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+ 20001'l), 'If / + n 147' (2B10II'41.1'l Director General Ido Takehisadon 1 title of the invention
? Examination of Japanese Patent No. 4884601) j! ! J Called (all 6 pages) Office 'Reordering-[Phase] 1 single classification 676723101 C / / / Akira # I honor 1, title of the invention 1, title
of the invention 4 channels stereo sound record deputy in the storage device In the channel 1
track @ approximately 26 # claim IIIA surround channel stereoscopic f4I record playback device,
a switch circuit is provided in the transmission path of -j channel 15 and the p + production
number from the record in the previous i th time 1 l ir One channel 11 in! No. 11 which is
generated depending on whether or not the declination level of the No. component reaches the
predicted level ?! Two manual switches '111' to the switch 1gl path switched by the plaster and
also to the switch 1gl path switched by the 11 r 1 ml switch are one channel signal in the remain signal from the record. jb ?, that one salt a thousand t's ??-? ? j ? и ? j ? и phase
around only 90 keys for 1g issue near 4 areas. It is an angular variation obtained by modulating
the angle of a carrier that has the same number of revolutions as that of the carrier in the
secondary channel signal in the case of a changeable ? Sumo Ta-Sakai main channel / field m.
There are 4 channel channels that make it happen # channel N.
?????????????? H-As "jq 7a [whb [phase] Japan Patent Office
In the three-dimensional f11 reproduction method, in general, by making the sound source
[diverse, it is possible to obtain a three-dimensional reproduction in which a good feeling of
retention is brought up, but a large number of g! GI from I source is now used in the conventional
2 channel M record exogenous method, friend called iwamoto 445-Senbanbu Yumoto, ? ? disk
record (j4 !, record) 1) If it is possible to re-press the record by K, the record is at a loss, and the
record is used at a glance, and it is used as a glog 2J-source 66- As the record of book 4 + f canl
m-qt-# # ? ? ? ?, 1 ?-450,000 in 4 million people, RM ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? N N ? ? 11 *
[ r, and и By practical use of ninety-nine four electrified 1-lives and EndPage: 1, we have put a
practical use of a four-channel zubody udon record compatible with conventional two-channel
stereophonic sound records and tV compatibility. In Fig. 1, so-called front 2 channels, after 12
channels, 4 channels, 3 channels, 3 channels, 2 channels, Chl, Oh2, Oh3, Oh4, etc. are each
playback f sources (speakers) l, Sa, 3, 4 N n (Jf L L given rel 4 channel solid f1 # g I issue of each
channel bias stm ? M frequency e fireflies of the placement and explanation side. In FIG. 2C, the
corresponding g! Signal corresponding to the normal 45.5 to 450,000 equation is g! 69 is a set
of multi-electricity signals that are divided into multiples of frequency base divisions and divided
into sum signals (Ohm + 0h2) and difference numbers (Ohl-0h2). Next, to the signal
corresponding to 41 * in the 45-450,000 equation of ?, ? 1 (Ch30h4), sediment eccentricity
(0h3-Oh4) and t-perimeter ? division um A set of songs 11 Issue. (In the following and Ilt, the
above sum signal (C! hl ten C! h2J, (Ch3 + Ob &) 'is called the raw channel No. 1 and l7'Hfi x4
(Ohl-Oh2,3 (Oh3-chgefIn [g further, by f adjustment, by delaying fatigue fQf angle change, The
offset signal of the occupied period Teijo is referred to as a one-channel signal with respect to the
main channel displacement. ) In the two sets of multi-electrification signals consisting of the
above main channel No. 1 and the angle 'R-tuned' channel signal, each set of n-numbers of multielectrification signals are , @@@ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ Like Part of Record 5 @ Gict-j is
recorded and configured as a 4-channel solid f # record. In the above-mentioned four-channel
solid f (record, (a secondary channel No. 1 which is subjected to an angle modulation with a loss
of fcl according to 614 breaks is inscribed in fn G in a form of J1 convoluted on the king channel
signal, f The Kiuki cedar of one channel signal in the ditch G11p is gathered and it is used for the
extraneous signal kJ4i from the record to pick up the trivial t, and the pickup for bs raw material
is, for example, one with an inadequate withstand voltage In the second case, the recording
waveform of the sub-channel signal in the 1i-t40 IPK-record of the record is destroyed in the
next case IC or the like, which is 411%, which is waiting for a large stiffness' or 411%.
