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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a sectional view of a conventional piezoelectric
acoustic transducer, and FIG. 2 is a sectional view showing one embodiment of the piezoelectric
acoustic transducer of the present invention. 1 ииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии Power supply Early 1
figure 2 figure! ???
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a piezoelectric
loud sound we switch used for alarm buzzers such as fire alarm, anti-theft device, gas detector,
interphone or call buzzer of telephone. As shown in FIG. 7, the conventional piezoelectric
acoustic converter, for example, the device of Japanese Patent Publication No. 4I dai 14 koro 3
has a 'vibration IN 3 and a piezoelectric element with silver electrodes 41 & provided on the
front and back. Bonding to form a composite S, this composite S is provided in the case 1 having
an opening 1 with a small surface area ii in the ? side facing the opening / facing the opening
1M in the opening 1M 11 In addition to supporting at the projection at, by the (1) 4B-9057002111 in the case co ', the one silver electrode 41 & of the moving plate J and the piezoelectric
element ? is oscillated by (1) 4B-90570-02111. Connect to '. Then, on the front face of the
opening i @ o of the case l, it is joined to the case e 'so that the resonance cylinder 4 projecting
forward communicates with the opening l. 10 # -4 oscillator circuit? When the power supply
101% is supplied to the oscillation circuit 7 'and the oscillating voltage is applied to the
piezoelectric element via the oscillating circuit, the complex j is bent and the opening of the
nurse l / fih Sound waves are generated and resonated by the resonance cylinder 6 to increase
the generated volume. Resonance @ b length 4 is usually /! ??????? Therefore, in this
case, since the complex S and the oscillation circuit 7 'are accommodated in the case a', the case
is thick, and only the portion of the resonance cylinder 4 is in this case! Protruding forward of 9
becomes a cylinder with a convex cross section as a whole, resulting in a large size problem. This
invention solves the above problems, and aims to provide a compact and compact piezoelectric
acoustic transducer. This invention achieves the purpose of achieving this object, which is a
utility model ((2) 48- 90570-03 coin ? W5Jl! ???? As described in I, there are k elements
that have a piezoelectric head. The first figure shows an embodiment of the present invention, in
which a cylindrical cousco having an opening l in the plane is thinner than the thickness of the
conventional case co ', and in this case co-axial plate J, A protrusion containing only a discshaped composite S bonded with a piezoelectric element having a silver electrode die i on the
back and the composite j projecting inward on the inner side of the opening l of the quiseui It is
supported by g. Then, the resonance cylinder 6 is provided continuously with the opening 1 in
the forward direction of 4 m] / small diameter smaller than the complex S, and the oscillation
circuit 7 is heard on the outer periphery of the resonance cylinder 6 so as not to project from the
side surface It is connected to the diaphragm 3 and the silver electrode 41a of the piezoelectric
element da by wire detent to form the case core and the resonance tube 6 integrally in this
embodiment, and the side face of the case core is formed.
It extends to the tip of the resonance cylinder 6 and has a cylindrical case / l, and the oscillation
circuit is housed in this cylindrical case //, but the resonance cylinder 6 and the case co are
separately formed, You may join by screw joining etc. (3) 4B-90570-04 The piezoelectric
acoustic transducer according to the present invention vibrates the horsepower S in a manner
similar to that of the conventional device to generate a sound wave, and the resonance fll!
Resonate within 4 to increase the volume of the generated sound. According to the piezoelectric
acoustic transducer of the present invention, only the composite S is supplied into the case co, so
the thickness of the case co may be thin, and the space portion on the outer periphery of the
oscillation circuit 7 resonance cylinder 1 As a result of the arrangement, the overall size of the
device can be made small-also compact Kt. That is, although the total thickness of the case 1 'and
the resonance cylinder 6 in combination is the diameter j no 1 of diameter Fi number 6 wm of
the case co' of the conventional device shown in FIG. In the apparatus of (1), the case--diameter
#i ? 0-is the same as in the prior art, but the total thickness of the case core and the resonance
cylinder 6 together is JO and the apparatus becomes compact. The thickness of the resonance
cylinder number is about 1S, and the inner diameter of the resonance cylinder 6 is preferably
about J- ?, and the generated volume can be the same value as the conventional one. It should
be noted that the effect of the present invention is not lost even if a square shape or the like
other than the resonance wF 1 cylinder is consumed, and even if a slight slit or hole is provided
without being continuous with the opening l 05 This effect can not be violated. Moreover, the
integration of the piezoelectric element ? and the diaphragm J is also effective by methods other
than bonding. 0
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