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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS The drawings relate to the device of the present
invention, and FIG. 1 is an explanatory view of 74 channel stereo reproduction as an example of
its use, and FIG. 2 is a front view of a four channel performance device to which the device of the
present invention is attached. 3 and 4 are a perspective plan view of the device of the present
invention and a sectional view taken along the line II ', and FIG. 5 is a view showing another
example of the shape of the control cam. ииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии Spring, 14 ииииииии Control
cam. Fig. 1-3 actual opening 48-50002 (2) Fig. 3 Fig. 4-
[Detailed description of the invention] The wood device relates to the swm device of a 1-channel
stereo performance device, and simultaneously the volume of the 4 # speakers in front and back
and right and left according to the listening position of the stereo deputy listener's chopsticks ?) mfi [1 l , + 6 tllf. ???? ?? Listening position Kt, 1: listening to the sound volume from the
car just in a balanced manner b: 4 channel stereo adjustment to balance the playback sound
volume *** position O listening position complement 4B-50002-22 positive (f field correction ) It
is intended to provide something convenient as a device. That is, in the 4-channel stereo
reproduction, the listener listens to a position between the front left stone speaker (PL) (PR) and
the ring part left stone speaker (R1,) (RR) as shown in FIG. However, due to furniture in the room,
items such as 1111 degrees, etc., it is inevitable that the shape arrangement of the sun will not
be heard at the above-mentioned intermediate position. Therefore, in this case, the ? xi province
must individually adjust the four speakers at the listening position so that the whistles from the
four speakers of IJ will just balance and both. Not, that operation was a great mountain side. The
present invention has been made in consideration of such points, and the present invention
shown in FIG. 2 to FIG. The stereo playing device body (2) * # like l! I may not be (but
considering its function, the value of this invention 9 may be configured separately from the
performance offering main body ? 2), the following 183 and 48-50002- 0364 are respectively
book The plan view of the device and the I-I line side sectional view are shown, (3) is the cabinet
14) and chassis (5) of [playing it] main body (2) [in the case of a painful or MIE supporting device
1)] Operation Ict ya which protrudes by cutting out the notch i61 + 71 formed in each,% 1 & in
the ring is its knob. (9 m) to (9 d) Four slide volumes disposed on the same circumference
centering on the operation shaft (3) on the lower surface of the All'il--Circle chassis 5) (9 m) Is
the front left, (9b) is the rear left-(9o) is the front of the stone (9d) 1 for volume control of the
right rear speaker, 111) 41 (1 (1 (IGfj Hasonon ni Ikuru 1 bar, t111Q1! [1) dlli1 the peristaltic
lever ? U ? Oa 1 ? 71. Small pulley, also ?1J3aAJ, is suspended between the king sliding
lever C1JU moon et + ti and the chassis (5th projection (s1) (s1) U) and the sliding lever ae "uU ?
1 is always pointed in the direction of the arrow It is a coil spring that urges and turns the slide
volume (9) ~ (9 (1) around the operating shaft 13) and is loosely fitted to the operating shaft (3),
and J!
