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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 ayb shows a spinning state of a conventional
speaker system, and FIG. 2 shows a spinning state using a speaker system with a remote
adjustment device according to an embodiment of the present invention. FIG. 3 is a connection
diagram showing a speaker system with a remote adjustment device according to an embodiment
of the present invention. 11 ииииии Control (force device). Figure 1 (a) (b) Figure 2-3 = real opening
48-99 102 (2) Figure 3-4 =
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a speaker system
with a suitable adjustment device in which the volume, sound quality, channel switching and the
like of the speaker assembly can be adjusted at the listening position. When listening to a stereo
performance tl-in a sound re-titling device such as an 8-channel stereo set-up or a command
channel stereo set-up, the * aV-sinning position is added. For example, in the case of a 3-channel
stereo, as shown by 1- in FIG. 1, it is approximately at the center of each of the 1-j19-QQ1 flfooter devices 1.1, and in the case of a 4-channel stereo, it is shown in FIG. As shown in (b), they
are approximately at the center of the loudspeakers @x, z, x, a at the tour and the front.
Therefore, in this listening position, it is necessary to adjust so that the two channel stereo effect
and the four channel stereo effect are most transmitted. However, in the conventional speaker
system, the level device is provided on the front side, the box II, etc. of the speaker apparatus
itself, so in the multi-way speaker system, it is necessary to adjust to the position of the speaker
vt # every time the adjustment is performed. The Therefore, it was not possible to adjust m at the
listening position, and it was not clear whether adjustment was made correctly even if adjusted at
the position of the speaker device, and it was actually impossible to make adjustment sufficiently
accurately. This device has been made to this point, put a control box at the listening position,
volume, sound quality, channel switching etc at the listening position! ?? A speaker system
with a remote adjustment device that can be enhanced. 48-99102-03-i The following describes
one embodiment of this consideration with reference to the drawings. As shown in FIG. B, for
example, in the case of a four-channel stereo system, the control box 11 is a front and a pair of
speaker devices' lT. The control box II is provided with switches for level control and channel
switching, etc., and each speaker device 12. ??? Connect to 14.16. In this way, Rasuchi can
adjust the state of each speaker device at the listening position, and can obtain the most accurate
IIIII1 point, and also in the case of 4-channel switching, go to the speaker device each time It is
easy to handle and very convenient to handle. Here, a specific example applied to the 8-way
speaker system will be described. In FIG. 8, 21 is a speaker device buffer & fj, 22... Front control
panel, 21 is a printed circuit board.
24 is a glossy jack plate, II is a control port 11Q-001 n ')-A, and the parallel plate 21 is provided
with a high sound speaker 1?, a mid sound speaker 21 and a low sound speaker 21
respectively. Pruning speakers on the front panel 2z! ?????? One circuit 8N point switch
Z9, JO, 3J, 3J, JJ corresponding to both ends of z8. 34 are provided, each having its movable
contact 29D. Is each speaker terminal in 311D, 11D, 31D, 13D, 34D? # Continued. Furthermore,
a changeover switch 15.36 of a # 88 contact point is provided once by giving the input flight of
the high sound speaker z6 and the medium f cow speaker 27 to a gift. The fixed contact piece
29m of the switch 29 is connected to the slider end of the attenuator 31, and one fixed end of
the attenuator 31 is connected to the fixed contact piece J5A of the switch 35. The fixed end of #
10,000 is a gun ## 30 to the fixed contact JO ^, 30B of the 1st switch 30. Further, the fixed layer
piece JO ^, 30B is joined to the terminal 3 of the jack 38 of the connector, and the fixed contact
piece 32 ^ of the switch 32 ░ 34, 3?B, J4A, 34B- ? -fiQ-001nQnr and the rear jack plate 24
Connected to the negative terminal of the full-range terminal 3g. Further, the fixed contact pieces
190 and 300 of the switch 29.10 are respectively connected to the positive and negative ends of
the high-tone terminal 40 of the rear jack plate 24 and the fixed contact pieces 3JC and 320 of
the switch 31. I) at the negative end of the terminal 4I, and also the fixed contact 33C of the
switch JJ, 34. 340 are respectively connected to the positive and negative ends of the bass
terminal 4z. Also, the fixed contact piece 3z ^ of the switch 32. An attenuator 43 is interposed
between JJB and the fixed contact piece 36A of the switch 36, and the finger hair of the
attenuator 43 is connected to the fixed contact piece 31k of the switch 31. -The terminal [F] of
the 10,000 Plj jack 38 and the terminal are respectively fixed contacts 31B and 31iB of the Qg
switch 11.3 LI W! Is it connected again, and terminal @, terminal 11 is 11? + Switch 29. The fixed
contacts z's and sob of i'35 are inserted. The control box z5 is provided with a mid-tone
attenuator 44 and an & front attenuator 41, respectively. Each fixed end of the attenuator 44 ░
6-a8-9qt02-064C is collectively connected to the terminal 0 of the socket 46 corresponding to
the jack J1 and the other solid f of the attenuator 44.46 is respectively The slide terminals of the
attenuators 44 and 45 are connected to the terminals (1) and (2) of the socket 46, respectively.
The acid supply of such an attenuator is arranged in 8 sets of control boxes; 15PJ. Condensing
f47, L-cut filter circuit of coil 48, capacitor 49 and one magnetic filter circuit of coil 5Q are
formed on the printed circuit board 23, respectively. The other end of the coil 41 is connected to
the terminal of the full range terminal 39, and the other end of the coil 50 is a 1st switch 36. Is
connected to the 1j connection piece 36L1. Further, one end of each of the capacitors 4'l and 49
is connected to the 1) terminal of the full range terminal 3g. In the speaker system as described
above, the speaker 6-1'-QQ1 n2-07 is placed at the listening position, and the listener operates
the control box z5 at that position to perform level control. That is, each switch 19, 30, 31, 32,
32, 33, 34 ss of the front control panel zz, a single sliding piece of xtt; 19D, 30D, 3'lD, 32D. sJD,
J4D, ssD, st + D fixed contact pieces 29 people. Control box 25 is turned off when 10 people, sih,
sx ^, JJA, JJA, J5, 36 people are put in, and it is an 8-way speaker system. ░ C, attenuator of
front control panel 2z,? Level control is performed by 7, 4J. When each switch 29 to 36 is
inserted into the next fixed contact piece 29B to JlfB, the control box 2s is interposed between
the nub deer 26 and 27.211 and the hook range terminal 39. The attenuator 37.43 is turned off.
In this form, the level controller A ? -QQ 1112- ? 8 of the speaker system for 8 quessssss
speaker system 2 and the speaker 27 for the middle can be freely listened at the listening
position by the attenuator 44. 46 in the control box 25. I can do it for you. When each switch
29... Xi is inserted into the fixed contact pieces 290... 360, the high-pitched speaker xi, the midtone nubica 21 and the low-pitched speaker z8 are high-pitched poles 40. Medium sound
terminal 41. Each is directly connected to the bass terminal 42. Therefore, this combination can
be used as a channel amplifier system using a channel filter. However, the level control only in
the control box z5 is set to ms and then browned, but the present invention is not limited to this
and a changeover switch may be provided in the control box 25 so that the switching operation
can also be performed.
As mentioned above, according to this remark, the listener is the most careful to adjust the state
of the speaker at the listening position! A speaker system with a remote control device can be
provided which sets the 15I adjustment state. 8-A ? -QQl [1 Fullo 9
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