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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a circuit diagram showing an embodiment of
the present invention. A to D иииииии Resistor, a1 to a4 tb1 to b4, c1 to c4 and d1 to d4 иииииииииииии
terminal, a5sb5se5) d5 иии contact, E, product B-85
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a variable resistor
useful for multi-channel type acoustic devices such as n4 channel stereo equipment, which has
been widely used recently. The so-called four-channel stereo system adds a sense of depth, that
is, a depth effect to the left and right spread effects of the sound in the conventional two-channel
stereo cabinet, 4B-93335-02, j2> to further enhance the sense of realism In the 14-channel
stereo system, the C sound source of the conventional 2-channel stereo device is usually
positioned to the front left and right of the listener, and the C sound source of the conventional
2-channel stereo device is It is usual to have one sound source consisting of. Since these four
sound sources are supplied with signals dedicated to each channel from the main amplifier, each
sound source has front left, front right, rear left and rear right according to the respective
manual power signals. The position is determined, and the volume of each sound source is
adjusted by the volume of the main amplifier. The listener determines the listening position by
the volume operation in conjunction with the determination of the sound source position. The
current situation is Therefore, in the current 4-channel stereo system, the listener determines the
sound source position based on each channel output of the main amplifier, and then operates the
volume to obtain an optimum sound effect tube at the listening position by 15K. However, it is
extremely difficult to replace or move each sound source position once determined because of
the relationship between the amount and wiring of the so-called speaker box shape 9-fold f4B93335-033 that composes them. It is quite difficult to obtain the above-mentioned optimum
sound effect only by the output control by the volume operation of the main amplifier depending
on the situation and the shape of the room in which each sound source is installed. Therefore, the
present invention has been conceived for the purpose of obtaining a variable resistor for multiple
channels which can move and replace the sound source position fI- as an acoustic effect without
further determining the sound source position tf once determined, The configuration is that a
variable resistor is formed by providing a plurality of n side terminals at an interval and
appropriately forming j и 2 / electrically endlessly and sliding a contact on the nine resistors. The
same number as the number of the terminals is electrically connected between the respective
resistors between the respective resistors, and the respective contacts maintain the equal
resistance difference and interlock the respective resistors based on the distance between the
terminals. The second embodiment will be described as a variable resistor for 94 channels
according to the figure.
48-93335-044141, (Bl, ((n, (D) each have four terminals' al) (L2 + (C3) (C4), (bl) (b2> (b3) (b4),
(cl) (C2) (C3) (C4), (d1) (62) (13) (64) t Circular resistors provided on the peripheral edge of each
other at intervals, (C5), (b5), (o15). (D5) are contacts (C6), (b6), (C6), (+16), which are made to
slide around the periphery of the resistor (4), (El, <CI, ?, and come into contact with the
respective terminals) Likewise, (A) (al) to (C6) constitute a resistor (Va), and so forth form a
resistor (Wb), (We), (vd). ????? (F2), (f5), ff4) are terminals (Kl) (bl) (C11 (dl), (! 12) (b2)
(cla) (d2), (C3) rb3) (C31 ((131, (C41 (b4> (C4) (C4) tCII ? L7 'L input 1111 child? In addition, m
anti-a (Va), (Wb), (Vc), and (V + 1) are respectively used to electrically connect the face of the
card with contacts (C5), (b51, (C5), and (15) Terminals (al) and (bzl, (C3)) under normal
conditions. A variable resistor for four channels is constructed by contacting cd4) and
interlocking each contact with the actuating shaft 1). Thus, the usage example of the variable
resistor configured as described above inputs the signal from the first channel 48-93335-055
channel to (al) of the terminal of the variable resistor (Va), and (C2) When the signal of the
second channel K, the signal of the third channel in the same (C31, and the signal of the fourth
channel in the same (C4) are inputted, the respective input signals thereof are other variable
resistance all (N ' b) through (Vc) and (vd) K4. Here, the signal of the first channel from the
resistor (Va), the signal of the second channel from the same (Vb) and the third channel from the
same (VC) according to the position of the contact in each resistor. The first channel signal is
output from the same signal (Va). Here, if the actuating shaft (g) is turned, for example, clockwise
by 00 degrees, each resistor contact (C51, (b51, (C5) and (d5)) rotates by 90 degrees in the hour
hand direction, and the contact (C5) Is located at the terminal (PL2), the same (b5) at the same
(b3), the same (C5) at the same (C4), and the same (d5) at the same (dl) (Va) from the second
channel, (vb) from the third channel, (Vcl from the fourth channel, and (Va) from the first
channel) Output.
Therefore, when the actuating shaft {circle over (1)} is rotated once, the signal of each channel is
sequentially output from each resistor, so that the variable resistor of the present invention is, for
example, a main amplifier of 4B-93335-064 channel stereo system and 4 sound sources. By
electrically inserting between the speaker devices, it is possible to hear the chute channel output
acoustically sequentially. The present invention is the above-mentioned process, and the resistor
is formed in an electrically endless manner, provided with an appropriate number of terminals,
and the variable resistors having the same number as the number of terminals are used to
determine the positions of their contacts. Since the variable resistors for multiple channels are
configured by connecting them in series and interlockingly connecting the terminal tubes of each
resistor appropriately to configure the variable resistor for multiple channels, the rotation of the
contactor is based on the outputs of the resistors that configure this. Because it is possible to
obtain the output of each channel sequentially, and it is possible to create a virtual image sound
source of each channel by selecting the position of the contactor, it is widely used recently. It is
very useful for creating a sound field in a multi-channel acoustic device such as a 4-channel
stereo device.
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