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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a circuit diagram showing an embodiment of a
display apparatus for four channels according to the present invention, and FIGS. 2 to 5 show
waveforms and display states of respective parts in the apparatus. Fig. 2 is a schematic diagram
illustrating the operation of the device. 141 to 144 и и и и и и и и и и Amplifiers, 151 to 154 и и и и и и и и и и
и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и amplifier, 151 to 154 и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и color display
tube, 19 и и и и и и и и и и и и и и иииfilter. Fig. 1-5-48-6022 (2) Fig. 2 Fig. 3 (A) 1 r \ no l \ J 1 (B) 1 l \ A no.
. , 1 ? ? 1 1 1 ? 1 ? ((D) ? 1 1 1 1) <F 3) (C) 1 ? 4) ? 4 ? 7 ? 7 7/7 7 7 '?, 7f ? ? ? ?
? \ (D) One move 1 (Reff (E) (F) (G)-6-48-6022 (3) Figure 4 Figure 5 (A) i \! / 4 \ (T (B) 2 '? \ /
6 \ (f (C) 1' 3 ? ? / 2 T (A) one) X X 73 X no
[Detailed description of the invention] The present invention relates to a 4-channel remote device
using a color cathode ray tube indicator. In a 4-channel stereo, the balance and phase of each
channel 1-4B-45602-02. If you want to check. It may be very difficult to make adjustments while
listening to the snow from the speakers. In particular, in the case of the 9) number channel
system, etc., the crosstalk is large, so it is difficult to understand the direction and localization of
the sound ray only by hearing the child. Therefore, the balance and phase between each channel
at a glance It's very useful to have something that you can just check. The present invention has
been made in view of the above-mentioned circumstances, and can display the direction of the
bark on the prata saw, and the localization of the bark and the phase lIa relationship between
each channel, 1! The purpose is to provide a 4-channel display covered with snow that is very
easy to check for the expansion of the place, etc. and for checking. One embodiment of the
present invention will be taxed with reference to the drawings. As shown in FIG. 1, the 4-channel
signal has a left 11iJ signal L / at the input terminal 111. Right front 4g issue 8f is input terminal
112. The left rear signal qLb is added to the input terminal 11J, and the right rear signal Rb is
added to the input terminal 114 by the mark 2-48-45602-03, and the four channel numbers are
respectively '?, Dx key *-z, 11 pJ f- 2sat: l # @ 8h: 6 @ * "Correction. 72, ? 556, ? 16.2 ░ 1 и и и
? channel signal not disclosed number Cha L. In order to minimize the threat to the signal
supplied to the repulsion power increase stage after the fishing rod increase, it is necessary to
take #J @@ zsx7'3 ? 114v) Take the input impedance as large as possible. The 4-channel signal
amplified by the ? 11 ? booster xls%% 114 is amplified by the increase # # A 141 141 ? 144
after the level and the balance between each channel are overcome by the volume JJJ ? 114 Ru.
In this case, the left front Nozaki L / and the right 1IfJ other 4 of the 4-channel signal! The f is
increased to be in phase with the input and output, and the left cast signal Lb and the right rear
signal Rb are input a power f! The four channels are amplified so as to be in phase, so that the
front and back signals are in antiphase with each other at the outputs of the amplifiers 141-144.
This is a display when color brown, which will be described later, is enhanced by the color bra 848-45602 049 of the display, and when the component in the diagonal direction is # 11 beat,
there is no output, and in the case of the first phase The output is only to appear in.
Such a second channel signal amplified by 1s 141 to 144 in the section II is detected by the
current switch 111 to the main 4 after being detected with successive polarity. The left front
signal Lf and the right front signal ? ? / of the channel number signal are those in which a
right half wave is detected and the left rear 4N Lb and the right rear signal ib # 'i negative-half &
are detected. In this way, the four-channel signal detected with 1 reverse polarity is the first 1 ░
combined with the left or right rear signal Eb and the right front signal R / and the left rear
signal Lb. The left front signal L / and the right rear signal ah mixed signal or the color brown
tube display 16 color brown [supplied to the Y-axis direction yarn and with the right front false /
left rear signal Lb mixing 6 No. 2 or own II color brown "***. ig &> ', '77, '77 * XW, MliJ + t:
supplied. Here, V is considered in the case where a signal of the same sign L7 and a right signal
4-4B-45602-05 are supplied to the wound 8-input terminals 111 and 114 as in FIG. , The left 11
signal L j has an out of phase 1 positive half cycle directed to the output of the diode 11 as
shown in the am diagram. On the other hand, the phase is inverted so that the signal is inverted
and the negative half cycle is derived from the output point of the diode 114 so that the signal is
inverted to the right rear signal point z. Therefore, when the outputs of the diodes 151 and 114
are mixed, the outputs are mutually equalized to zero 4), and therefore this mixed output is
supplied to the color brown fl Y axis alignment yarn of the color brown display display lC.
