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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1a is an explanatory sectional view and an electric
circuit diagram showing the configuration of a conventional piezoelectric composite vibrator, and
FIG. 1b is a drawing for explaining the polarization processing of the piezoelectric element of FIG.
Fig. 2a is an explanatory sectional view and an electric circuit diagram showing the configuration
of an embodiment of the present invention, Fig. 2 is an explanatory drawing for explaining
polarization processing of the piezoelectric element of Fig. 2a, Fig. 3 is the present invention and
The performance comparison with the conventional example, FIG. 4 shows the measurement
circuit of FIG. 3, 1 indicates a vibrator, 2 indicates a piezoelectric element, 3 indicates a silver
electrode, 4 indicates an adhesive, and 6 indicates an oscillation circuit. (Α ((b) Fig. L (CL) (b)167-real open 48-98069 (2) Fig. 3 Z1 (Ω) 500 ↓ 0 conventional stop "This old kanji Fig. 168
[Detailed description of the invention] ス draft (1t 1 1 1 J J bent J (Φ 1 行 わ 行 わ ((r;; ;; 重 重 振
動 子 振動 子 丁 丁 丁. A conventional vibration element consisting of a piezoelectric element and
a gold root is connected by electric charge, and it is separated from the body, and this fL is を ti
4ti [Bent than air mass 5. bent. Shake! 1 per -1? 1j ') I ttL skin valve to make a talkie) this
koruhusa-1 Shogi gohufusa-V this, also super Takezaka · cochlear zerimoko /, as for miso soup
and detector j) II river Sasai However, as in the case of the first structure of the structure of the
seventh, for example, a silver electrode 3.3 'was provided on the front side of the case. Become
11) Acupuncture using electroconductive liquid 1-48-98069-02 adhesive 4 to form a foam
coalescence. The lead electrode 5.5 'was attached to one part of the silver electrode 3 and the
diaphragm plate, and connected to the oscillation circuit 6 to be M and a model of the L-1 short
cut. 7) It generates a bending vibration like a 7 7 In addition, as shown in FIG. 1 (I), the
piezoelectric element 2 is polarized in the direction of the arrow by applying high voltage% W8
and rf L11 JI J ° (in / lico / in oil-w time high electric type J :) in advance. There is a great gift.
As a disadvantage of this piezoelectric element, the size of the piezoelectric element is 1; self
diameter 2u to 40mm; thickness) 02 to 05; There is a horoscope. Furthermore, it is considerably
worthy to the silver paste for electrodes, and it is the evil one of a step suspicious? J Phase is full
of all prices. y1 接着 adhesion R] is also a mixture of silver primary and polymer phase material
+1. ! It is priceless to raise the price. The present invention eliminates oblique defects [--saving of
ytVtr view, the purpose is to divide the cost of the piezoelectric element in the process, to make a
step on the defect pi, and to make the cost to δ etc. The low range of According to the feature of
the present invention, piezoelectric 2-48-98069- [) 3 '"-°" "" is used as a filling agent, and its
performance as a vibrator is secured without lowering its performance. And As described in the
second embodiment, as shown in the second embodiment, the piezoelectric element 2 having a
silver electrode of 3 only on one side as shown by the second failure ial is sandwiched between
the pressure electrode 9.9 'and the high pressure browning 8 , Separate processing in the
direction of the arrow. Without the S-append electrode, it is necessary that the entire surface be
in contact with the pressure electrode 9 ', and the surface should be covered with a conductive
rubber. Next, the side without silver electrode of It's outer membrane 2 that has been treated
with 萌 Ae as a second bad ial is referred to, and it is better than the one where the latitudinal
plate is pulled out at the root or ぺ side The frequency of the vibration l is non-conductive, that of
the housing 7 ′ ′ is 1 ′, the thin 7 ′ ′ 7... ′ ー ー ー 2 付 兄 兄 兄 h16 h.
Even if it is a non-leader, it's a very good contact with the joint surface, so J! ! l λ + mouth Jfij:
No problem in practical use. Oscillation frequency by ff and IIIV. , 6 can supply a signal of the
required river wave number, and resonate with the phase opening vibration of the desired
position to make it possible to absorb light on the next required sound slope. 3-; -48-98069 = 04,
hereinafter, 85φxo, 5t piezoelectric element and 5oφxo, st phosphor blue number are described
for convenience of the present invention and the conventional example in comparison with that
of the conventional example. Connect the grip base Ill consisting of the above dimensions as
shown in Fig. 4 and set the solid resistance of luΩ in series to adjust the oscillator 6. 【, 看 2 シ
ン ク か 2 シ ン ク 2 2 Observe at 12 each value of that liability V, I ■! ′とする。 It is a
frequency counter that opens the frequency of the coffin to 11th. The impedance at resonance is)
* Iz +-'11 V% -1 degree) 1 degree 1 ft 4 degree nosi, 'l' "chicken. )) In this case, the combined
body 111 was measured on the invention holier cigarette% fg 43 ′ ′ by static dissipation [7].
The characteristic side foot results of the core assembly of the present invention and the
conventional example are shown in FIG. As is apparent from the above, the resonance impedance
IZ + is considered to be hardly different between the present invention and the conventional
example, and there is no difference in performance when used as a father's body. According to
the effect of the present invention, as the effect of the present invention, the sound wave 4-0
wave 4B-98069-soot or the ultrasonic wave is hardly deteriorated compared to the present
invention prior to the present invention in terms of performance-Silver in the piezoelectric
element By making the two-sided baking of the electrode one-sided baking reduces the weight
and the free hitting process to half, so that the yield due to cracking, defects, etc. is directed, and
the required amount of silver paste is combined with the improvement of the yield. It is less than
half, and changing the conductive adhesive to the nonconductive adhesive greatly contributes to
the reduction of the cost. 4, the detailed description of the Figure 2 Figure 1a + shows the
configuration of the conventional piezoelectric plate-mounted transducer for the light crosssectional view and electrical components I Figure 1 fj is a pressure element of 1- J J明 A phase
diagram of polarization processing, Fig. 2a Fig. 2a + is a cross-sectional view between stations
showing an mbv of the embodiment of the present invention and an electric X circuit ", and Fig. 2
(Fig. 2 (a polarization process of piezoelectric element Fig. 3 is a performance comparison
diagram of the present invention and the prior art, Fig. 4 is the slip-symmetry circuit of Fig. 3, 1
is a vibrator, 2 is a piezoelectric element, 3 is 1 silver. A pole, 4 is an adhesive, 6 is an oscillation
[(11 昂. ・, #: To agent 升 升 青 実, ζ 代理人-agent patent attorney 竹 昌 h h17 5− 2 5- Z 4 B980 69-05 Tara ini 91 (α> 1.
-"7 J" 7 '5t 235 1-11] (b)-8 Fig. 2 <a) 41) Tosu = V V heat) 73 · q (b)) 斧 ■ to i 89 ... Store 4μ
agent #, present Aiji Hidehiro (¥ 1 84 Shoji Takeshi 1 IZI (Ω) 0 conventional I) Honko Hiroshi
4th Figure 11026 Vz / I, n I leisure person 4F, Dan Shi Ki Ki 1) Agent S. Yoshitake 6 Shoji,
Inventors other than the above, applicants for utility model registrations or agents (1) Inventors
(2) applicants for utility models registration) (3) Agent Address No. 60, Minamino-cho, Kijima,
Sumitomo Electric Ball Industry Co., Ltd. (Telephone Osaka 461-1031) Name (5936) Patent
Attorney Yoshitake Shoji) 48 48-98069-09
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