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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS 1 is a lamp holder, 2 2 'is a groove, 3 is a pilot lamp, 4
and 4' is a sliding lever, 7 l / i front balance slide volume, 8 is a lever balance sla id bolivar . FIG.
1 is a perspective view of this invention. Calculation 117-I
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a volume display
in a stereo channel stereo. For listeners Freon [left], left and rear lights, and G-channel stereos
that use the volume of the style that exudes insistence from the four sides of the left, the
amplifier for the da-channel is used, and the rear speakers (four-way) at the lyabahuns volume
Light, the volume of artt from the left, and the volume of the front buffer volume 48- 52503-02
')-Pariko buy front speaker (# way) lie 1. Adjust the volume of the left side, the volume from the
front twine, V foot speaker is equal, and lya light. Approximate three-dimensional sound from a
left speaker at a # 1 pressure or temple position-the speaker can be (where, this 4.t7x, 'h' plan is
a set-back of the stet vt receiver By moving the light projected on the plate up, down, left, and
right, the listener can wear the position of the balance center of the volume clearly at a glance.
This invention will be described with reference to the drawings. A single # co,-'is formed up and
down on the outer shoulder of the cylindrical trump umbrella 1 / and a U-shaped sliding mV
perg, 4 t' Insert it so that it crosses, and hold the lamp holder / C so that it can slide and move in
the lever and the lever. Insert the pilot lamp J, which is connected to blink at O12 and OFF of the
switch, into the center hole of the holder 7. Make a notch at the other end of the U-shaped sliding
repeller, # ', notch gt flint pattern A non-slide volume% rear-balance slip polyoma is pressed into
the axis of a solid piece and fixed 48-25053-03 Jl [, a fixed da-channel display device. When the
lever 7 'of the balance balance volume was turned after that, the U-shaped sliding lever q fixed to
the shaft moved accordingly in the front back and was held by the sliding lever. Along with that,
he moves back and forth. In addition, if the slide qKt of the rear balance spring is slipped in the
left and right direction, the lamp *-moves in the left and right direction. Therefore, if the pilot
lamp is projected on the screen-covered board with the stereo on the front panel board of the
receiver, the listener senses the position of the light reflected on the smoke r board by eyesight,
Puffs volume knob 71, with t /! Yas beaker reflex F, the light, the front speaker left, it can adjust
the volume which is emitted from the light. According to this invention, it is possible to use a
sliding re-heater with a humphol 7 as a 4 0 t 'to move the lamp 3 to a position θ where the lamp
3 is moved to the front and back and right and left. The sliding lever a, e'card cut off W6 is
installed on the shaft or pressed into the shaft with an adhesive etc. 48-5250 3-04 '',:, 2 # buy
two ■ raptor If so, the structure is simple because it is ugly, and all the wing parts are dusted
with a simple synthetic resin, so it is a formal consideration that has reached a large amount of
Horizontal-'-1 bright ° / ツ ダ ー ダ ー ダ ー ダ ー ダ ー コ コ J J J J J デ 、 l −1 −1 −1 −1
−1 −1 −1 −1 −1 −1 −1 −1 −1 −1 −1 −1 −1 −1 −1 −1 −1 −1 −1 −1 −1 −1 −1
−1 ーThe medium is l, and l is パ ッ. 鱈 No-this warmth Q island with island. 48- 52503-o 58,
Mu 1 State de 11 [1 to 2-Muson 11? -R-to \ \ / / 91 · 〆? ∼、 ・、。 f \, \, 9 and ゝ 蓼 ・ 2 ・
2 ぐ. 7 / 11-11-48-52, 503-06-h--, -7
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