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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view of a conventional
speaker diaphragm, FIG. 2 is a longitudinal sectional view showing an embodiment of the
loudspeaker diaphragm according to the present invention, and FIG. It is a longitudinal crosssectional view of the speaker using the diaphragm same as the above. In the figure, 6 is a
diaphragm, 61 is a conical portion, 62 is an outer peripheral edge portion, 62a is an edge
portion, and 62b is a reinforcing rib. fi / g / iCf 21 B 4 迄 4 め 4 レ, 52, 6e 5-69 実 48-605 '31
(2) fD / X) 惜) -70-
[Detailed description of the invention] This discussion relates to a speaker, particularly a gear
suitable for Q used for high-pitched speakers, also V, which is 0 V than conventional 0 ^ speaker
for sound v around 1 n & as an ultra-thin 0 film 1 There are nine types of constructions as shown
in Figure 0. That is, conventional On! The moving plate is formed by connecting a conical m <h>
and the outer periphery of the conical mB (&) 10, 4B-60531-02. O, formed by connecting to the
center hole of the edge III) and the conical S-) and comprising nine coil bobbin attachment 11 (e)
If so, there is a drawback that the diaphragm 0 shape can not be maintained in the foot O by the
diaphragm itself and the material O component x n * o warp etc. Drilling at the central position
where it is difficult-and forming the circumference of the edge S.) concentrically &! 4eであった
。 Therefore, the above-mentioned center hole O position, edge part −) 0 circle shift becomes a
coil gapy heart, and becomes a thick defect in the speaker production, and it is not suitable for a
speaker that finds N straight I11 I also got by θ. In order to correct the U fault on this
examination ri station (Math also made V, the place where it is assumed to be seven hundred, it is
composed of repentance 1iita Hui 4B-60531-03 and 2.4-one rum. Even if there is O, which is
held at a predetermined 0 cedar corridor, it is intended to provide a speaker shake that is easy to
be processed, and to be easy to process. Also, the V * V objective of the present invention is to
provide a transmission plate for a speaker which can be recorded on an O-mounted on a frame
and can be regulated in position, and can be easily assembled without a defect due to a coil gap
O-core or the like. It is to be. Next, one embodiment of the present invention will be described
with reference to the drawings. (1) is a yoke, (a) is a magnet, (5) d a ball, (4) is a plate; is there.
(The inside @ * (51+ ,, '1 and so forth described in the outer periphery 16 is fixed to the outer 16
(52) to be fixed to SIFim magnetic @ 1 g I O O, and the outer ring, and the outer ring 11 (52) A
string 4l with an inner ring 11 (51) and a plurality of sheets v11 having a continuous feed (56)
and a frame 4B-60531-04g. (6) is a peristaltic plate, and is configured to have a conical shape s
(lori, outer periphery 11 part (62), and coil bobbin deposit + 1 m (6 s). (7) d voice coil (71) The
warped upper portion of the coil bobbin is fitted and bonded in a coil bobbin crimp @ (65) in a
coiled coil bobbin. ̶) Is a cap fitted and bonded to the upper end of the coil bobbin V> V.
The outer peripheral edge (62) of the peristaltic plate (6), which is an elastic part (62), is
reinforced with an edge part (62a) connected to the outer periphery of the circular rod-like part
(61) v It is formed of a rib (62b). Also, the reinforcing lip (62b) has a rising edge (6zb1)
connected to the edge portion (62m), l! An L-shaped fllk is formed at 0, ie, a self-made cedar,
which is formed of a horizontal plate portion (62b2) connected at right angles to the n. Then, 7L
/-A (511Q 48 (52) 48-60531-05 [formed at the death place @ (52a) v top surface edging @
(62m) 壜 豊 through patkin (9), And an outer ring portion (52). The reinforcing lip (62b) and the
Q rising edge (62b) and the horizontal plate (62b2) are adhered to each other. In the case of the
real J1tF11 described above, although the outer peripheral edge (62) of the diaphragm (6) is
bonded to the frame (5) through 4 tkin C), it is shown that the frame (5) 11) I glued on top of it,
Mk may be attached to the inside of the Patkin from above. In the present invention, the
diaphragm (6) v) outer peripheral edge portion (62) is formed by an E-shaped i-ll (62 ml and an
L-shaped reinforcing rib (62 zbl and connected with 0). Compared with the peristaltic plate itself,
it does not hold and deform the foot type 0 by 1 ° by the material itself, and urge the center
hole of Q in the process of mounting to -4. 4B-60531-06--He-111 and Ril can be accurately
removed and 70 can be easily processed, and the cross-sectional shape of edge @ (62a) and
reinforcing lip (62b) is U-shaped Since it is formed, it is mounted to be fitted to the frame (5) O
outer ring portion (52), so that the position relative to the diaphragm (6) v frame (5) can also be
accurately determined. Workability is also the same, but it is zero. Electrogram + fIv? Detailed
description FIG. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view of a conventional speaker diaphragm for
speakers, FIG. 2 is a longitudinal sectional view showing an embodiment of a diaphragm for a
loudspeaker according to the present invention, and FIG. It is the speaker U longitudinal crosssection using a diaphragm. In the same figure, the (61 ri diaphragm, (61) μ circle wedge-shaped
portion, (621 d outer * 1111. (62 al is the edge post, (62 bllll [IIJ). aq-pnh31- [17-, -6flJaΔ-one?
ζ 2 m 62 i heart, ασ d 2 oligopoly to し = 赫, # # f 蜀 θ θ 1 σ 1) 2 r シ 112 と: 4 4 ∼: New
shell report for zii 1 shell? Noon S <1 * 4 * 1 Im good for 1 on chiesi 1 onion-蓼 實 V =-, group 2
Other than the above inventor, utility model registration applicant or agent (1) inventor address
name address address name address address 1 (name (2) practical fji draft ite applicants address
(1-: location) name (name (' ") ノ 〈住 住 (J-: location) name (? '1 De 1,) 1 L, old (3) f (filled) \ 4 B60531-D 9 f 1 [Tokyo, Tokyo (111 wards in the district ward 2l-1 Iino Building 〒 100 · ·' 1 East
j, f off: 13171191 /) to t ": ('+ (lillli 41) b" "Major l: ljP non' r, 11
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