On a cam support plate ++ 5 provided with a circular flat cam CI4 of which l111 part engages
with the small pulley-[11] (11M11) l on the lower surface of the cab, and the operating shaft (3),
, 48-50002-0411! ?????? It is held in the disc O, Seki. Here, ue is a pole for assisting the
sliding of the flat plate cam ?. Also, ? ? is a rotor volume whose pivoting wheel is connected to
the lower end of the operation right (3) via a flexible relay, and the volume ?? is separately
screwed to the chassis 2 by a nut 2 Device (2) Overall volume-Toyokawa, that is, one that
simultaneously accumulates all the accumulated amounts of the four speakers. Further,-is a
position reference drawn on the surface of the flat plate cam ?. The device according to the
present invention is constructed as described above, and the use decision and operation will be
described below. In FIG. 1, the tIIAX station first enjoys the four-channel stereophonic amphibian
at the position indicated by the symbol 1N in the figure. Is good to stand upright in the center of
the operating shaft 1314-wIs device L2 +, so that the slide volumes (9 &) to (9d) all become the
same shape and the 4411 il speaker (? ? ? ? ? L) (FRXRIJ) (RR) The accumulated amount
from each of the four speakers was provided independently by the performance of the 11% one
main body Q111 (not shown) of each of the four speakers individually. In order to become-, the
balance should be 7g, so this operating axis' ░) I ? ? and rotation fL 6 Z + t! :, C (D / 'off the
coast of 4) Maintain the power of the whole volume, adjust the volume f, force f. Next, for
example, when performing playback and listening at position 101 in the figure, if the operation
shaft 3) is tilted rightward (R work GHT) in FIG. As a result of fingering to the Io], it is pushed
outward against the spring G3Q2 through the sliding lever atmo and the small pulley (D) D of the
slide volume (9o) (9d) at the four edges thereof The volume of the slide volume (9 ░) (9 (1) +
trowel I l-sectioned right front and right rear speakers (FR) (RR) decreases. At the same time, the
slide of the slide volume (9,) (9b) by the sliding of the force murm to the right moves the slide V /
<utl [11) of the slide volume (9b) inward by the spring @@. The volume of the left front and left
rear speakers (FL) (RL) whose volume is adjusted by the volumes (9a) and (9b) increases, and the
case of the tapping position even at the O position toward the direction Volume balance can be
With the post-actuating shaft 131 tilted, the balance is maintained by means of the shaft l314pivoting fist! ! -The ability to make the overall loudness of section 111 be due to the operation of
the universal joint. In addition, when performing playback and listening at the position 1 in the
figure, the operation 11iiit 31 may be tilted to the right front, and in this case, the volume of the
right front speaker (IR) decreases. It goes without saying that the volume of the left rear speaker
(RL) is increased, and the same operation as described above is carried out at the listening
position of the base shown in the figure in the history, and the correct balance of balance at that
position is obtained. It is obvious that it is possible to obtain 9 cards, and in the above
embodiment the volume from the four speakers 4-equal to 1 to increase the volume 50- is
provided circularly For example, as shown in FIG. 5, it may be formed in a non-circular shape in
consideration of the listener's hearing characteristic and the like, and various modifications
thereof are possible. In the device of the present invention to be described in detail above, any
two or four of the volumes of 41111 disposed on the same circumference centering on the
operation axis can be simultaneously operated by the operation axis. However, since each of
them is arranged to be compensated by one in the relative direction (opposite direction), for
example, a meeting used for correction of listening position balance of reproduction volume
balance of 4 channel stereo 7 performance II device Loudspeakers are overwhelmed by the
speakers. At the cabinet's proper listening position, it is easy to obtain the appropriate volume
balance KII * L, with a god-bearing island 1
4 MN simple-& explanation The intestines @ wood
congregational equipment, * 1 figure 1 IIL diagram of 4-channel stereo reproduction as an
example of N, hall 2m is 4 channel channel IIFll which attached wood-cutting device! Equipment)
Positive ms, 11311 and U * 4m11 Large scale reading room ** Stepping scale of figure 7 and XXe line of 7 MWJ, building 5 figure '? ? ??? ? 0 -It is a figure to receive a bribe и '(9m) (?))
(? c) (94) Two-slide volume,-knee lever,--: spring, -4:-. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? [? + + + + + + + + + +
+ + ? ? ? 1 (?) (?) 1 '0 et al. Fig. 2 ZI ? 3 Fig. 3 "FROlo, 1) 1, / Z,' -1 I-meeting REFTRIGI-IT
'8 II' и ? \ 9 pa и 'or Yo = 4 real III model list, "(Alga II, Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. 4B-50002-09 ,, =-,
4,-Fig. 4; in i evil 1 li agriculture II) 71; J! "L ? ? 1 Z \, force / 7 'J' 5 threat 231. 4.1 children!
4B-50002-10 real IllF plan registration t) Q ?, Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. I Mima m1 company = ?
= + e 741, (Im,
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