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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an equivalent circuit, FIG. 2 is an explanatory
external view of a speaker device according to the present invention, and FIG. 3 is a sound
pressure frequency characteristic diagram. 1 is a speaker box, 4 is a through hole, and 5 is a
visco-elastic body. F. ビ ー カ ー ビ ー カ ー コ イ コ イ コ イ コ イ%%%% − − x x '' '− x x Jet'
'' Jet Jet Jet Jet Jet S S S S S S S S ス テ ィ ス テ ィ ス テ ィ ス テ ィ ス テ ィ ス テ ィ ス テ ィ ス
テ ィLSc; n = 49 stiff Y people-89 1 real opening Akira 48-80538 (2) 凶 3 ヤ n ス ス カ ー ツ? ,
7J1 "9" 4j ゝ X 'good ゾ 白 \ / / / 剥 ′, ・ ノ "/ / /, / /. ,,. . , 瑠 k1 '. ji0 09 09oo 10610σ 0 浪
(Hx) L 606, 5aao / 0σ O 01 · 111 correction figure 47.4.13 Drawing Figure 1 is corrected as
follows. Stem 1 figure-90 1
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a speaker dll for
enriching bass reproduction when a small enclosed type speaker box is used relatively in a
speaker system such as an automotive stereo tV device or a speaker sat. In the conventional
speaker device, when using a small sealed speaker box, there is a drawback that the lowfrequency reproduction limit is limited and a good low f 4 life can not be achieved due to a
staffing platform by the cavity of the internal volume of the speaker box. . That is, referring to the
equivalent −ζ 4 shown in FIG. 1, the stiff car SC exhibited by the volume V of the speaker box is
5o2P = C ′ ′ @ kfx6 ° V4B-80538-02U114, coco cJ ′, , C: sound a, 8 + l: x is an effective
aperture area of the diaphragm of the Biccar. The stiffness S6 of the volume V of the above
speaker box is added with the stiffness' slc of the 1 ik 1 m system of the speaker to control the
bass reproduction @ world 1! The Jll wave number tC is an effective mass of the vibration system
of the varnish beaker, and the S wave number of the bass a field of the sound pressure shoulder
wave number characteristic becomes high. Since the resonance frequency fc is increased in the
small-sized closed type speaker box, good reproduced sound quality can not be obtained. In
addition, there is a bass reflex type w on the * # J plate w (BZ) (opening), but the appearance of
the speaker box is small '&' 'Ji! 191. · The second idea of 4.8-8053.8-03 is the speaker value
which improved such a drawback! 2 of the y-t-speaker will be described with reference to FIG. 2
(24 meals, speaker box / bell body IiI # J plate- and wall plate 3, 31 with a single hole duct, its
through hole '' Nil / 790 mw 2 Qs !! For example, J @ / I! 2 rubber 9 hard! cNo stickiness on the
left, votive body! Paste. When it's good, it's a sticky tetramorph! The portion of the through hole
is not air-permeable, but acts in response to changes in air pressure in the speaker box / internal
to reduce the degree of change in the pressure of the air in the hook / internal. Therefore, the
influence of stiffness of the speaker box / consisting on the vibration of the diaphragm 7 of the
speaker box is reduced. Rikishima this Mm sex body! The vibration phase of the speaker 1 is
opposite to the IM phase of the diaphragm 7 of the speaker 1, and therefore the function of
reducing the sound pressure of the speaker 61Ii + surface is realized. し 粘 弾 性 体 j 粘 弾 性 t t
HQ HQ 周波 数 周波 数 周波 数 周波 数 周波 数 周波 数 周波 数 こ こ こ こ こ こ こ こ here Sa:
stiffness of the visco-elastic body.
1a: Since the mass to be expressed by the visco-elastic body is 1 * → t, it is necessary to
experimentally determine 8a and ma so that the present oscillation period fI 畝 fil becomes
sufficiently high. Also, in order to absorb vibration and reduce resonance Q, a visco-elastic
material having a large viscosity resistance is used. In this case, this device is used for one plate
of the speaker box and the # face plate J, Jc'1 through-hole l-Visco-elastic body! With a simple
structure to chew-Visco-elastic! A speaker device that promotes the vibration of the diaphragm 7
of the speaker ≦ by skillfully utilizing the characteristics of the above, and makes the
reproduction of the low range well. An embodiment of the present invention will be described in
detail. FIG. 2 is a box outline drawing of the * embodiment of this invention. @ 3 is the
measurement result of sound pressure frequency characteristics, I! The sound pressure S-wave
number of the speaker 6 custom-designed at 1111 with the J1 8 box, and the 賛 O (shown by a
dotted line) is the same as the speaker box of the g-figure. Sound pressure circumference enemy
characteristics measured by being attached to a shape-size sealed type speaker box, a curve(indicated by a single point set line) is a main shock with the speaker box attached to the speaker
box of the present invention. It is the juice pressure 妓 □ number characteristic of the plan
nukea device. As a result of these FIG. 3, the processing% 1iil-■ is a sound 'J "i in the band of
100 to 300 az compared to the music -Q. ’−91’lrン〉−^b! It indicates that the page
pressure is much higher, and Y *** xt-*-H @ bt14 @ a, *, tW3 assortment :, compared with the
speaker Irt case of one car box, the bass -It is clear that reproduction is abundant, and even if it is
audition result IcS, the meat-like effect can be confirmed.
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