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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a plan view schematically showing a switch
according to an embodiment of the present invention. 1 иии и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и
и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и movable contact, 3 и и и movable contact, 4-1 и и и и и fixed contact, 4-2 и и и и
Fixed contacts, 4-3 и и и и и и и Fixed contacts, 5-o force end, E и и и Lead. l 1 z 4. "?" "1-7-▒ 1-1"! --Ml
L----J-N-231-J-48-48184 (2)
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention is directed to an input @
switch that is layered to connect a single "48-48184" (12 outputs to a single output at either of a
pair of inputs. Because. General input 111IIlll KllI is a conventional switch &! , An output end t at
a contact that is always conductive 11 with a single S * point and an input end K of a first
constant contact t o l that is selectively switched with this first point IIII. Fixed contact point of
age 2 o 20 people brass each lll1! It is K11llL # to get. However, since the distance between the
point of connection with the output end and the point between the point of ha and the first and
second constant contacts is approximately equal to one another, and this distance is relatively
small, In the case where the input signal is supplied to the input terminal, even if it is switched so
that the contact terminal 1E and the terminal 1 of the terminal d1 are false, the false threshold
due to the amount of customer between points II! Due to the loss daughter, part of the input
signal applied to the zc * m * contact leaks to the output end as taros talk. The object of the
present invention is that even when the input signal is applied to Oka at the pair of input ends,
most of the a-stoke from the separated input end can be reproduced, so that '-48-48184' 03 @ i
input @ am switch pipe provided @ H as a forex for the purpose of the present invention ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?The switch can be selectively
@ 8 on either t2 channel output 8 of the two sets of two-channel input notes so that it can be
configured as IIL and l't, it can be used on one channel. If you look at it, it is Kll-like to be able to
thin in the same direction KS * in a pair of 1l III point J and 71 Oka-like a goodbye button. The 1a
possible-contact J is 3 constant dip points 1/3, 11-1 and 3-3 ** possible, 2nd constant contact
point located in the center ?-J l or 1 year ? Working as selective KII tactile with either fixed
contact point ? -7 or 1-J, o 1t) il fixed point dream -7 is the 10th input terminal j-/, a second
fixed point? -J ? ? ? 44tL-t'tLI [I! 1tLA, 1t221DWIllIiAJt! , A pair of im * saddle points 7- /
and 7-J and Jl)), a first possibility 1111. The aJ has the second and third fixed contacts--co and JIJ phase one another and the "117j" ("--J48-48184.-04 island itself and the first And the third
fixed point 7-/ Shi!
?? ??????????? f! Work on 5 (,? ???????????????
?????????? AJ II II IIIkL ? ? 3 ? ?? ? ? J ? J J J J J J J J J J J J 20 20 20 input
end 7- JKI III ft L &. As for the other channel, it is the above and Oka-to omit ose @. Year-old 1 o
W 111! In the case where the point ? is a point 1 and the point 20 is a constant contact pointone) and a point point J ?? v ll, the first input life j ? / is the first point. Fixed point-7-. The
false ms point 2 of the fangs 1 and the second constant sag reference point-Jtail "C" connected to
the out 4 end. The output 4 is thus supplied with the signal from the first input I-I. And in this
case 11, the h 20th input end! -2 is the second constant score 7-J and prot. Loi1 w! Between the
i1 point 7-/, and the 30th Yujiji! With the ? 411-J and the second fixed ? point joint and the
0IIII ? output end 4 respectively and separated from the There are 22 000 fixed points
connected with each other and the thick (4) 1 1 48 48 48 5 05 separated by a distance-so that
the 20th input tin! -1 to 2t) @ A signal applied to the contact 7-2 is 10,000 end 4Ka talosta # 1
extremely small. According to the experiment 0 m section, the amount of this taro rosota. The
twentieth human power @ 7-J ? a! i v vh J case KJt, input clause! -Depending on the impedance
and the resistance @ 4 o impedance, generally 419! L circle ? Ta 111 1st 20 ? ?! -Contacts 1
? 1 and 1 ? 1-Integral l ") 11111141", fl 11111111 I, aJtc! From the 2 nd and 3 rd 111 w 1 A
1-2 and the 3 ?-t * 20 nd l l contact JK, the 1 s and the 2 s 2 s Fixed contacts 7-/ s! ? And 7 ?
tt respectively **, the input input / / / and the output end 4 and d 1st! J and 20 @ ji! Contact--/
31 and ?-? K K>-are stratified and one generation) Ko 20 human power @ 2-2 is the second
constant contact 7-2. Town II III point J, first constant contact 7-1. ? @ I, 3011 fixed contact--J,
movable contact J & o * fixed contact dream-Jl through connection to the output end 1 for this
reason. ?) 1 ? ?, r ? 4B-48184, [Table 16-Brief description-ai # 1 is a plane schematically
showing a switch according to an embodiment of a single rod blockage.
