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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view of a speaker, and
FIG. 2 is a frequency-one-sound pressure characteristic diagram, 1 is a dustproof cap, 2 is a
diaphragm, 3 and 4.5 are thick parts, 11 Is the edge. 77- Japanese Utility Model Model 4690634
(2) ir! It bad I) 4 \ 7 fl he? / I] 11 j 1 to 204060 (30 + 00 2004 00 800 0010 (10 H. 2000 4000
coo D 78 1
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a diaphragm and
a dust cap of a speaker. The characteristic of the high range of the speaker is that as shown by
the broken line in the first figure, the divided resonance of the diaphragm, the dust cap and the
like causes sharp peaks and valleys. In order to remove this resonance peak, conventionally, the
press pressure at the time of forming the diaphragm is weakened, or the surface of the non-press
cone is used. However, in this method, there is a disadvantage of Oλp-angqa-ny, which makes it
difficult to extend the high frequency. This invention is an improvement of the diaphragm and
the anti-slip cap in order to provide a speaker in which such drawbacks are improved. The
illustrated embodiment will be described below. 11E / figure ((1) in the figure is a dustproof cap,
(3) is a thick portion of the outer peripheral portion in the vicinity of the sympathetic portion
with the diaphragm of the dustproof cap. (4) is a thick portion of the central portion of the
dustproof cap. (2) is a diaphragm, and (5) is a thick portion of the attachment end with this
diaphragm r11). The thickness of these dustproof cap and diaphragm is made at the same time
as molding. (6)はスパイダー。 r7) frame, (8) plate, (9) drive wire ring. (2) is the central pole.
The original purpose of the dustproof cap is to prevent the hollow NK powder or dust of the
magnetic circuit from entering, but since the cap vibrates together with the diaphragm, it also
serves as an acoustic heat radiation plate. Therefore, the resonance of the cap itself adversely
affects the high voltage characteristics. (2) JO-nnQQA-n ') It also plays a role of reinforcement of
the cap #' ii moving plate. The dustproof cap of the present invention can lower its resonant
frequency and can reduce the resonant Q. Furthermore, since the thickness is partially increased,
it is excessive (it is not soft and also serves to reinforce the diaphragm. Next, the diaphragm 4C2is increased in thickness in order to make the portion in FIG. 1C5 wait for the internal internal
loss. This can prevent abnormal resonance of the well-known diaphragm and can obtain smooth
high-frequency characteristics. The reason why only the outer peripheral portion is thickened is
that the hardness of the inner peripheral portion (one portion) is maintained and the sound
pressure characteristic can be extended to a high frequency. According to this invention,
according to the present invention, as shown by the solid line in FIG. 2, the peak and valley on
the frequency-sound pressure characteristic is reduced as compared with the conventional
speaker, and a speaker having characteristics extended to high frequencies can be obtained. .
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