with the one using conventional
natural leather, so that the effect i is known as KA <<. However, depending on various factors
determined by the inevitable conditions that come from the manufacturing process, one that can
accurately output the thickness of the cone or the C and the edge). Sufficiently intertwining the
fibrils (Ftbrrt) in collagen fibers firmly with each other. EndPage: The present invention
eliminates the above-mentioned drawbacks and obtains six excellent speakers; A method and
apparatus for providing an optical speaker cone or 1 and an edge using a natural or synthetic
fiber containing collagen fiber conventionally used before describing the constitution of the
present invention. Reference is made to FIG. 1 to facilitate understanding of the present
invention. As a conventional method for producing collagen fibrils or molded products, a dry
method and a method using an extruder or the like in a wet method lotus are known, but a wet
method identical to the method for producing a speaker cone etc. will be described. For example,
as a paper fiber pulp, a non-drift needle agate kraft valve is put into a beater with water to be
beaten, and then a collagen fiber is put in the above beater, mixed and further beated and put
into a tank (12 in FIG. Water is added and mixed, and the valve (81 is opened to discharge the
water). Pulp and lagen fiber layers are deposited (41) on the net (2) formed into a substantially
speaker cone shape.
After being placed in a dehydrator etc., press molded and dried to form a speaker cone. Since the
process is almost the same for the edges etc. (8's S depending on the manufacturing process, it is
a manufacturing process like this. It was not possible to obtain lossy uniform cords y and / or
edges. Furthermore, it is very difficult not only to be able to produce dogs I, but also to control
the thickness of the deposited layer, and it is very difficult to produce the speaker cone and / or
the edge of the design value notification. The The present invention provides a completely new
speaker cone and a method or apparatus for producing a C or an (an) error which solves the
above-mentioned drawbacks. The present invention will be described in detail with reference to
FIGS. 2 to 5 below. The principle of the present invention is to be able to speculate as much as
possible from the means used for analysis of proteins etc. known as electrophoresis-although the
migration speed is slow in general electrophoresis, and generally It is doubtful whether electric
floating occurs when collagen fibers are mixed with synthetic fibers, natural fibers, etc. The
present inventors conducted various experiments in this regard, and as a result, it has been found
that collagen fibers alone can be accumulated at relatively fast rotation, etc., in cathode or # 'i
anode, natural fibers or synthetic fibers. It is found out that it is mixed in collagen fibers to obtain
a cocoon-like aqueous suspension, and when a direct current voltage is applied, collagen and
fibers can be accumulated on the cathode or anode as in the case of fibers alone. As fine fibers of
collagen fibers I used in the present invention, leather such as cows and sheep is unwound and
particularly fine fibers are used. (1) The fragmentation of collagen fibers is carried out
mechanically and chemically, and in the present application, tanning agents were detached from
talone leather to obtain fine fibers. Water is added to the fine fiber obtained as in a cocoon, so
that an aqueous suspension is made PH> 7 or ViPH <7K One actually selected PH> 7 In the case
of pH> 7, the migration is carried out on the anode PH <7 Since it exhibits acidity, it migrates to
the cathode to form an accumulation layer. It was found that it is preferable to make the
accumulation layer on the cathode acidic and to make the aqueous suspension containing
collagen fibers alkaline, and that it is preferable. PH (can be obtained by adding a conventional
organic or inorganic acid to the above aqueous suspension for selection. These 1111 suspensions
are placed in an electrodeposition tank and a DC voltage is applied. In this case, it is possible to
use a conventional Vi as an electrodeposition tank, but it is particularly advantageous to use an
electrodeposition tank as shown in FIG. 2 in order to make the electrodeposition thickness
That is, in FIG. 2, (5) is an electrodeposition tank, which is formed of, for example, stainless steel
etc. in the same manner as the anode (6) composed of a stainless steel plate, and is formed
substantially in the shape of The above aqueous suspension is inserted into the ellipse to apply a
DC voltage of 10 to 2 QOOV @ to the eO electrode. At this time, the suspension should be
selected to have a pH of less than PHfq and be able to accumulate collagen fine fibers on the
cathode, but the cathode (7) f support plate (I K 9 sec) through the hollow axis The thickness of
the collagen fiber layer to be accumulated 4 layers which can eliminate the harmful effect of
being accumulated <tS in the peripheral part if it is made to rotate at full speed is included in the
aqueous suspension, 0 applied voltage, 0 conduction time, 0 aqueous suspension near? -The
amount of dullness, ■ Aqueous suspension c + si ** becomes a large A9 meter □ The above Oa)
is usually 100V 4N is effective and increase in thickness by ■, ■, 0 礪 # Increase in thickness .