? Reasonably ic duration d is often experienced in, for example, 4-channel stereo f4I;-'1.
Reproduction of 1-placed record with inexpensive ordinary 2-channel stereo f Re-master 1- It is a
place. The recording waveform of one channel signal in fnG'PK is fjhl & produced by the cause as
described above, and other causes. Is due to the decrease of the level considered in the
reproduction 1 of the subchannel signal due to the top damage of the recording waveform, and
the increase in the gain and loss due to the loss S of the recording waveform, the load-to-noise
ratio of the gain and loss signal is noticeably deteriorated. Because of the adoption of the angle
fiiili universal system, the advantage of the improvement is totally lost, and it is obtained by onechannel offset hold in the form of angle modulation ?; Because high levels of miscellaneous f are
generated, as described above, the recording waveform of one channel gI or the damaged four
channel solid f # record as above may be used as early as 4 days or 1 I was destined to be
thrown away. As one of the means to determine the above problem tS, reproduction of 4-channel
three-dimensional reverberation record squelch @ abbreviation is provided in one channel gI
yarn in mlf & c, and the record obtained from the reproduction of record t ? ?! In the
configuration, the auxiliary channel signal system is switched on / off according to the level of
the printing channel signal detected during operation f: Operation of -J channel M No.-thread
automatically according to whether it is taken or considered as% record Follow as a means to
change the condition mt; '. It is widely adopted in the playback device of 7 rice to 4 channel solid
f ? record], but the degree of destruction for l 1 c 8 recording form of the sub channel signal in f
? G of the record is that of one record It is not a uniform corridor throughout the whole, but
because each AZ ? ? ? f t ? ? ? ? fl fl fl fl ? Page Page sc sc sc sc, Sa ? Sa Sa Sa Sa Sa
Page EndPage : The switching Igl exposure in the two squelch 1g circuit constantly repeats the
contact / wIr prefabrication of the secondary channel signal system, the level of the reproduction
signal constantly changes according to the operation of the switching circuit in the squelch 1gl
path If you can not get a satisfactory playback sound field, 1.1. Because, and, so S decision like
this! ??? We can not say that we adopt ho. According to the present invention, it is possible to
determine the above-mentioned four-channel three-dimensional f # record in a writing device for
one channel, which can be determined.
The contents will be described with reference to the attached drawing 'fr #. 43 ? ? ? ? ? ?
4 4 4 4 4 ?? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?
? ? f K G K v% ? 6 ?? 6 6 ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??Similar to the signal,
ninety-three sets of multi-leveled signal (E) 4! r set of signals [This is an overall code of a onepass arrangement to a domain. The same numerals in the figure (eg, L? ? l ?, j) L, ? R, 8L and
? b иии 15L and? indicate the corresponding composition S. Therefore, in the following 812
region, an equalizer 711 having an anal characteristic (in the case 7t: Mar.sup. The explanation
will be given omitting the notation of-). In FIG. 7143, an equalizer has a crystal characteristic
[equalizer 8], a low-pass filter for making the main channel signal JsIy & 9; a matrix circuit 9; I
can see. Further, in the equalizer I of the correction characteristic of the above-mentioned 77, the
IF component-at! (Or, the high pass filter J10 is connected. In the figure, uFX amplitude limited
amplification ?, switch 1J1! 21Il &, Control value code generation to 13-Compulsory 4-,
According to the case of IM straightener, different equalizing characteristics are made as h% c)
and it is necessary to have h: : Obtained with 'FiJ (Shin-1 and Equalizer! The m combination
characteristic ? l) is made to be t of inverse characteristic to the fAdl + line given to the
subchannel signal in the bell ring system). The output signal of the equalized signal is sent to the
matrix-junction 90h2 signal to the ladder 1 and from the matrix circuit 9R to the square-square
signal 21 and-to the skin 32. And be sent out. In the transmission path of the sub-channel signal,
WcTl and the switched circuit 12 have the normal sub-channel signal in the present generation
of the record given through the band filtering and the convergence restriction increase ant
described in W711. 4A # 16. Lee ? Korisa Irufu, angle (similar to the side channel signal and
store given by turning over for tempering water etc., l1lII # ? tl OU lOU # lI! Control signal
(switching signal) K6 supplied from ZT is switched to give 41 m @ ((in the illustrated document, a
voltage-oscillator is used for an angle modulator using tJllIIIILII /!
