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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a schematic view of a group performance
apparatus according to the prior art, FIG. 2 is an explanatory view showing a recording /
reproduction state of performance music according to the prior art, and FIG. 3 is a group
performance according to the present invention. It is the schematic of an apparatus.
??????????? иииии Electric instrument, 13, 14 иииииииииииии Micro 7 on, 15 иииииии Cabinet, TC1,
TC2 ииииии Tone control circuit, vR1, VR2 иии Tone volume, AMP: Amplifier, 18: 1 Recording and
playback device. -51- ? 48-92922 (2) 1 figure, AnalSPIK Hum "I" C 554 Arl P 5 sp 5 V 4 1 1 LJ
6, C 6-At'f P 15 P 1,-4 = Ku Cop L 1 SP 5: 2 Fig. 5 P4 v 7 и 1 ? H5 P2 bi and q5 P 75 P1 52 ?
43-92922 (3) "i" figure l0----11 VRI / re ""? New door / 2/3 / \ / 7 О 7 & Toe 11151 / and l 7 1
[Detailed Description of the Invention] This invention is a combination of a number of people, or
a microphone, etc. When playing, the amplifier and the # color circuit of each person are
gathered in one place to facilitate the performance adjustment of the line members and the navy
color, and an extra microphone during reproduction of each of the above-mentioned forts. , A
speaker and a simplified collective performance tiN which does not require a term ll l device.
Conventionally, when performing an electric #I 4 in a large-colored hall or the like such as a
concert, as shown in FIG. 1141, each Satoshi fr source such as an electric base 1 and an electric
guitar 1-4B-92922-022. , Electronic organ 3, automatic rhythm performance IIl! 114, and a
microphone 5 for vocals, and a ton bet. The tone control circuit C1 to C6 for controlling the tone
color and back amount, the amplifiers AMP1 to AMP6, and the speaker SplNspa are separately
provided for the flute microphone 6, however, when playing at a small place etc. during practice
In addition to the need for such a large-scale device as described above, the output of the device
is also small and ugly. Also, in the case where a conventional K electric whistling performance is
recorded with a margin ? kan or this is performed, as shown in FIG. And microphone speakers
8P1 to BP6, and the above microphones? Connect the recording and playback device 8 to 41! It
is necessary to use a dedicated amplifier 9 and a speaker 8P7 in addition to linking the In the
case of adjustment, there was an adjustment defect because the 1111 clauses 2-48-92922-03
were separated and died at different places. In this invention, the tone color and volume setting
circuit of each pair connected to each other's 1 # signal group is gathered in one place, and each
of these tone colors And sets the setting circuit to a common amplification circuit so that the hair
can be output and output, and the above-mentioned amplification [the input side Km of the first
connection can be continued to provide the next group performance oddity- It is in. The following
is a brief description of this review, "Ichigo Susumu", with reference to FIG. Figure 3 shows an
example of a yI performance pupil who is squeezed to perform in small places and small places,
and TCl, Te3, ... work! Tone control N + alk which performs 1t decision foot of ? 4 (: ? 4 #:
bowl, for example, pace 10, guitar 11, Kameko organ 2 and hokaru voice, trumpet leaf juice pick
up microphone 13) 4 7F, this valley tone control A / IQJ approximately TCI.
The tone control / L'lP circuit TCI together with a tone control 1- VFI 1% VR2 that performs ftt
II4 adjustment is connected to the output side of Te3, .... TOR, tatami mat, and tone volume VRI,
VR2, ... are collected and stored in one place, for example, in each cabinet 15. Further, each tone
control 1 field fault TCI, TC! 2, ... from each tone volume VRI, VB2, и Ease taken out through the
fist! The signal is placed in a cabinet 15 in the form of P4 in a single step by the increase lia #
AMP of E, and the increase hl # ? output is stored in one line and one strength sp. ing. Each of
the other tone control circuits TC1, Te3,... Corresponds to each other via n code L, 1111, 2 ...
[phase]. и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и Automatic
rhythm deduction installed in the 16d Kirhinsoto 15, can be connected to the human power Pang
Jia Jing 's Ili through tone volume VB. Furthermore, a foot switch 17 for * i * is taken out of the
cabinet 15 in the same manner as the above-mentioned musical instrument by passing it through
the cord L 'from the automatic rhythm mJ * [* x 6]. In addition, the recording / reproducing
apparatus 18 can be connected to the connection portion between the tone volumes VR, Vll, VR2,
? и e and the amplifier AMP, that is, the input g11 of the amplification dAMp, and t color and ?
? setting In each of the above: ? tm No. directly from the vessel, microphone, etc., and at the
time of the reproduction @ ? ? 18 of the ? 18, it is used to take out the leaf juice by using the
upper joist amplifier AMP. is there. Note that a reverberation signal 120 for giving a mushyo
effect to the work sound connected to the j amplifier 19 AMPk is a headphone sounding signal
provided on the negative side of the output of the amplifier A-P. As above this: I! In the tea
ceremony + t, each collection, microphones, etc. The f color circuit time of the No. 8 source of No.
8 was combined with one bond so that a small hall such as a small hall played with a locker in a
small place F9 'rk If you do, you can easily adjust the t # and amber performance of each
instrument etc. Also, you can have 4 for playback and 0 for playback! , E-mail from ? @-, -4892922- 06 etc. can be directly recorded and reproduced through an amplifier for playing, so it is
possible to use any other microphone, speaker and amplifier as before. The entire device can be
simplified without the need to configure it, and if the headphones have a P @ horn configuration,
each person can play while listening to the synthesized sound. Besides, when using the
headphone 1t1, the @ neck can be used outside. Can also produce excellent effects on the heels
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