Furthermore, I found a fist whose room temperature is appropriate for the 0 term. EndPage: 2 In
addition to the speaker cone or FiC, etc., in Fig. 3 (see Fig. 2 (→ in order to have a large number
of 1 III faces and folds like 1) Assuming a flat plate, Fig. 3 (1! The edge electrode 1 has a
drawback that the distance between one peak I and the other peak +13 is not constant. Since the
above defect is further increased because the depth (support) is large in a cone etc. as shown in
FIG. 3 (b), the shape on the anode side is substantially the same as that of the cathode, as shown
in FIG. 3 (ctI (b) By setting the distance between W61, WA, w, and wd constant, it was possible to
obtain a collagen fiber accumulation layer with a more uniform thickness. 場合 In the above case,
the aqueous suspension of the collagen fiber in the form of a bowl has been described, but when
obtaining a cone as shown in FIG. 3 (b), natural fibers such as ordinary valve material or artificial
fibers are mixed It has been found that if DC voltage is applied, it is possible to integrate as well
and control cone compliance etc. In the following, the present invention will be described in
detail with reference to FIG. 4. The same reference numerals as in FIG. 2 are added to fk1 to omit
the repetition explanation. However, the vibrator # 15a) is derived from the thin end of the
electrodeposition tank (5) PHX / T (231 ~ Bo y "% = (? ) Return through. (PH stun) E + is a unit for
automatically adjusting the pH of the aqueous suspension. The cooling tank is cooled by running
water or the like in order to make the suspension temperature constant at normal pressure. On
the other hand, it is attached to the cathode + 71Fi supporting plate (8) and is rotated integrally
with the hollow shaft (91).
A hollow shaft (at another end, a spur gear (2) is meshed with a spur gear 12Qa1 added to the
shaft of the motor al. The cathode is in contact with the direct current stabilization circuit [(1)
pole connected with plus α 4 and the anode (6) is a voltmeter a mark connected to the (4) pole
of the direct current stabilization circuit through a DC ammeter 0TI Are connected in parallel in
the circuit allK. The DC stable north loop is provided with an AC xt ′ ′ + ov power source
rectified and multiplied (傳) a9 series. Of course, a plurality of hollow shaft support plates and
cathodes, including the hollow shaft support plate and the cathode, are arranged in the direction
toward the back surface of the drawing, and are sequentially moved by the chase 7 or the like.
An aqueous suspension containing paper pulp and Lagen fiber in such an apparatus was
electrodeposited on a sintered Jl cathode at a voltage of 20 ° C. at a temperature of @ 20 ° C.
The thickness after peeling off the six layers was Food that meets about 120μ. Since these form
ruthless rumors such as pinholes and so on S ゐ 5 If (a) (a) 0 how (!) 7-fold lj * -It piled up and
inserted into the inside of the air and other O: 1 2nds etc. in the form of an occlusal member to
control air, etc., further 6th (see φφIK as shown A piece of sheet (6 membranes, a cone or an
edge) can also be used to create a single t &. 4, 6 * 4 umbrella * flljti + 朧 bpd-* w-y fork 11 x 11
110 easy job--1 1 ■ 1 轄 0 JIL bee * =-y fork # 1) edge OII construction brass device) 會拳 0 纏
峠 纏 峠 閤 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 一 一 一 一 一 一 j j j j
j j j j j j j j j j j 1 Fig. 3 is a route diagram showing a method of placing a belt-shaped belt-bear
type ea-y and an edge-shaped forge part (a method of monks) showing an O-Denmark
arrangement. Fig. 5 [a] (φ '(b) (tA is a schematic reduction drawing showing a method of
processing a cone or a pit, di obtained by this method / lighting method. φ) tank, (6) anode% (7)
Fi cathode, (town is support plate, ('4) is hollow shaft, pan is cooling tank, pot) is bonder, 俟 IFi
PH squat, ■ is motor, ■ Is a spur gear, oe is a DC stabilization circuit, a is a rectification circuit,
and a4 is brass. One EndPage: 3
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