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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a conventional
electrostatic acoustic transducer, FIG. 2 is an enlarged cross-sectional view of a portion A in FIG.
1, and FIG. 4 is an enlarged cross-sectional view of a portion B of FIG. 3, FIG. 5 is a crosssectional view of an electrostatic acoustic transducer in another embodiment, and FIG. 6 is FIG. It
is an expanded sectional view of C part of. 1, 1 'и и и и и и и и и и fixed metal electrode, 2, 2 и и и и и и и и и и и
и и и и и и и и и и plastic film vibrating film, 5, 5' и и и и и и metal Vapor deposited layer, 10, 10 'иииииииии Fluoro
resin layer. 1 79-real opening 48-67 733 (2 80 1
[Detailed description of the invention] The main surface of the product is covered with a metal
deposition layer on one side or 11), plastic film diaphragm tW opposite to the electrode, '9
electrostatic discharge acoustic conversion 11 tcjlL, capsular deposition layer By coating
fluorocarbon resin on the top, it is tried to provide electrostatic magic blue sound exchange S
that is superior in reliability and reliability, in which metal deposition layer becomes noble
without deterioration of I5 in acoustics. First of all, Fig. 1 for the conventional 01111 dustaffected fatigue casket. With the second N l! Light up. ? (?? IIIIlks IM yi h) 11 <God & WbtsAs,
31 111? 2 peno 1. f: having metal 1 oii metal, and ?O metal fixed electric field a) is supported
opposite to each other through the air layer (1). (4) ? 1 Liesdel, -4r ripribirene, fluorine, resin,
etc. fear plastic film steel moving film 64v, ro-o plastic film vibrating film (4) ? the abovementioned metal и metal fixation 1111 (t) (tf between It is supported. (51 (sf is formed on the
both sides of the plastic film vibration II (4) 0, and is a metal deposition layer of 9 aluminum,
silver, etc.). Be However, the metal film deposited with aluminum, silver, etc. on the surface of the
plastic film vibrating film (4) Oo (6) (j is oxidized in the air and peeled off from the plastic tubular
film (4)) There was a drawback. \ Note that in general, ?O species electrostatic ? acoustic
conversion WO metal deposition) 1 ':' layer (i) (rSK, cost and workability etc.-is also used for Albo
"-Bo # Vh, wait This arsenic is oxidized in air by air, plastic film I, plastic film I! * II (4) * They fell
apart, Yana ? ? unreliable. (6) is a DC bias power supply, and (7) is a push. Pull transformer, (S)
is a signal source. The present invention excludes the above-mentioned conventional O defects.
The same reference numerals as in FIG. 1 and FIG. 2 denote the same parts in FIG. 1 and FIG. 6
will be described together. In addition, the third Iil is an example to ?, ?, 0 [0, and the third! ! A
example of a single Korean single lIO m5va-11 ? ?, ? 1 ? 81. Alumnium iso-island, etc. O
metal deposition layer (B) (5) formed on the Gan film vibrating film (4). As the ?0 coating resin,
it is rich in 16II resistance, and particularly a fluorine resin such as fluorine resin is used.
Metal deposition layer (5) (s' + M oxide) can be prevented by st-foiling the 7's-series tree on the
metal deposition layer (5) (6) as shown in Figure 2 (6) i и ? (55 BOPLASNA, film vibrating
membrane (4) Th etc. The percentage of O that exfoliates is apt to be spun off. Even if a 7-dotbased resin is provided on the metal deposition layer (5) (1) as in the above O, the metal
deposition layer (5) <650 does not decrease in electric conductivity, and fluorine) ion system ll
111 t : O-1 decrease at the time of contribution due to I-tainida was one missing. -Xai 4. As, 1 kk
1 pussuck film peristaltic membrane O). 7 # cord 11110 like A # Myeum Kaiko and O adhesion,
strong ll! Bo S! ? ?-Even when a noble metal is used, apply a room temperature curing agent t, t
? ? e emulge, elk lk on an alxium vapor deposition layer and dry it and ? lima, ? ? lima Albladder ? ? vapor-deposited layer O14 separation tp + ? ? ? O O O. ? . 11 o 6 o C, 11 12
955 g 0111 "I" 1200, open o continuous test tff, o'clock aluminum aluminum vapor deposition,
11) 6 o ░ C., on the layer) Rip rope resin film on the layer peel off 'bh, no sound Characteristic O
decline is also seen turtle? ?? -As described above, the present invention has 9% of fluorine
resin coated on the base metal vapor deposition layer, and by reducing the fluorine resin layer by
?? O ??, the j # characteristic is lowered and ? ? ((? ? ? ?? ?? O metallized layer O
on the film O peeling mtg * ? ? T: ?. ?Reliability O high electrostatic charge conversion Wtproviding? is an important factor. "'&' ? ? ? ? 1 m ? 1 1 1 1 1 ? ? ? III III III III III III III
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