l) shown as a modulator). In phase shift @ 16, the signal in the vicinity of the frequency band
considered to be unambiguously 2 in the main channel signal (for example, the signal of the
shoulder part of several meters or less) K is 90 [ Is a phase shifter that can give the phase, and
the equalize door has the angle [plex-6 river and demodulation-one is for the same type O angle
& modulation ? 4JI 4 ? ( For example, if the angle modulation 1111 is a degree adjuster, the
fine adjuster ? has a resistance relationship such as 4 in an N configuration 6) 4) K ? ? ?, and
has the equalizer characteristics and the inverse characteristic of the equalizer Is an equalizer
configured as follows. 41 mentioned above! 3 In the playback equipment W1 of the 4-channel
stereophonic sound record shown in the 1g circuit arrangement shown in the figure, the 4channel V body fi1 ? ? was created now using the record in which the recording dtM of the channel signal does not receive any fm11k If the control signal is generated so that a normal
single channel signal given through the switch 1gl path 1gIC through the band 4 right 410, 1
tumor-? End:-EndPage: 311611t-can be supplied to IJ [alla 14 Since the switch circuit 12 is
turned off according to the control signal from the + gl path (note that the switch circuit 12 is cut
off in response to a cutback 1N), the main channel signal and the signal obtained by restoring the
subchannel signal are sent to the logic circuit 9). 9 words, matrix 1. From the terminals 19 to 22
of the g circuits 9L and 9R, the respective old channel old numbers Chl to Ch4 are sent out and
the output signal sound is amplified and rectified, and the level of the reproduction-scratching
sub-channel signal from the record is predicted. 11 of! Thought it is possible to have a function
that can generate four different lfi ? ? ? ? ? signals (cut reconnaissance signals) depending
on whether it is% ^ or lower than the ant level, and it is 4 times of swing + @ 12 Is configured.
Next, in the circuit arrangement of the south 3 lines, with respect to the reproducing apparatus
i1 of the 4-channel 3D f-record, in the circuit arrangement of ? ? ? reproduction from the
record in which the recording waveform of the channel N ? is damaged 11! If a consideration is
added, vc is controlled 111N No. 1-1 No. 1 ull u 48-84601 ? Switch 1gl path 12 is truncated in
response to a control signal from live @ @, phase shift! 'M's in the vicinity of the circumference
frequency band, which is considered to be a must-see scene from' 1 J 51 C, are phase-shifted by
90 clock and then equalizer 1? With the main channel signal 'i, d', the same as the one
transmission exhaustion in the sub channel signal, the transport 'a' which is the same as the
transmission channel 'a' angle #: f! The corner j # from the ilJ stratum corneum modulation 418,
f-break is a switch1. It is given to oddity 4- through "gI @".
