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181,147 cities! Month β day Patent Office Secretary Itomu ^ 'll:', ..., 1; j-',%, 4 generations, 〒 1 ·
S 470 20 47 f [phase] Japan Patent Office Open Patent Publication ■ JP 48-90201 Office "1" K
Rika No. 1. o date classification, 7Jfl23 / σ 2 A! @ @ IIA book t invention 0441! 表示 Level
display device of input signal zII # request Sm input m (by sampling processing of 個 O ア ナ ア
ナ ア ナ 信 よ よ) 信号 よ よ (] (m-1) T (T: optional Constant) time interval O at 7 o'clock "one
means to extract the pulse signals which are respectively overlapped with each other in the same
time K s related to each other S s adjusted" and these respective pulse signals are arranged on
the same time axis " Holding circuit to generate one analog-like signal) and two amplitude
modulators to which the carrier liquid having a phase difference of And the
modulation @ 賂 that outputs modulated signals with 90 ° phase difference in two phases as
wag liquid, and the two output signals of this modulation circuit correspond to @ m @ '0 human
power Perform a predetermined level shift between There Putsukun tube ox @, by the \ be added
to the y-axis), a display device and displaying each level Mayuki 跪個 O input signals to the
blanking 59 down pipe on the form of the respective concentric circles. 5. Detailed Description of
the Invention The present invention if, n (u> 1) the level of the input signal, for example, the level
of the 'No.' It relates to an apparatus for displaying. In general, in stereo sound equipment, in
order to enjoy the sound effect to the maximum, right and left O ° volume control is performed.
'Conventionally, this is done by relying on hearing. Whether or not you can make the best
adjustments is only empirical, it's very far away! On the other hand, in a 4-channel sound device
which tends to be used frequently in recent years, it is necessary to make four volume
adjustments on the left, right, front and back. One of the objects of the present invention is to
provide a display device which can display the sound level emitted from each speed "force" in a
visual EndPage manner in order to eliminate such a drawback. That is, the device according to
the present invention is generally designed to draw a circle on a cathode ray tube and to draw a
circle on a cathode ray tube, and to sample and output m analog input signals for a
predetermined time at a predetermined time interval. Hold and combine in time division 9 time
division on the same time axis, and this input signal so that amplitude modulation (carrier
suppression amplitude modulation) and spots do not overlap with carrier liquid with 90 @ phase
different from each other (A predetermined level shift is performed on IA, and this is input to the
X axis of the cathode ray tube, Y @) to make l1ilil draw concentric circles indicating the level of
each input signal on the cathode ray tube.
Therefore, in such a display device t4 channel acoustic device, if it is assumed that four input
signals are used as the four left left speech signals for the application as described in sI, the level
of each audio signal is The level of the issue can be detected at first sight, and the volume
adjustment etc. becomes extremely easy. One embodiment of the present invention will be
described with reference to the following two drawings. 1 shows one embodiment of the present
invention, FIG. 2 and FIG. 4 show cases of operation waveforms of the respective parts. 4, input
terminals 11 to 14! #L、、By、%、L。 The following four signals are input. These are
multiply amplified by the buffer amplifiers 24 to 24 and input to the t-sampling circuits 51 'to
54. In the -1- sampling circuit, these input signals are sampled by sampling pulses F1 to F4K.
Nangling pulse F1 to ii'4 0 0 畏 0 2 2 oscillator 41) 10 OK Hz clock pulse output is divided by #
16 over 2 2 in the logic circuit 51) 1/254 K divided , Its output and inverted output ladder) get
two divided outputs as shown in Fig. 5 (a), (b), and further, i), 7 '70.72 each with i / 12 Figure 4
(d ~ (f) K divided as shown to obtain four divided outputs as shown # 1 this output and divided
output of 25 'phantom phantom divided by 1⁄4 100TI J lz' In the gate circuit, continuous pulses
of 1 hour are obtained at time intervals of ST as shown in FIG. 1-(1). These sampling pulses F1 to
F4 are shown at 2 @ 13-6. As apparent from the figure, these pulses do not overlap in time, so if
each input signal Ly, r to -0-is sampled with this pulse signal, each signal will It can be converted
into one signal arranged in a divided manner. 'This signal is ultimately a pulse amplitude,
modulated pulse train, so it is again demodulated back to the original analog signal. This is
approximately demodulated using hold times 1661 in the present embodiment. That is, if only
one signal is inputted, the output of the hold circuit 61 ス テ ッ プ step-like t according to the
number of sampling pulses omwt such as the figure 2 liquid form 150) 1 Triangular input), this
output line, input to the modulator (eg multiplier) 71 ° 72, and this is output as one oscillation t
141 at the modulator 71. Amplitude modulation.