However, the output does not appear on the Y axis of the color brown kite. In this case, the same
relationship holds for the right t10 signal Rf and the left rear signal Lb. On the other hand, as
shown in Fig. 8 IAI and IBI, when the left-to-right signal L / and the right-to-right signal of & g
are supplied, the left 1111 signal L / is 2 as shown in Fig. 1 q- In the case of 11 units, 2 halfcycles of one-phase stop or the output of the tire 151 are sent to the same machine. or. The right
rear Rb is phase-inverted to be the next-order one 6), ? 6-4B-45602-06 localized-the signal Lj is
in phase and the negative half as shown in Fig. 8! An cycle is derived at the output of the diode
184. Therefore, by mixing the outputs of diodes 151 and 114, an output as shown by * sFg is
assumed, and this output is supplied to the color black li Y axis direction system of color plane
display J #. 4118 on the Y axis of the color Braun tube surface (the left front signal Lj is
displayed upward and the right rear signal mb is displayed downward, as shown in the phantom).
In this case, the same relationship holds true for the right cast signal R / and the left contusion
No. Lb, and in this case the mixed output is supplied to the color brown Ji x III 14 I 4 directional
system of the color plastic tube display 416. On the X-axis of the plane, as shown in FIG. 8, the
right ll11 reconnaissance 8j is displayed to the right, and the left rear signal Lb is displayed to
the left. Next, consider the left and right two left and right two channels rd4. When the left -j
signal L) and the right 1F] signal in phase are supplied to the input terminals 111 and 111 in
phase as shown in FIG. 4 and 1B #, the signal L / and the right direction ?R? is a crane 4 as
shown in FIG. ????? ????????????????? It is derived at the output of
152. Therefore, the outputs of the 1 ░ diodes 181 and III have the power of q = ,,,. By feeding to
the color brown ? Y-axis and X-axis deflection system of the round tube display JIIJ ?. In Color
Plaquen play, the left front signal L / is displayed upward on Y-, and the right front signal R / is
displayed rightward on the X axis. In this case, the combination of the three is # I4 As shown in
the town, the oblique direction is also displayed. In this case, the same holds true for the left rear
logram Lb and the right rear signal Rh only by turning the display direction in the opposite
direction. As shown in Fig. IAJ and 1B-one power, the left -1 signal L / and the right i! When IJ
reconnaissance is supplied. Left-handed signal L / and right l! As shown in FIG. 11 (q and (Q,
positive half cycles are taken out to the outputs of the diodes 157 and 152). Thus, the outputs of
the diodes 111 and 7-48-45602-08 and 112 are supplied to the color frown tube Y and X wheels
of the color display 9 and the tube ts 16 so that the output is a color breakup. It is displayed on
the screen. In this case, the time for the positive half cycle of the left 1 signal L / and the right
1I11 signal 8J to be supplied to the Y-axis and X-axis adjacency yarn is increased to 1 synthesis
Each of them is displayed independently as shown in Fig. 5 (upwardly on <Ys as shown on the
slope, rightwardly on the X axis and 9f away from each other, and so on in the other cases as
well) You can think about it. Therefore, although the direction of f # of 4 channels can be
displayed on the color CRT 16 by one or more acid supply, it can be displayed even for small
input signals and not clipped for large Toka In order to amplify each mixed signal in the
subsequent stage of the diodes 151 to 184, a logarithmic amplifier 111.
I'll set it up. In this state, the left front signal Lj is directed upward to the Y axis on the color
Braun tube surface, and the right eyebrow signal H / is directed to the right on the X axis. Left **
Lb on the X-axis facing left, right rear reconnaissance excuses-848-45602-09, 1 yo-FINei :.
????????????????????????? ? Engineering V 45 ?Nk L? C 1 f 6 +
1 ut L / ATh $ 1 + 4 114 R / fk Mt EI s, Ii ? ? L Lbkonl ? 8.1 ?? 6.2 ? ? ? 1 ? =. In order
to be able to, ░ ? vs. amplified klrl. At 111, the amplified signal is supplied to the color cathode
ray tube y4 of the color cathode ray tube display hl # and the diversion system of the X- via the 5
box circuit 181, III. The matrix circuit 181, 181 of this 4s0 same rotation. Xa * 46 @ -th 45 'x ()-()
I) Y 45 "+ # 45'? Because it is a simple addition! 51%, and the above-mentioned * b uses a color
frown tube indicator "16", and eight l child guns of a color brown tube use red (a phantom, llll.
Let ? 1 q be drawn independently 4 Direction of sound confirmation of il channel 4 channel No.
is simultaneously displayed by red, ?, ? 8 ?. Therefore, with a single ** device, the left-to-right
signal L /, the right-to-1 signal, the left rear signal L- and the right rear signal R1 + After blending
in mixer 1 #, increase the $ 11167- through ^ area filter 211. The mixed 4-channel flaws are
divided into six, middle and low # wave number bands 6-by supplying to the band-pass filter 212
and the low-pass filter JJJ. Platan tube display allJg # of color Braun tube, 'W1. ll Each electronic
reading Q и cathode is supplied as a luminance signal 4), and this results in displaying the f ? of
the No. channel signal, the luminance of the base of the red, blue, and @ S-trees of the filters III,
III, III 4 channels high because each output signal is 6 ?. Inside, it can be displayed with
electronic sound component. In addition, Cuff-Brown indigo display! Of course, at 116, the
output signals of the filters sil, zxz, and xis can be separately written on the entire n degrees of
the blue, blue, @ 08, and so on. ???????????????????????????
1) Display the direction of the four-channel signal drama on h't '. In this case, it is possible to
easily confirm the localization of the weir, the phase relationship between each channel, f-fields,
etc. at a first glance, and it serves as a non-zero for checking, and in this case 4 Channel signal
blame. It can be displayed with high, medium and low proportions along with the direction of the
drop, and its practical value is great.
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