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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of a stereo horn unit
according to the present invention, FIG. 1 is a perspective view, FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view
taken along the line II-M and FIG. FIG. 4 is a cross-sectional perspective view showing the
configuration of a band, and FIG. 4 is an explanatory view showing a mounted state. In the
composition, A is a horn unit, 1 is a speaker, 2 is a case, B is a band, and 5 is a core material.
Right 4-1-59-Japanese Utility Model Application No. 49-10527 (2) f f 6 Qa-60-
【Detailed description of the invention】 Force-vJ 14 ホ ー 61 + stereo Hates unit 2 (■ 1 鷺 4.. =
Booth X is a lure to Lu + Lu 嚇, L 鋏 鋏 状 T T I j j j j j j 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 NI NI NI NI NI NI
NI NI NI 直 直 直 直 直! ・ ・ ・ A thread for h + + a peak VCI for a horn unit that is horizontal
than a horn unit H H and a stereo ho / unit. 3) 7), Fgll 1 in 2 Wi + + I es na Reo Ha 1 headphone
luI 'm-, o ー Ho 7 uninote in one rule. f Poor *: VC's hounyino) is roughly divided into four. It is
divided into 21 of 27 type head headphones and 躯 fan headphones. By the way, it is in the
above-mentioned 1III person, or its # 4 construction and the size of the unit, and the weight of
the unit) V The female run or the internal and the homologous "" qz: yF, processing. 6sa>% Aw □
-L, X * # c and 1 can be united as a unit, or can be hair styled, or a bandit can be used
automatically.栖 D) It became 6 pieces, and there was a defect that there is also a difference in
cost and there is a cost cost reduction once it is used or lost. Also, as described above, in the
conventional M, the car is attached to the ear or the unit, and the head unit (/ JLlt) attached to
the eyebrow unit is pressed and fixed to one unite 9f14 by the nano force. Tap the head band
"Uninotoke ′" 1 Reflex unit Y for the book to punch in the ear, head band [1 body or I11! Part
49-10 527-037.1 Finished with cotton. ・ I will be one village that will be stored in Dokakura as
a unit construction fee-f <綺 1 + 11 ++ If one is out 1 the ears will be compared-illegal &. In
addition, because it is 欣 02 耳 d in the ear, it is something that will turn the sense of autumn
force if it is covered with 七 1 in 7 ξ. Book) The book is a book that has been neglected in view
of the above points. Its purpose is this a +! , J4 lit up or not <p-, 呵 1ily) 4 pivots are also
provided to provide a stereo 1L-V unit V. Also, the other eyes of the book j5 power "where it is a
unity is a unity"%, because 41 do not hesitate, the left 41 channel r! ・ 仝 111h 仝 尼 さ れ IC IC
IC IC 汁 フ ァ イ − − − − ス テ レ オ b b b ハ 1 1 ピ ユ ニ 7) v 乙 乙. In the center, one salt σ
11 of the book J54. +1 RI and f are also 6 places, so: 49-50 527 04-From the factory to a head
shop I will stay 1 value, so 7-style will be disturbed and it will be a band to hit 64 or There is no
blame for the pawn unit for stereo.
A long time ago J 1 爽 例 例 例 例 に ス ピ ー カ (+ (Al is a horn unit, relatively large mouth 66 ~
77 + ++ / m ス ピ ー カ) speaker (1), the speaker (1) )! 1 ij IIil plate tuICMifl 舊 舊 Nk grain 0)
Case (2), placed on the back of one speaker il + [111] * 賊 賊 叡 艮 艮 シ シ 疋 疋 イ ヤ ー イ ヤ
ー イ ヤ ー イ ヤ ー イ ヤ ー イ ヤ ーIn the air in the middle of the neutral region of the imitation
city of Lj &! IY か, 、 特性 特性 ld ld ld original polyester for → る →, felt, glass wool etc. l 111
114 L 1 +% t 4 131 and 1 case (2) or III T + angle of rotation j view + 41)-peak To H, and case +
21? , E.g., 49-10527-05, the band 1--B is taken as a 1-to-1 M + 4 to get into a band-B). 14 m (m)
in Milli in Case (2); 111 sore hole (2A) or sprout, person! # B (QDVCk Esby force il + H ゑ i et altg tag (21a) or many = zly: 戦 ly 戦 +). し し 1 一 ’! t + L + i + 侭 Q 11 is 8.1 ° C. to the case
121 by C r. (A) 'Book-F &', and i + 1 affection (n pi -7. (BliX / de KL 't, piano wire, 1 t t + 1 t 4? i
<1; stand a, <5 silk IFi + such as <M silk, and sincerity f + + 8? Ute (け 上 上, ホ ー ン ユ ニ ッ ト l
'l /) Spy? 1-It is Saki Hata C C 1 or 6 (1) and (7), Toshiyuki et al., A, V, accustomed to the desk of
a large song, 1 tin a sense of harmony V does not produce eyes Constructed eyes Vinyl leather +
anti-leather, 15sa ') nn + 7 and v4 are more than one. 1 ′ ′ rJl QQ) Hano white 1 (1i
construction @ bird god 49-10527- 06 L) in a slow shape, and formed in order circumference
and 帖 跣 、 Inside the same 5 elastic injection V-axis is also V) me 66-length band) It is a guide
恨 18 + (81 or unique) in 1 min. The guide hole (41) of the mounting ring (4) in 1 or the beast.