On the other hand, in the modulator 72, the phase shift circuit 42 amplitude-modulates the 410
output station wave number having a phase shift of 900, and the outputs of the modulators 71
and 72 are shown in FIG. Such as IA% IAK 90 'phase different modulation output. This output is
amplified by horizontal and vertical amplifiers 81.82, respectively, and input signals tf are input
to the push-in tube OX and Y axes, and the input signal O level is displayed in the form of
concentric circles on the cathode ray tube. しかしながら、? As it is, the pattern of each signal is
overlapped on the cathode ray tube, and it can not be determined. Therefore, the signals shown
in @ 2 FIGS. 1 and 8, that is, the signals shown in FIG. Drive control of switch circuit 91.92 with 20 signal. Power supply; DC power supply, as shown in Figure 2 14.14, can be empty with
EndPage: 2 input to the X, Y axis of the Braun tube, as shown in Figure 4; It was possible to hit
the same circle at the four corners of the box (“but only aLy is shown in FIG. 9”), and it was
superimposed on a concentric call that was seeded on a Braun tube to display a signal level. As
described above, in one invention device, 壜, “唇 入” is arranged on the same time axis, one, It
uses sampling and hold circuit to transmit signal i, but signal synthesis! In this circuit, a cis-bike
is generated by this circuit, and when the amplitude is modulated and copied onto the surface of
a Plownow tube, this portion becomes noise1. Therefore, in order to eliminate spike signals and
unnecessary bright line components from the f) path in the synthesis section of the bow,
blanking as shown in FIG. Using the pulse, in addition to the brown and tube Z-axis, the signal
lines and unwanted lines in each signal synthesis section appear in the form of noise and
unwanted lines on the CRT! Logic circuit 51 for preventing) 25 phantom pulses used for
sampling pulses are obtained, and they are obtained from the blanking circuit 101 so as to be
synchronized with each signal synthesis unit. In the 9th embodiment, a carrier of 100 KHz is
used. The reason for the reason is that if blanking as described above is performed, for example,
when the carrier is about 25 KHz, it may become dark on average. そこで。 Wherein '' 106 KHz
carrier wave is used for sampling, 61 cycles of the pulse, i.e. 1 h of the hold circuit's output to
prevent darkening to obtain 41 h of modulated output.
9 according to the present invention d, 4! It is obvious that various modifications 1 can be made
without being limited to this embodiment, as long as it is possible to display that the level of the
input signal can be detected by the 7-1 eye as described in the specific embodiment. Even if one
of the nine components of the present invention, by sampling> partially extract the multi-person
power signal to generate one O signal, / ..., but Oh For example Kt Sam Buri 7 □ Engineering,
Engineering □. □。 2,7. After sampling, even if you do not give Yu. Of course, it is possible
to divide in time.
S-4, BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 Butsuku diagram showing an embodiment of
one invention, FIG. 2, FIG. 3 is an operation waveform diagram of each section thereof. FIG. 4
shows one display example on the surface of a cathode ray tube. The main reference symbols in
the figure are as follows: 7-11 to j4: 9 input terminal 21A-24: buffer amplifier 31 to 34: sampling
circuit 41: 100 KI (z sine wave oscillator 42: 90 @ phase shifter 51 : Logic circuit 61, hold circuit
71, 72 = malde 771-81, 82: amplifier 91.92: switch circuit 100: DC power supply circuit 101
nibking circuit (5, 1141) principle top door 1) @ knee. ---One! EndPage: 3 l Attached Chain 1- (1)
Specification 1 11 1 1 11 I) Necessary certificate 1 excess (4)-book one 1 Haruka EndPage: 6
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