Therefore, since the main channel signal in which the signals in the vicinity of the perpetual
number Teijo, which is regarded as a must for the lie sense, is shifted by 90 degrees from the 4device 14 is given to the matrix 1g1 @ 9Vc, the matrix circuits 9L and 9B. In this matrix and this
channel and the king channel signal in the matrix, from terminals 19-22 like 4 channel g! Issue is
sent out. FIG. 4 shows the next switch l! For use in the circuit arrangement of FIG. ?? I specific
"L"! ! FIG. 4E is a wiring diagram, and in the switch circuit 12 of FIG. 1, C2 and 40 are capacitors,
D1 and D2 are switching diodes, and Q1 to-are transistors. The control signal (Cutback No. 1)
from the control paste generation circuit 13 is applied to the base ic of the transistor Q1, and the
transistor Q1 is turned on / off by the control signal from the control signal generation 1gl. If the
regeneration signal from the four-channel solid t * record of the puzzle that is undamaged is not
supplied, the regeneration device fvc-supply circuit of one channel 1 yannel signal, the transistor
Ql from the resistor g4 generation circuit charge When the control signal of high level is given to
the rebase, and the recording waveform of the sub-channel signal is worn or damaged, the
reproduction 1M from the 4-channel solid f ? record of the disc is supplied to the reproduction
apparatus 1iC. , Control 1 No. 4: A low level control is given to the pace of the transistor Q1 from
the live circuit ? (If it is explained that the 'I No. is given, it is turned on when the control signal
of the transistor Qlri high level is applied. Mark 7111il of No. 1 is turned off. When the transistor
Ql is turned on A, the transistors Q2 and C3 are turned off, the transistor Q4 is turned on, the
switching diode D2 is turned on, and the switching diode D1 is turned off. Since the amplitude
limiting amplification 4n to the switch ll1IIjl! A normal subchannel signal supplied to 12 is given
to -4 ? through a circuit of a diode D2 ? a resistor for decoupling and a capacitor ? C2. Next,
transistor Q1 is turned off, and contrary to the above case, transistor Q1. ? is on, transistor Q4
is off], diode D1 for switching is on, diode D2 for switching is off. A channel signal is provided to
the reconnaissance device through the circuit of diode D1 ? decoupling resistor 1 ? coupling
capacitor C1.
An appropriate reverse bias is applied by the resistance path 2m1 and a6 & c to the node 1 of
the switching diodes DI and Da for the front 1 switching, as described above, the trough 2 is
turned off. When 1 transistor DI is turned on, and when transistor A is turned off, the state of
diode EndPage: 4D2i is turned on. As is apparent from the above description, the one-channel
circuit M in the four-channel three-dimensional f4 record writing device of the present invention
has a level 71. at which the fine channel signal component in the reproduced signal from the
record is stored in advance. The value is switched depending on whether or not it is switched by
the switch m-7 to the b-switch Ig circuit 12: therefore, switch 'on' one channel signal and #
pseudo channel signal dynamically. 4 channels stereo f reverberation record reproduction ? ?
? ? which can always transmit 4 channels stereo f 4 I signal by giving to v I 4 @ 14 can be
constructed, and 4 channel stereo 4 to which the present invention is applied fl 141) 1 According
to ?, a four-channel stereophonic sound record in which the recording waveform of the subchannel signal is scrupled is used.? t tmt-It is possible to construct, all the drawbacks in the
prior art device already described by the device of the present invention? It can be horned. 4, of
the drawing! ???? 4 explanations Fig. 1 is a diagram of the assignment of the source of the
4-channel solid f-printer, Fig. 2 is a diagram of the relation between t # of a record and a 4-frame
signal, and Fig. 3 is an illustration of this Reproduction of one channel solid f4 record to which
the invention is applied 1 fclillc) outline sketch diagram, FIG. 4 shows W of t of an example of
switch Lg circuit: a continuation diagram. 1 to No.-Reproduction i11, 5 и и и Record и 6 и и и и и и и и и и и
и и и и IIL и IIR и и и limited amplifier, 1 laL. laR и и и switch circuit, ML, 13R, control signal generation
circuit, 14L, 14R и и IA unit, visit, 1?R, 1R L, 1g R и association equalizer, 1elL, 1e5B и -6 phase
unit, Visit, 1V-Angle changer, 19-22 и и и Seed, DI, Dja и и Diode for switching, Q1-и и и Transistor, 2339 и 0 resistance Cal, (1! 2 и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и 11 agent ff buried
philosopher Takao right now, ? и 4-77 и EndPage: 5 other inventors than the above Patent
applicant or agent (inventor's address Kanagawa 52-,; r;-tgg,-yy, i certificate 3-chome 121 Go ?
Victor Co., Ltd. Stomach name (J 957 livestock-? ? EndPage:
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