Acupuncture horn Uninot intrinsic 11 Ni Guides collection! 81f8 door) is a book that can slide °
C in length. (9) Completion-4 or horn unit 囚 σ) Speaker + 11 and so on. The other end of the
band (g) mentioned above and the other end of the band (6) and the cork self-stained 9 (one
blessed with one pain). Fig. 31, b is a band + B +: a book of 促 促 促 促 弔 、 2 fi 2 fi K K K fi fi fi
fi fi fi fi fi a a a a a a a Book 49-1ll using l 蝉!
27-17, and FIG. 6b is a cocoon of a book V-no-H, which was formed on a one-piece piano fiber. A
long time ago, I'm jealousy t, 7 fi 15 g% '+1 light 16 against the original' L & stone horn unit 囚 ^
° y rejoice case-12) r filled j-11 material, 4) against 4) Top) Dispatch to 5. Be in charge. In this
state, while 1 dQ-V of 10 houses and 1 band 4 is spread, it is placed at the center of the mediumfired phase of the insects and 175-band field) from the insect to the pickle of the bed. The tbands) are fixed to the fabric by the core material (5). 1) Horn unit 2 upper case inserted) 00
case (2) is recommended to lower KLQ +, and set by the control by · 、 or J4 to 7 if it is Ifr. Also,
it is placed at the center or ear of the horn uninoto W (A) '° C-t poetry 6 d, the horn unit (AJ (g'v
band ...) −-q slide, ie to J 1 D Mb material (4) V guide 1% lKk ,. 49-10 527-nR Slide, one set of 60
pieces of 4 sets of 4 sets is the above-mentioned 1 * * band r ρ 1 本 屓 本 本 ヘ ヘ ヘ ヘ ヘ ヘ ヘ
ヘ ヘ ヘ ヘ ス タ イ ルJ1 か か ホ ー ン 、 ホ ー ン ユ ニ ユ ニ ユ ニ IX IX IX k 目 J は は は は は
、 、 、 、 、. It is a book of fire resistance this year to the bribe of the ratio d · D D · ((fr 匈 匈 匈
肘 肘 肘 肘 肘 圧 肘 肘 肘 肘 肘 J J). In addition, unit σ) is not mixed with MjC or i, and it is mixed
with h stone chano I or sky 1 = jh, and it goes to a position close to 1 lesson 11 and X is a hi-fi
d'5t1 + 4 <expected bσ) success / failure is 44-f 乙 is also U). 44 enclosures, -A, lv, 1 49 '4910527-0' A46 y ζ ロ stereo r 'd horn unit 0,-X q = 111 (% / q, 11, * s11>) XM + Qh,-i> 2 "Llll, 11
+-u on σ no l-鳳-, 11 ha · · · A6a + b-jQ bird formation for small 1 f, f 4 中 1 複 1 複 1 複 i τ"
There are 11 kan Iv1 bad luck. In the same district, Ehon Uninoto 11) is a speaker (2 h ECase tBl
エ Evanodo ·, 51 + 躬 □ 実 用 −1 −1 案 案 案 仕 仕 仕 釧 釧 agent 釧 釧 文 同 釘 秀 4 An,- 1 nE:
Su 7-1 sensitivity 4 γ λ “one θ also λ LH 9 β − ≠, 5 = − · AB β o □ ′ 6 β − · (□ to 4910527 11 f 2) 3 3 ′ 4 Δ 70:?
/ '4ch, dried 23 Δ'-'-7 and 7 flowers. Recovery: '-y 49-10527-111 Fi draft 9-1-Pioneer
Corporation 6; J5 drafter other than the above, record practical fjj draft b41 people or agent fIll
consideration' 3t, each 11: name f1 place name IlI r1 '-:? '+ (2 small practical use + I' Togo X: Afl :!
11t +), 111 pieces i (, ',' :) 11) + L,? 'L <first name (') 11 no, old II II "(1 ,: location) Mr.? 1 (n, f'il l1.
"1c south agent i: ', l'h east); some F" in 1111A: 1 + 12] lrJi, no hill 〒 1 open 11 □-Li-° □ il 'r +,) □ to -21', 11 (Illlli 9 1. 1. ':',: ii'i :, 'field'; 'i (49-10527-13)
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