1611116601 body j-и и l input end Jm * 11 @ @ 11 possible I consideration I-co @ @ @ @ 'J и и и и и и
и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и output terminal *-i, * ,! ????? Contact 7-ha 00. Constant contact point-7
и и и и и и и и и и I--и и и 'ro-и и lead lead Xin Silver Silver Bio = A share gold company applicant
representative person lawyer 1 ) To Sawa Hakuto Dooka Oka Ohashi 11. , No <--(shun ? 4848184-07 + 2 # '5-116 one! ??? ] [-э-] width 1 и ? ? applicant Pioneer Corporation и и и 1 '?
) 1) Sawa Hiroshi @ ,,, i4 B-48184, 086 Other than Ojl drafter 1 ca (1) Inventor-Hamao Sojiko
District Yokkodai 1 11 m-xtaJ Nakamura Taihei working people Hayato Higashi Su-Ro section
Complaint 1 1 a 12 ? Oh Taisho-Building 4F Patent Attorney Small-? ? и ?1- (4114) ? $ 31]
1 ((J * co) # tjt-augmented 2'-U- 4B-48184, 09 Procedure Amendment (?) Showa Sept. 20 I
Patent Office Secretary name Ido Takehisa -1, display of the case Showa 4 # ? M ? I-? 930-2 и
name of the device we layer relationship of the switch & correction case relationship with the
case the case ? layer registration of registered workers ? ( Living place) Ota-ku, Tokyo Oomori I
III Chome 15 ? ? ?? (name p (Fuji и 1) bio ink sum shares ? 4, agent address ? 160 east llt
city New C2 district 1 Nishishin 1 (+ -1'll Q No. 12)-/ 'Ci; Wmvtb ("1" 7 + r-one hundred two "(fi
6471 Tazawa Hiroaki; и, Showa month with H with IS correction command, (11 + / 4) 6, the
number g1 of the invention of the invention that increases over the correction gA ? = 5 ?-! == g
r0-8, contents of correction 48-48184-10: E-Commerce, first page, page 3 age, 3rd line: line 13,
line 011: Request for bulk registration request om * is corrected to 1 soll. Note 1 real J @ cut
bulging-request O range-1 year old 1 and zoW * ? point linked to the fence ?, and the 1st W
dynamic contact Os 1 ?? direction and Oka placed in one direction and ? well With 3
polarized 0IIvl contacts, the above! OW dynamic contact O Moved in the same direction as the
movement direction *** Allowing the 10th contact to contact with the 10th movable contact, the
10th contact can be connected to the 10th human power tin. The movable contact and the zeroto-one contact that is fixed to the constant feedback llll and configured to be connectable to the
above-mentioned manual power mK continuous self-power ? respectively The No. 10 1111
fixed contact placed in the transition 111 is connected to the No. 5 elf fixed contact that can be
connected with the No. 10111 moving contact described above, and the No. 11!
Zo zotii * contacts that can be connected to the OW dynamic contacts ? ? Connect to the
output m above! O Input WaS switch that is configured to be connectable to the input end. 74B48184-11 (d) 1st period 8 и? ? Do To 3 ? ? ? ?? ?? ? ? ? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??.
1 'Note book II! Line, amplification IIKI! ???? Enrichment, pair O input SO% t)-One or the
other is selected at the single O output end. KII-Use it to improve the large input switching
switch. (2) The amount of 4 pages on the 1st line to the 2nd line corrects the "output falJ"
output-jlaJKllI. ) Insert the following into the amount of S page line 20, o page 6 line 1 and t) @.
The 10th power unit is connected to the extended llo earth as shown in the dotted line with the
large sky terminal provided in the turtle room ? ? ?-J, 7-no and 0111. -/ And 5 ? O input fa! 1 and OIm to enter the earth line into K>, due to the presence of this earth line O.
??????????????? There is an effect of bringing an OA "-" 1 and 0 @ into a bride,
and further reduction of the p-sseek amount O is expected in 1 more. ) и "" (To) (to) (to) 4848184-12 (1) 1 1 l F another 114 o WI v R replacement 14 ░ agent patent attorney 1) Hirosawa
Sawa-one ?-1 ? ?---] a (1) 48-48181-13
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